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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

This has to be done from a Terminal command line. Jul 23, AM. Sep 26, PM in response to ideelist In response to ideelist. Sep 26, PM. Jul 30, AM in response to ideelist In response to ideelist. You can easily configure the second drive on a mac mini server for a Mirrored RAID 1 set with Lion Server without either reinstalling or erasing your existing setup.

mac mini server raid 1 setup

The initial setup process takes about 30 minutes, though the rebuilding of the mirror disk will take several hours, depending on the amount of data you have on the drive. It took around 3 hours on a new mac mini server with lion server installed, nothing else configured.

Before you start, please ensure you have a current backup of the server. Getting the following commands wrong can render you server unusable. Before you start, clone the hard drive. If Lion is freshly installed, 8Gb will do. SuperDuper will create a bootable copy on the USB. Boot the mac mini from the external USB. To do that, reboot and hold down the option key while restarting. You will see a window, select the USB drive to boot from. For a stock standard Mac Mini Server, the commands below are correct, but if you have previously changed the volume names, or repartitioned at any stage the disk identifiers and volume names may differ.

This will create a single disk, unpaired mirror, without affecting your data. You now need to run diskutil list again to see the disk identifier for the new RAID volume. The new RAID volume will be listed as disk on its own at the bottom of the list. On my mac mini server this was disk3 disk 2 was the USB I booted from, disk 0 the first disk and disk 1 the second disk.

Once finished, reboot and your RAID 1 is up and running and you have also a working backup on your USB coz' that's where you booted from ;-. Jul 30, AM. This of course if after you have Time Machined your original setup if you require whatever Apple installed. But, iLife would register as you own it, so App Store will allow you to re-install, as for Recovery Drive.

How to set up a RAID in macOS Sierra’s Disk Utility

If you have Time Machined drive what is need for? Aug 3, PM in response to ideelist In response to ideelist. Thanks for these steps.

What is RAID 0 ? How To Setup an Apple RAID System (OS X El Capitan)

Aug 3, PM. Aug 4, AM in response to ideelist In response to ideelist. Aug 4, AM. Aug 5, AM in response to woodmeister50 In response to woodmeister That worked perfectly. Took about 2 hours to recover GB, it booted and works fine. Aug 5, AM. Aug 5, PM in response to ideelist In response to ideelist.

I would be please if anyone could tell me if a full factory-restore is possible after going for the Raid 0 config? If the Internet install re-create the recovery partiton evrything should be back to normal. Question is, does it work this way?

Setup a RAID1 volume on a mini Server. | Mac Mini Vault

Aug 5, PM. Once the array had rebuilt having been degraded upon adding the second blank disk , the diskutil command line AND the GUI, both reported "Online" for both disks.

This was after nearly 40 hours by the way people … yep … 40 hours to rebuild Gb! Flashing folder with question mark of death on it.

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No recognised operating system apparently this means! This is where it got even more curious…. It re-installs, which took about 4 hours in total, and then boots up as if it's virgin 'out of the box'. So it asks for company name, etc etc. Then it gives me a login prompt.. I try the previously working admin account, hey presto, in we get!

Launch Server. All the users are still there , all the groups are still there. The sharepoints have gone, but re-adding them maintains their original mount permissions. Now the dilemma … do I restore from the previous time machine backup … or do I leave it as it is now? Seriously… on a BT broadband line in the UK the Mac was estimating about 12 hours to re-install the OS, that's assuming the line stays up for that long, which is not a given in some places!

Aug 6, PM in response to ideelist In response to ideelist. I maintain and extra disk, still in the box, of the same make, model and size as a replacement. Is it a viable option? You could do either of your options given that you are using RAID 1. Allan Allan I suppose this could a separate question: How to change the SSD to primary drive without having to reinstalling? Currently the entire RAID is the startup. I just saw your additional question Mic Channel Mic Channel 2 2 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Adding hints for including code in questions about scripting. Related 0. Setting up a mirrored RAID set is a great internal back-up solution, providing a real-time back-up that can even automatically repair itself should a drive fail, this is achieved by writing your data to both disks rather than just one.

Again use a bootable USB installer if you have no other drives to install from. If so, RAID 10 might be the one for you. But it is a software clone and does exactly the same thing. You can call it a mirrored-striped-software-RAID-set if you like. You can also set up a striped mirrored RAID set as opposed to mirrored striped , just set up two mirrors and stripe those together instead. Functionality and performance will be the same.