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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Given that this site is intended to address these sorts of problems, and I know that I'm going to need a reference to the solution in future, I'm going to ask the question, provide my answer and see what else floats to the surface. Update for those using Python3: You can simply use conda install mysqlclient to install the libraries required to use MySQLdb as it currently exists.

Installing mysqlclient will install mysqlclient, mysql-connector, and llvmdev at least, it installed these 3 libraries on my machine. Here is the tale of my rambling experience with this problem. Would love to see it edited or generalised if you have better experience of the issue First off, the author still? Bad move There are numerous step-by-steps on how to build and install the MySQLdb libraries. They often have subtle differences. This seemed the most popular to me, and provided the working solution.

issue installing MySQL for Python - Apple Community

I've reproduced it with a couple of edits below. MySQLdb community seem to have fixed this bug now. Step 5: Create a symbolic link under lib to point to a sub-directory called mysql.

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This is where it looks for during compilation. Step 7: In the same directory, rebuild your package ignore the warnings that comes with it. Step If upon trying to import you receive an error complaining that Library not loaded: libmysqlclient. One final hiccup though is that if you start Python from the build directory you will get this error:.

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This is pretty easy to Google, but to save you the trouble you will end up here or maybe not As I wrote at the top, I'd love to see this answer generalised, as there are numerous other specific experiences of this horrible problem out there. Edit away, or provide your own, better answer. A quick and easy way for Mac OS X If you encounter an error regarding a missing library: Library not loaded: libmysqlclient.

Install mysql and python via Macports The porters have done all the difficult work. Macports now early will provide binary downloads for common combinations of OS a executable architecture, for others and if you request it it will build from source. In general macports or fink help when there are complex libraries etc that need to be installed. Python only code and if simple C dependencies can be set up via setuptools etc, but it begins to get complex if you mix the two.

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I can think of some reasons for this but they are not strictly relevant. Or use pip if you have it installed. Then, add this before you import MySQLdb in your code:. Python 2. You will be prompted about this password during installation.

Setting up Python, MySQL Module and Django on Mac OS X Lion

Make sure you keep a note of this password as you will need it later. You need to start the MySQL server. The window should toggle the status of the server to running. Once the terminal window appears, you can type the following:.

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Enter your password when prompted. At this point, MySQL should be running on your localhost Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. Got Django installed successfully. Changed the site. Where are these errors coming from? Found solutions for Snow Leopard but not Mountain Lion.

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Looks like you don't have gcc Keep in mind it might be called something different.