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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

To begin navigating the expanded Save sheet to find the folder where you want to save your file, choose among views by clicking the Icon, List, Column, or Cover Flow view button. It works just like the Search box in a Finder window.

Always show file extensions in Mac OSX - howchoo

If you want to create a new subfolder of the selected folder to save your file in, click the New Folder button, give the new folder a name, and then save your file in it. SystemConfiguration 1. PrintCore 8. HIServices 1. TCC 1. AudioToolbox 1. ColorSync 4. AudioUnit 1. OSServices IOKit 2. PDFKit 2. GSS 3. GenerationalStorage 1. CoreMediaAuthoring 2. NetAuth 4. NavigationServices 3. CoreMedia 1.

LaunchServices Heimdal 3. LangAnalysis 1. PerformanceAnalysis 1. CrashReporterSupport Kerberos 2. AppleFSCompression 49 - 1. Cocoa 6. CommonAuth 3. DictionaryServices 1. VideoToolbox 1. NetFS 5. MediaControlSender 1.

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Print 8. CoreServicesInternal Ubiquity 1. CarbonCore CFNetwork CoreSymbolication 3.

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External Modification Summary:. Calls made by other processes targeting this process:. Calls made by this process:. Calls made by all processes on this machine:. VM Region Summary:. B05, 2 processors, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2. Bluetooth: Version 4. Network Service: Ethernet, Ethernet, en0.

Despite a long call to tech support and a promise that they would call back within 72 hours with a "fix" I have not heard from them with a resolution to this ongoing problem. I got excited this morning as extension Manager CC flagged n update on Creative Cloud under my admin accoount. I installed it BUT it has not fixed the issue for me.

YES' to get the log. It was a known issue that if Extension Manager crashed, it will hang and could not startup before restart OS. Which means you have to restart your mac after Extension Manager crashed.

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But from your attached crash report. And then restart your mac and reinstall Extension Manager CC. Something important, all installed extensions will not be shown in Extension Manager after you removed ExMan. YES' in order to get the log. Please let me know how to create this file what program do I need to create it in. Please make sure there is no hidden extension left. At default Mac doesn't show file extension. Please check it in "Get Info" dialog. Extension Manager only care whether this file exists regardless of its content.

I have added this file to the folder in question. I have launched Extension Manager CC but it still fails to launch properly and I have to force quit it.

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  • This file is only for log file generation. It is not intended to solve this problem.

    How to arrange and sort files in Finder using Mac OS X Lion

    In the Terminal window, input the following command including double quotation mark then press "return" key. If Extension Manager CC starts up correctly and Dreamweaver is listed, then close it and try to launch it as normal. I assume you mean run extension manager with the highest privilege to mean under my Admin Account - the problem does not exist under that account. The problem is that my non admin user account will not load Extension Manager CC or any of the extensions loaded into Dreamweaver CC under the Admin account.

    In any event I tried your suggestion above under my Admin user account and got this reply in terminal:. AS you see Extension Manager has not loaded properly there either. If I reboot and try again I think it will probably load as once it "crashes" under any of the user accounts on my computer thre are just the two - one admin and one non-admin it will not load properly under teh admin account until I reboot.

    It loaded BUT does not list any of the extensions I have already installed in Dreamweaver, see screenshot. OS doesn't run applications with highest privilege unless you specified explicitly. In other words, That you are admin doesn't mean all applications you are running have highest privilege. This is why I ask you to use sudo. OK I get that thank you for your explanation. I'm aware. I'm just showing my Get Info options in case I did something wrong.

    Works on If you mean press Enter in regular Finder and then manually delete the extension, I tried that and it removes the extension entirely, as in it changes the file type from Disk Image to Raw Disk Image and doesn't show an extension in Get Info. Or maybe I'm not understanding your answer.

    Thats funny, i did that and it stayed as a dmg but the extension was deleted from the filename. What version of osx are you using? I'm using El Capitan. Here's exactly what I'm doing as per your instructions. Go into Finder. Select my. Press enter edit the filename , and press backspace until. Then it gives me a warning popup.

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