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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Comparison of windows linux and mac os 1. Application programs usually require an operating system to function. The programs that run on an operating system talk to 5. Linux by Community 6. It's simply impossible to install a destructive Trojan or virus unless the user explicitly allows it root access via typing in the admin password.

Mac OS's built-in firewall is set up to work unobtrusively out of the box as well as being highly configurable. Apple controls production from start to finish, so every part of a Mac is designed and tested to work together. I don't mean to sound like I'm verging into fangirl territory here; it's just true. Like the OS's reliability, the OS's functionality is designed to just work. Some scoff that looks aren't everything, but when you're spending 8 or more hours a day staring at a screen, it's a relief to spend that time staring at a well-designed screen.

On top of this, additional drivers are rarely needed for non-Apple products, and I can't think of the last time I plugged a non-Apple device into my Mac that Mac OS didn't recognize. If you're a gamer, then you have no choice, go for Windows. The best thing to do is probably to try each OS and see which is best for you! You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

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These figures, like those of another Microsoft product, Internet Explorer, are starting to decline as other products and systems are getting more attention. It is still, however, very popular and used by most home users and companies. To some who are less computer-savvy, it appears to be the only operating system in the world.

However, it is also closed-source and is very well know for some of the greatest computer headaches in existance: viruses, spyware, malware, gradual performance decay, and the BSOD Blue Screen of Death. Overall though, you can run the most programs, games, and devices on Windows, and with enough effort to maintain it, is a very effective operating system. Mac OS X is based on Darwin, and is therefore correctly titled as a Unix operating system, complete with Unix certification.

Operating Systems | Windows 10 vs Mac OS vs Linux vs Chrome OS!

It also supports many peripherals attached to it, providing ease of use with cameras, printers, etc. In this sea of advantages it has, especially over Windows, there are two huge obstacles that keep it from being an ultimate contender: Both due to hardware support in specific areas and usage restrictions in its license, Mac OS X can only be run on systems built by Apple, such as the Mac mini, iMac, etc.

This means that if you want to run Mac OS X without hacking it and then running it illegally, you will have to buy an Apple computer, which are more expensive than normal PCs, and may break your bank. Last but not least we have Linux in our comparison.

Linux vs Macintosh vs Windows (unbiased comparison)

Linux is the general term that is used for the large collection of Linux distributions distros for short , where all distros use the Linux kernel. Linux has a large number of advantages that can benefit everyone, no matter what they use their computer for. One of the most important points is that Linux is open-source. This means that anyone in the whole world can look through the source code of Linux and any other part of the distribution and find any bugs, security holes, or any other problems within the source code, and either fix it themselves, or give their findings to someone who can fix the problem.

This can help individuals and companies with a small or even nonexistent budge create a robust system and network. Second, Linux is classified as Unix-like, so you get the great flexibility and power of Unix with tweaks. However, it contains no Unix code, but is a Unix-like replica made of open-source code.

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Third, there are also many great applications that work on Linux, such as OpenOffice. In fact, Pidgin and GIMP were first made for Linux and were eventually ported to other operating systems like Windows because of their popularity. Finally, Linux is also a fairly universal language depending on the distribution , and can have a number of different languages installed and active.

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Overall, each operating system has its own perks. After doing my own calculations and weighting my own opinions of each, Linux seems to me like the best operating system of choice. Call me a Linux fanboy or whatever you want, but Linux has so many areas that are already having amazing effects on users and others that show major promise, I see Linux eventually getting a major market share, just like how Firefox is starting to topple Internet Explorer. That, in effect, also shows that Microsoft has closed the minds of users with their monopolizing, closed-source Windows to other ideas.

Since this is only my opinion in the battle of the operating systems, what do you have to say about the three operating systems? Leave a comment! Tell us your favorite, and why!

Windows vs. Mac OS X vs. Linux: The Operating System Battle

Note: This blog post has been written with major but short-term inspiration. Therefore, please excuse the lack of pictures, links, and other eye candy for the time being until edited in. Preview: The major wave of battles has just begun with the fundamental software inside computers, the operating systems.