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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

OS X David Nahmani Site Admin. Last edited by logic8mine on Fri Feb 22, am, edited 1 time in total. Logic Pro Fri Feb 22, am Thanks for the replies. Guys at Yamaha dont seem to help on this though as they think they I should purchase their new XF! I just need to know now if a midi sync is possible so I can get the Motif to act as slave dump midi data that I have sequenced on the Motif tracks.

Fri Feb 22, am I've never found that to be the case with Yamaha. User List Who's Online. Ok, this was probably asked somewhere before so if you have a link please post and I'll check it. My problem?

The more detail the better. Other people tried to help me on another board but the problem is none of them own a Motif 8 so I have no idea if I have the Motif 8 set up correctly for BIAB. I can get sounds but they are all over place, sometimes drums sometimes instruments. If you want more info I will try to give you anything I can. Thanks, I've been working on this problem now for over a week and still not even close. Hi Steve, What you likely need is a Patchmap for the Motif 8, dropped into the main bb folder, and selected as the default Patchmap inside BB.

The Patchmap would allow you to see and select the various banks of voices in the Motif, by name. And, if there is not a matching patchmap published above, not to worry, if you can locate a Cakewalk Instrument Definition file for your model, Band in a Box features a converter inside it that will automatically convert the Cakewalk. A websearch can bring up Cakewalk instrument def.

USB-MIDI Driver V1.3.2-2 for Mac OS X 10.12-10.5.8

See the BiaB FAQs for more information concerning Patchmaps and usage, including how to make your own file from scratch if need be. I doubt you need to go to that extreme, though, because of the sheer proliferation of Motif and the large Cakewalk user base. Plus I've pretty much never been this far into my Motif before so it's scary for me.

I'm going to do a search on that Cakewalk thing you mentioned and see what that has. The thing to look for is not a match to the name of your device, but whether another uses similar patch numbers and has similar banks. You will have to look at the contents of each file, and your manual. Many of the patch maps on the BIAB site above were created by making modifications some slight, some substantial to existing patch maps. But within a family of devices by the same vendor, it would seem that one of them must be at least close enough to make yours work somewhat.

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I'm already confused. I have the basic settings like loc ctrl off but I have no idea what the settings should be in Song or Pattern mode which is what everyone so far has told me to use. I do have a Motif ES Pat file but like I said all of it is very confusing for me which is why I would like a step by step. If you're not comfortable modifying code, have you looked for the Motif 8. INF file as Mac mentioned?

Download Yamaha MOTIF XF8 USB-MIDI Driver for Mac OS for Mac

Or maybe go to a Motif user forum, if one exists? HI I'm not ok with modifying code. I did and nothing so far. Sorry, we programmers sometimes tend to forget how intimidating that can seem to others. But someone must have faced and solved your problem.

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Keep looking, and good luck. MIDI not so well.

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I'm sure someone will be able to give me a step guide here, that's why I posted. The problem is everyone that has tried to help me said the same thing "Just check your Motif Manual" Well I did and it's way over my head. Recognized by what, Windows or Biab? It has to be both. Inside Biab you have to select your Motif as your midi output device then the sound will come from the audio outputs of your Motif, not your computer.

Setting it up for GM won't use all the patches, just the GM soundbank but it may be pretty good and you won't care about all the other patches. Later you can mess with the patch map to allow you to use any patch. Once you get sound for midi, there's more for you to set up but first things first. I actually have drum sounds so far. I know it's the Motif or I'm pretty sure and I think it's just that I don't know how to get the different instruments to play in song or pattern mode but In pattern mode?

I have drums coming through. I'm in pattern mode then mixing and I can see that part 1 actually says dr. The rest of the 16 say ap piano and I do have a piano coming through it just is playing like a drum instead of a piano. I also noticed that if I raise and lower the four sliders next to the window on the left actual physical sliders that the virtual slider in part 1 through 16 move too. And they are linked in pairs but not next to each other.

That's how far I've come and I'm thinking of just doing a high def video on my I Pad of my setting so anyone can view and probably see what it is I'm doing wrong. I checked the patch maps on PG music, but unfortunately they do not list the patch map for the Motif 8 classic. I also have a Motif Classic. But here is a you can download download free the instrument definition file. If you've made customizations to the Motif, then you will need to create account for that. There are free editors from Yamaha and Motifactor for all things Motif Wealth of Motif knowledge, etc. You can also visit Yamaha's site for additional drivers, pdf files, etc.

Ok Richard I'll give that a shot later on, thank you. For example, the image below shows my settings. They're found under Opt. Preferences Midi driver.

Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

This can be used to obtain a section an on-screen display and then save it as an image. Using an external internet file storage location, that image can then be included in a post. The link below explains how to include images in post. You can probably tell me better though which cable I should use or if it even matters. Oh man Well I have the image but you can't just post pictures here. If you want I'll post it on my FB page and give you the link. Quote: I can get sounds but they are all over place, sometimes drums sometimes instruments.

This sounds like you haven't set sounds to the appropriate channels for BIAB to interpret. Also, if the styles you're using contain Realtracks and Realdrums, these are not midi based and so will not be able to be interpreted by the keyboard. Some things to note regarding the above point This option can be disabled under Opt Preferences Realdrums.

Hope this adds to the above to give you a bit more information. Regards, Noel. Hi Noel I see that screen but don't understand what I'm supposed to do and where?