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macOS Sierra - How To Set Backup In Using Time Machine

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Mac Tips. Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Here Is the Fix. Best Wireless Chargers for Your iPhone. I cannot locate this file. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! John Smith - August 16, 0. The smartwatch market has seen a drop in sales in recent years, as Apple continues to dominates the industry and there is Here Is the Fix August 15, August 12, August 8, August 13, March 30, TM is still very slow.

Still preparing an incremental backup after 10 hours! This is absolutely unacceptable. Has anyone got any new ideas? Therefore when I started the backup and it was trying to clean up by removing the old backup to leave more space. It eventually took around 15 hours before the disk gives me 20GB space to start backup. So I connected a USB drive to the machine as well. Readded the drive to time machine and started it again and it did work! Thanks for the info!

Bad on Apple for requiring a restart with an external drive attached to get this working, which is a study in bad practice on their part. Hi, can anyone please answer the Spotlight question? Whats Spotlight and how do I make it run? If you want to exclude the Time Machine drive, which is reasonable, you can do so with these instructions:. Thank you thank you thank you! Worked like a charm! I thought I was going to have to throw out my hard drive but after a long time of being broken it is backing up again.

Gratefully, Heather. What is wrong and how do I fix this? You may need to ditch the network settings, then reconfigure wi-fi and add the Time Capsule again. Make sure there is no interference on the network either. How is that done? This worked. Once I restarted and waited for spotlight, things work. Open activity monitor 2. Find backupd. When this article worked for me, I still had to wait about min for the backup preparation to complete. But I knew it was different, because backupd was taking lots of resources.

It never runs normally or should it? Do I need to do something specific? Also thank you on the tip with activity monitor. I was just wondering, how it can help me? You can compare this to the 12h time shown on right of line. Thank you for this article! When I went to back it up and time machine got stuck in Preparing I was worried about the worst. I followed your instructions and I was able to get it to completely run a backup. Thanks again. I thought Preparing was taking a long time until I opened Preferences where it indicated it was Cleaning up old backups… so I wait a little longer and it backed up just fine.

It may have been slow to Prepare because I reinstalled Forgot to mention reinstall took aobut 2 hours the rest another 2 hours. Plan to have down time to do this. I had a different problem. Using USB3. Got a new backup done by restarting external, reattaching to USB2. Strange thing was, the drive was connected and mounted and selected in Time Machine. Any guesses?? Nevermind…solved it. In the latest Yosemite, these instructions no longer seem valid. Double click on the folder, and you will get the list of devices you are backing up, including yours. As far as I can see, in Yosemite this does nothing relevant to time machine.

Now, having done that — I still seem to be no further advanced. I tried all of these procedures on my Leopard Nothing has worked. I am now getting cycling between Preparing…, Finishing… for several hours. Indexing took over 3 hours. Last backup was 2 weeks ago. Backup disk image shows on my Desktop and backup Time Capsule Data file shows in finder window. I wanted to run a backup before messing with the disk it had never been backed up before. After more than 12hrs it was stuck on the indexing problem.

Re above comment. Just noticed that all other items are folders.

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The in. Last back up was 19 March Anyway, followed your instructions but the deleting of. Items to delete shown as 0. Any ideas how to progress?

Fix Time Machine Issues in macOS

Thanks for original post. But I cannot see anything like you describe. Instead of the Backups. I also have a folder called bands and nothing else. Worst OS X upgrade ever. Terrible Wifi connectivity.

How to Fix Time Machine Stuck on Preparing Backup in macOS | Wondershare PDFelement

But I then opened terminal and ran. I imagine this is equivalent to a deep traversal, even though the logs do not mention that one was required. So the only thing here will be to sit it out — stopping the backup presumably just means the partial traversal will be discarded before a backup is completed and the state saved for the next iteration…. I deleted the. I was hopping it will start backing up before I have to go on mandatory Social Security retirement. What could I be doing wrong?

Other people were successful getting TM to work using the outlined steps. My external TM still has Would appreciate any help I can get. I had same problem with preparing backup getting stuck, i deleted inprogress back up and restarted. I started new back up now saying 16 hours remaining?

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  • Why is this. Your previous backups maybe completely deleted. It will have to backup the entire mac again, which will take a long time 16 hours is reasonable. How do I make the Spotlight run? Do I need to start anopther program or what?

    Drive is read-only

    Can you please explain this bit — what should I exactly do? The Spotify magnifying glass in the top right. It just needs to finish indexing the drive. I would suggest checking console and filtering for backupd before going through this process. That is not completely accurate. That just displays File-system usage for backupd. I would suggest using console to be certain. Why even bother with mdworker on the backup disk? This is a BAD idea. It has to keep an index in order to keep track of what has been backed up.

    Time Machine allows you to search within the backups, using the search field in the toolbar. It is likely operating as designed. You just have to wait it out. Eventually it will have its list ready and will start copying files. Jul 28, PM. You are absolutely right, Grant! It took about 1. I'm so relieved! It's always a bit scary upgrading to new system software.

    However, I should know better, that Apple has their act together. Jul 27, PM.