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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Apart from placing colored notes and reminders on the computer desktop, JustNoteIt offers a list of advanced features such as Notes Manager , Search option , Trash , Backup option , Notes with different priorities and more, that help you efficiently organize your notes. Protect your notes from being lost Auto-Backup.

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Restore deleted notes. All information in one place Whether you are working on a project, report or presentation, planning a revision or gathering data on the web, with JustNoteIt you can focus on your ideas. Jot down quick notes, names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, important dates, birthdays, create to-do lists, add links, pictures and videos, keep recipe notes, shopping lists, store articles, save information from the web, write down key points from meetings, lectures or classes, write short texts and more JustNoteIt for Mac.

JustNoteIt for Windows. You can apply actions to multiple notes. Tags can be set only on users own canvases. Can more than one tag be assigned to a single sticky? You can assign more than one tag to a single sticky.

Creating Sticky Notes | Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard Applications | InformIT

To assign more than one tag, simply enter a space between each keyword tag when entering them in the designated tag entry field. What are those icons displayed in the down right on a posted sticky? They are action buttons. Types of displayed action buttons vary depending on type of sticky. Clicking a displayed due date on a sticky highlights all the stickies set the same due date. With this feature, stickies can be used as phone slip through online. Meanwhile, please note that records of removed stickies are not stored. Is there any way to keep records of removed stickies?

You can create a new canvas for storage and can keep unnecessary stickies by dragging and dropping them on it instead of just removing them. By clicking this button, you can copy the sticky to your canvas or your favorite canvases. Click the button to show the original image. What is an icon displayed in the down left on a posted sticky? If someone has posted a sticky on your canvas, the sticky displays a some kind of image to inform that the sticky has been posted by someone else.

Placing the mouse pointer over the image displays a username of the person who posted it, and the date and time of posting.

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About types of sticky There are five different types of sticky; the colored sticky, the transparent sticky, the image sticky, the video sticky, and the file sticky. Only the colored stickies and the image stickies with a frame allow you to set tags and due dates. How many stickies can I post on a single canvas?

Can I post photos via Email?

How can I post a video sticky? To post a video sticky, drag and drop a video sticky film image at the top right to canvases, and input URL of the desired video page.

How to add multiple stickies to an Index Card/Substorm

Besides, you can post a video using bookmarklet at the desired video page. To download the attached file, you may login to lino. Is it possible to see how many files I posted files stickies? Pin A pin is shown by hovering a mouse cursor over at upper middle area on stickies. Stickies can be pinned by clicking on the pin, and released by clicking it again. Can I pin stickies? You can pin stickies using a pin. A pin is shown at upper middle area on stickies. Pinned stickies can be released by clicking the pin again.

MacBook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Can I move a group of stickies at once? Overlapping stickies can be moved at once. Start dragging a sticky holding down Shift key, and all overlapping stickies move together. How can I copy multiple stickies at once? Overlapping stickies can be copied at once. About arranging sticky to the rear When stickies are over another, you can arrange one of the stickies to the rear. For windows, hold down Alt key and click on the sticky.

For Mac, hold down Option key and click on the sticky. Can I tilt stickies?

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You can tilt stickies.