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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I've just installed MacBuntu and it seemed to work fine at first sight After installation choose theme, icons and mac cursor from tweak tool. You can also install Ubuntu Tweak. Enter following command to install tweak tools. Enter following commands to install monochrome icons for libreoffice. See following screenshots Optional Mac fonts: Last time I received request about Mac fonts, so this time I am including them with this pack. So here are fonts for you. I get a black screen and the login screen doesn't load I can see only the pointer : please help me!

Ubuntu + Mac: Pure EFI Boot - The Slightly Disgruntled Scientist

However, there is any chance I can solve this problem? I really like this theme! I've already tried reinstalling but nothing changes. Thanks again : you saved me! The login screen still remains the default.

MacBuntu 18.04 Transformation Pack Ready for Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

Rest all is perfectly fine. Thank you. Reply bluedxca93 14 hours ago Balavishnu V J you are Lucky cause on some systems it starts wrong. A little question: I am using MacBuntu on a desktop that spans two screens. When I lock the desktop, the primary screen shows the password prompt as it should, but the secondary screen still shows an Ubuntu logo in the center.

What do I have to do to get rid of the Ubuntu logo? Someone can help with this!

Geek Khalid 2 days ago like that i wanna i meant : wanna to know If i have not install this docky theme you mentioned in this article will my docky look like this???????????????????? Follow post carefully. Reply Geek Khalid 2 days ago should I expect bugs here? Anand 3 days ago Does this work for Flashback session?

I tried and it broke it so badly, that it does not work with Unity even now after trying to change themes after a flashback login.

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None of the Tweak tools are able to change the themes anymore. All of them fail in switching the themes any more. You can try Gnome Fallback mode Not flashback , on your own risk. I haven't tried on other desktops but on Unity and Gnome Shell. I have 30 windows open at any given point in my regular workflow. Wish if something can be done to make it work with the flashback session. I shall try the fallback within a VM and see how it goes.

Please note that on this theme does have bugs as below. However, once this theme is activated within flashback session, it breaks something so badly that even regular theme change is not possible any more even in Unity session. I can demonstrate it through screen share if required, since I was testing this within a VM.

Reply Geek Khalid 3 days ago is there's any bug you we shall expect?

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Reply Shubha Mishra 4 days ago Thank you for the above instructions Best description ever Reply Dezi 5 days ago My login screen worked fine for like 2 hours. After that it stoped working - now it looks just like the default one. I applied your tutorial to a freshly installed ubuntu I found the Cairo-Dock worked a bit better than Docky. The applets were more up to date.

I'm going to look into moving the user name from the top right to the top left. Reply paulo 6 days ago sudo apt-get install mac-ithemes-v3 E: Unable to locate package mac-ithemes-v3 Reply Marceu 5 days ago paulo sure you don't skipped "sudo apt-get update"? Reply Umair 6 days ago Admin paulo paulo Which Ubuntu version you are using? I have copy and paste your terminal sentences.

Ubuntu Mac Theme: A Tutorial to Make Your Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS

Do you have a idea? Thanks in advance. Reply Jose Antonio Gutirrez Hernnd 6 days ago GansoBomb I just reboot after installing but no result : Reply Choperro 7 days ago In MacOS, when you place a folder in the dock and you click it it spans all the folder contents with your chosen view. One problem Cannot seem to pin items to Docky. Any suggestions?

From there, you should be able to right click to add it. Reply chrisfromredfin 9 days ago The only thing not working is mbuntu-lightdm-v3. When I boot I get the sweet splash screen and then I just get a black screen with a mouse cursor and I can't do anything. When I remove the package it works but has standard purple-ish greeter, ick! Restart and press "Alt"-Key on startup.

With a network connection the bcmwl-kernel-source module gets downloaded during the installation process. Bug 3. Choose "Something else" for partitioning.

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Please check the sizes in the list according to the partitioning for the step above. Do not try to delete these "blank" partitions. I use ext3 in order to use fuse-ext2 from OSX; ext4 is yet not supported 4th partition should be swap no format and mountpoint required Proceed The installation process should run through smoothly.

Restart with pressed "Alt"-Key. Unfortunately selecting the "Windows" labled Partition HD-icon only displayed a black screen with a blinking cursor. Reboot into OSX again and install "refind". Restart again. Select this an start it, now the grub-menu should be displayed. Select "Ubuntu". Now Ubuntu should boot.

✓macbuntu 16.04: Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS X - install MAC OS X Theme for Ubuntu 16.04

Log into ubuntu Enter the following commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade This updates all packages 2. Download bcmwl-kernel-source deb package on an other computer. Loudspeaker works, even if headset is attached. The camera is not recognized as USB device. The current iSight-Firmware cutter does not help here. Touchpad appletouch Works. External Monitor Requires at least kernel 3. Function Keys Works. For further info on this topic check AppleKeyboard.