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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I don't see a guide for this and every youtube video seems to reference a different model or other keys that are not the same as the arrow keys.

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In fact, the up key is also different than the down key mechanism having taken it off for reference. Hopefully this is a good reference.

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Should there be a mechanism spring on both sides or just one? Do you have the little rubber nipple still sticking up? It would be the part right under the Key.

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If this is missing the only thing you could do would be to replace the entire TopCase or just use an external KeyBoard. It appears that my part is different from the OEM. Received this as hand me down.

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  • Can you acquire replacement keys? I believe you would need to order the replacement key from Apple. I'm looking into it now to see if there is another place.

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    • If you lived in Oklahoma I would say bring it to our shop we have tons of parts computers. Can you press down on that nipple and get the key to work?

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      If not then a replacement key isn't going to fix it. There is a place called Replacement Laptop Keys - MacBook Air you should be able to get the replacement key parts from them. Reece reecee. If the key is no longer working when you press it, buying the plastic key will not restore functionality. You will need to replace the whole keyboard to resolve this.

      If the key is functioning when you press the rubber spring, you will just need the keycap and mechanism, which you can find on Google or eBay by Googling "a key" and comparing to the layout of the original mechanism. If he is missing the key then it could still work this is why I asked him to try the nipple to see if it is working when pressed.

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      If he presses on the rubber nipple and the key still doesn't work then yes definitely a replacement TopCase needed. Sounds like it is not working, since he says "My Macbook Air A has lost functionality to the down arrow key". LOL Lord have mercy! Not surprisingly, the option is found under Accessibility, which seems to be a treasure trove of goodies to enhance or, impair your computer. Ticking the checkbox enables Mouse Keys and reneders your keyboard otherwise useless.

      Without the guide of which keys to use, this feature seems less helpful than it could be. What Are Mouse Keys?

      Mouse Keys and its modern usage

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