We have been assured that listeners will have the option of using 3rd party players after visiting the site and registering, but my fear is that our broadcast IP addresses in iTunes will no longer work. Any comments would be appreciated. Can anyone help with moving a Library from iTunes to the external hard drive? I have an external hard drive with a firewire connection to my iMac. I want to put all my CDs on the hard drive. I have most of it done, but now the problem is that each time I play the CD, it loads it in the iTunes library on the internal hard drive.

This defeats the purpose of having the external drive. How can I avoid this? There may be someone in the "iTunes world" who has solved this problem. I would love to hear from you. If you want iTunes to forget an old Music folder location, you have to delete the iTunes Music Library file located in the iTunes folder within the Documents folder. Then, launch iTunes and select Add to Library Navigate to the desired music folder and iTunes will read all the music files and add them to its library.

You can do this for as many music folders as you have. If you want to use a different folder instead of the default location of :Documents:iTunes:iTunes Music for storing music files extracted from audio CDs by iTunes, then choose Preferences Click the Change When you register, you get a cookie which your web browser then uses to handshake with the site for future communication, thus bypassing the registration process and going directly to streaming audio.

This will, naturally, not work in iTunes. When you register, your IP address is put on file as a valid registered address. This would work in iTunes, but if you have anything but a static IP, this system won't work very well for obvious reasons. I don't know if anybody would really be that stupid as to use an IP address-based system for identification purposes when so many people now are using an ISP with DHCP, but you never know. It could also be something totally different from either of the above. I'm so grateful.

Now I can start this "intenet music" thing I hear everyone talking about. I will definitely return to this site! This site seems to be the one to help solve this problem. I have been running iTunes 1. I had a hard drive problem and had to re-format it. I put the data and applications back with no problem. I used a system I had previously put onto CD, from our iMac, that worked. I had installed Stuffit Deluxe 6 to help segment a huge file that Tech Tool Pro had created while trying to fix the hard drive. I downloaded iTunes 2. Now, iTunes still freezes just after I click "agree" in the license window.

It locks up and I have to force-quit it. I teach music and need this to work. What do I do when a new system, new extensions, and new iTunes won't cut it? I recommend that you download and try to install a new copy of iTunes. If that doesn't work, then the problem might be damage in one of the files you reinstalled. It could be a System-related file or a third-party extension.

If you get a clean bill of health, then try installing iTunes with only Apple extensions active. If those steps don't work, then you may need to do a clean install of OS 9. Good luck! I don't want to go to OS X. I'm using OS 9. I tried to install both iTunes 2. In the first case, the installation failed, mumbling something about "checksum is invalid.

I have a German one. What can I do? Is there a page where one finds German versions fitting to my German OS 9, or can I do something so that it will install the available English version anyway? However, the problem remains. I successfully installed iTunes 2. The import button is not highlighted and the convert command responds free translation "your computer can't read digital audio data converted from the internal audio CD. The conversion of digital audio data was deactivated. Can I manipulate something so that the nonexistent USB port isn't a problem? I tried to load a new version of Authoring Support that promised it would help fix my problem, but it wouldn't install without the integrated USB port.

If so, how? I've been trying to access several UK radio stations through their web sites directly, but am having a few problems with some, especially those that specify WMP to hear them. I was wondering if I'd have any better luck using iTunes, but I've no idea how to add stations to the library. Any help greatly appreciated. As for the radio stations, compatible streams can be downloaded as playlist files.

These can then be dragged into iTunes. I'm not positive how to determine if a download is a compatible playlist file, but I can tell you that the. Neil - a web search turned up the answer. As for exactly what it means—uh, someone else will have to interpret. When the encounters such an instruction, it looks it up in the instruction table. This table gives the location of routines paired with each instruction.

If it finds an entry in the table for the instruction, it branches to the routine. If there's no entry for the instruction, you see one of these errors. This is on OS 9. Thanks, in advance. You'll find that we've already answered this question. Any ideas? Perhaps there was a temporary glitch. I have now switched to a Mac and want to transfer my itunes music library to my new iMac. But, the mac wants to initialize the portable hard drive which will wipe it.

Ideas please? I desperately don't want to have to re-record all those songs. Makes no sense. I imagine someone is going to make a suggestion to make the drive readable on your Mac. For now, though, my solution would be to connect the drive to a PC that can read it and connect the Mac and PC to a network and send the files over via file sharing. I've been plagued with exactly the same problem -- no problem burning for ages, then all of a sudden I'm only able to burn a readable disc once in every few million tries So, here's something I found at another site that hints at, if not a solution, at least an explanation.

Hope it helps: " When I used soundjam for playing mp3's the cute little eye candy things like the equalizer readout in the display would'nt bounce up and down, it wouldn't work, unless the mp3 was created by soundjam. The CD that I tried to dreate had two songs that were imported by iTunes into iTunes mp3 format and three mp3's from the web and soundjam. The disc wouldn't burn. When I Isolated the two iTunes tracks two its own folder and burned them, it worked.

I then tried to burn an mp3 from soundjam by itself, it gave me the error I think the problem is, unless its an iTunes created mp3. You can't burn it. Now I have to figure out how to import all mp3's into iTunes so it converts it to iTunes format. This has nothing to do with the ability to play it, just burn it. Same thing with Soundjam. I could play any mp3 but unless I converted it, the display equalizer readout whatever its called and the crazy design plugin thingy would not work. Maybe its the same case I've installed the software that came with the player and iTunes recognizes it when it's plugged into the USB port.

Being something of a techno-peasant, I assume that I do the usual drag-and-drop business with the music I want to load onto the player, but this is where iTunes 2. I would appreciate any help in sorting this out, in order to offset the wrath of a 15 year old without music. I'm curious as to exactly what you mean when you say your copy of iTunes 2 "recognizes" the player, unless it's seeing it as a mounted volume from which it can import songs. Having said that, however, current versions of iTunes don't exactly drag-and-drop files into the iPod.

They're synced in, and they are located in a hidden folder. Bottom line is, I can't fathom any scenario where you'll get iTunes to synchronize music with anything other than an iPod nor how you'd get iTunes version 2 or 3 to synchronize with anything at all. Anyone with answers, please contact me at my email address. Find something called Infodrop or something and change the creator code so that it thinks that the file was created with iTunes?

Will try tonight after jobby job. I have a beige g3 running os9. I read atpm staff was successful but when I hit burn icon I get "authoring support not found The itunes installer says I have to download the authoring support files but, surprise, when I go to apple I can find nothing I got the "got the authoring support not found" to go away however now when I go in itunes to prefernces:cd burning I get "no supported cd burners found" and when I hit the burn icon in the itunes interface I get "cd burner or software not found" Is there any way to get support for this burner?

How exactly would an iPod work with an external hard drive?

iTunes 2.0.4

Anonymous - uhm, we're not exactly sure what you mean. If you're referring to the comments above about moving an iTunes library to an external hard drive, this has nothing to do with the iPod. Those comments simply discuss modifying where iTunes works with its data. It will still sync its library with the iPod regardless whether the library is on an internal or external hard drive. I've been divisding up the number of seconds for each song and then based on the time each slide is to stay on the screen before transitioning to the next slide spearately inserting the song.

Is there a way to take 7 songs and combine them so they appear as one one song it's okay if there are a couple of seconds between songs?

iTunes is out; KB articles on iPod ; more - CNET

But with Quicktime Player it might require the pro version, but I'm not sure you can open the first song and run the playhead to the very end, then open a second song, select all, copy, go back to the first song, and paste. Continue this for every song you want to tack on to the end. After you've pasted the last song, select Export and save it to a new file in the desired format. I have dragged and dropped what albums i want to burn but when i click on the burn button it keeps saying 'none of these items in the playlist can be burned to disk..?

Am i being dumb or is it not possible to copy stored mp3 tracks from the itunes library directly to blank cdr, is there any download or settings which can resolve this problem? If all the tracks in your playlist are AAC, the error message you are seeing would occur. I used my windows xp computer that i dont have anymore because i sold it. I found online that to use this ipod with this old mac os 9 that i have to download itunes 2.

I've been looking everywhere for somewhere to download and still havent found nothing. If someone can help me find a place i can download this program it would be greatly appreciated. You'll find a link to iTunes version 2 up above. Be advised, iTunes 2 does not support the iPod. I have the same problem: "none of the items in this playlist can be burned to disc" I keep getting this message when I tried to make cd s from my playlists.

iMazing mejor que iTunes para Mac Os

And I dont think your reply is accurate as it does not work for me. I searched through previous comments and solutions offered.

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One assumption and your reply was that people had AAC format songs and they can not be coppied to mp3 disc. It was explicitly stated or in some cases implied that you can make audio cds or data cds. In my case, those did not work either and I could not make either audio, or mp3 or data cds from my playlists. Some of the playlists that did not work did not contain any other file type other than mp3 anyway. Other discussion going on is about making multiple copies of a list, and about copying protected music.

Some of the lists I made can be burned to a disc, while others can not. It then pulls up the track list from the Internet database, and it looks like it is ripping each of the tracks from the CD onto the hard drive. But the process goes much too fast, and then when I go to look at the tracks on the hard drive through iTunes , all of the tracks are listed, but with a track time of Of course, when I go to look at the actual file that was copied onto the hard disk it is way too small all of the files are 51KB. I have tried everything I can think of, but I can't fix this problem.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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Also, in the "Advanced" section, is the checkbox for "Copy files to iTunes Music folder Seems to have occurred with the new version of iTunes. I get the first few seconds of each track adn the files are between 57 and kb or 6 to 13 seconds Media player also works fine. Any ideas. Answer: Downgrade to version 4! Your question has already been answered. I have charged it up via my usb port, so that's not the problem. Any advice would be much appreciated. The USB port may charge the iPod and it may mount as a volume, but it requires newer versions of iTunes to sync music—versions that only run on Mac OS X mentioned above.

My itunes will only import the first few seconds of the songs I tried what you had suggested to Trev I did notice that another user had solved the problems by downgrading to version I upgraded iTunes from the website but still cannot import anymore than ten seconds of each track. I'm on version 6 now and can't solve the issue. Any ideas?? I cannot import song titles. When I click the advanced button to go cet the titles I get this message. Cddb error http processing error.

Review: iTunes 2.0.2

Apple support is of no help???? If you are not dealing with mainstream albums, it's at least possible that Gracenote simply doesn't have information for that album I am using mainstream CDs and have tried many, many popular ones. Also, I am able to import songs on a different PC. I have compared all the internet options settings on both PCs and they are the same. Can someone help me? Here among us ATPM staff, we focus solely on the Macintosh platform and have no assistance available for Windows issues.

For what it's worth, I regularly import both popular and obscure, out of print albums two OOPs just tonight and have no trouble retrieving CDDB information. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I also use AdSubstract and when I disabled it Gracenote worked great!!! Audio CDs burned in iTunes always reflect the original file. Does anyone have a simple fix? I now rip mine using the far superior Windows Media Player. Time to get your act together you Apple boys and girls.

It does not mean that comments go unread or that it can't be fixed. Having said that, it seems fairly certain that everyone who has mentioned this problem is having it on a Windows-based machine. Since ATPM is a Macintosh forum and most staff members have little to no knowledge of Windows issues or simply choose not to deal with them , it stands to reason no one has been able to reply to this issue.

Normally, we don't retain Windows-related comments, but since this issue is about Apple's product, iTunes, for Windows, we've let the comments remain for the possibility that another reader may come across them and have some input for a possible solution. We're sorry you're having trouble and regret none of us have been able to solve it. Any support we can offer is limited to our staff's knowledge. We're not necessarily experts on every product we review. And this comments section is intended for reader discussion more-so than product support.

It used to be that on top I had genre, artist and album, and underneath I had the titles of the songs of the album I chose to display. All of a sudden, when displaying the library the top of the window disappeared and I had all the songs in the library listed. I did not cause it consciously. I went to another playlist I had created - and the window was still split. I started playing around with it and at the split line I saw a hand like Adobe Reader has.

I grabbed the split with the hand and pushed it upwards which adjusted both windows vertically. Well, I went too far - on purpose - and lost that split too. Now copying files from the library to a playlist is a lot harder because I can't just copy an album.

iTunes 2.0.4

Can you guys help? Jamie S. However, I do not have AdSubtract on my computer. Many thanks. Every time after that, I have had a series of errors and am no longer able to burn CDs. The online support is basically worthless. I plan to delete this program and never use it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the only place I've found reference to it, but it seems a lot of people are having the same problem. We haven't yet identified anyone experiencing this problem on a Macintosh which is the only platform we directly attempt to assist with.

I can then drag and drop them, and get them to my iPod. However, if I download songs from Limewire they autmatically show up in iTunes, but I can't do anything with them. On the info they are listed as remote, the ones from the cds aren't labelled like this. I can't move the remote ones, I can't download them to my iPod. Can anyone tell me how to fix this please? A song has to be in a compatible format physically within the iTunes library before it'll transfer to an iPod. I've found that if you have a firewall such as Norton Internet security, you cannot get CD names, even if you have given Itunes permission to access the Internet.

It should work! I have disabled all firewalls and popup stoppers including that of Windows. Oct 23, PM. Oct 23, PM in response to eww In response to eww. Question: Q: iTunes for 9. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: chooski chooski.

Question: Q: Question: Q: iTunes for 9. Does anyone know where I can find iTunes for it. I don't expect iTunes 7 or anything close. Just something to run music. More Less. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: eww eww. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0.