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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

USB 2. Because USB 2. The ImageMate in-1 provides the ability to write data to and read data from flash memory without connecting your digital device digital camera, handheld computer, digital music player, etc. SanDisk in-1, USB 2. No Longer Available Update Location close.

SanDisk USB flash drive Set Up Guide for Mac - MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Air

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That's not you, right?

Rated 3 out of 5 by Matt from OK I have used two of these on my work computer. I've pluggedin every card in the office and we have all of them and ithas worked flawlessly. That is, until the cable came looseinside the unit, and then it only worked intermittently. I ordered another one and this one works just fine.

SanDisk ImageMate 5-in-1 Card Reader - USB SDDRR B&H

Also, Ishould note that the accompanying documentation is veryweak. It doesn't even tell you that the button at the topis for when you want to quickly remove the card. All in all a decent purchase, just be very careful with thecord. Had to orderreplacement. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from good value; works as advertised I replaced my Sandisk 6-in-1 card reader with this in-1 because the former does not work with cards greater than 2 gigabytes.

The in-1 reads from and writes to 4 gig cards without any problem. It is fairly speedy, though not the fastest on the market. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

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Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Email Print. In the Box. Table of Contents. Date published: I have no complains about this product. Rated 4 out of 5 by pi from Easy to use - convenient Very easy to use.

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Both USB ports on my Macbook are definitely working, by the way. My USB mouse works in either and, of course, both card readers are instantly detected when I boot iinto XP so it isn't a hardware fault. Older card readers often require a software driver, newer ones tend to have the required driver built into their firmware. Check with the card reader's website or send the manufacturer an email. Unfortunately none of the methods suggested helped OS-X to consistently detect either of my card readers.

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  4. I don't want to keep buying card readers in the hope that one of them works, so I'm thinking my best option is to delete the OS-X partition, reinstall XP and run the laptop as a Windows machine for the duration of the trip. I'm pretty sruprised that something as simple as plugging in a card reader is a "known issue" with Macs when it works so easily in Windows. But thanks anyway for the responses.

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    I think installing another OS for such a simple task is a little bit of an overreaction to what Why don't you spend the little bit of money on the card reader I suggested. And if it doesn't work, then legitimately return it. Ok, just tried this myself with a cheap 'Gigatech' reader. I take it you are aware that the reader won't actually mount until the card is inserted? That is a pretty drastic thing to do just for a card reader.

    So you didn't buy the Mac for OSX then? I have not read that many issues about it. They usually operate on a 'no questions asked policy' and as long as you don't massacre the packaging and have the receipt, they will reimburse your money. Also, reformat the card in your camera first this will also delete all pics and give it a shot then.

    It is NOT the card reader that is not being recognized because it DOES work with some cards -- it is the cards that are not being recognized, so the major suspect is obviously the formatting. I don't know about that, perhaps the inconsistent nature of the cards' being recognized is a symptom of a lousy reader. It should work every time. Readers are cheap and an easy fix if it works. I'd reformat each of the cards in the camera, take a few test shots, and see if that matters.

    Usually I don't reformat my cards in the camera to free up space--I just have it erase "all" images. Perhaps the OP has done the latter more frequently. Just to answer a couple of questions, yes, I do realise that none of the readers will be detected unless there is a card inserted.

    SanDisk SDDR-99R Overview

    And, I always delete from my cards by re-formatting in the camera. Anyway, this thread has gone on long enough. Normally this wouldn't be such an issue, but the main reason I'm taking the laptop on the trip is for photo viewing and backup I expect to take 30GB plus of raw files and without a functioning card reader that won't be possible.

    Where I'm going game viewing in rural South Africa I won't be able to call into a booth and get my files burnt to a CD, so I need to be fully self contained. I actually wouldn't have seen it as any big deal to delete the OS-X partition to create more space, then re-install it after the holiday, but it looks like that won't be necessary now.

    Imagemate 12in1 - Need Driver for mac

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