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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Mohammad says:. May 24, at pm. Svetlana Cheusheva Ablebits. May 26, at am.

How to merge and split cells in Excel and Calc

Hi Mohammad, Excel assumes you are entering a date and converts the input to the Date format. Randal says:.

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February 19, at pm. April 8, at pm. Saved hours and hours. Thank you so much. Saddam says:. July 29, at am. Hi Saddam, Be sure to perform no other actions between selecting blanks and typing the equality sign. Post a comment Click here to cancel reply.

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Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments received we cannot guarantee that we will be able to give you a timely response. When posting a question, please be very clear and concise. We thank you for understanding! Add-ins for Microsoft Excel - Calculate dates and time See all products. Add-ins Collection for Outlook These 8 tools will boost your inbox productivity and simplify your emailing routine. Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook - Apps for Excel for Mac.

Add-ins for Microsoft Excel online. Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook online. Add-ons for Google Sheets. Add-ons for Google Docs. Add-ons for Microsoft Word - Find broken links. Development Tools. Create Office add-ins in. Actual versions Archived versions. The reason I asked why were you setting the the WrapText property to True was because of this instruction you gave above Adjust the column width so that you can fit all contents in one cell.

If this instruction is followed, then there would be no need to wrap the text. By the way, we can modify this code to handle merging across a single row instead of down a column Index Selection. Value, 1, 0 , Delimiter. Resize 1, Selection. And, if we want to generalize the code to handle either a selection down a column or across a row automatically, then this code will do that Hi Chandoo, In your latest comment on merging cells, what are the pros and cons of using concatenate command instead of the VBA?

If you have the data in a1:a5, select b1:b5 and merge the cells, copy b1:b5, select a1:a5 and Paste Special - Format then you have a1:a5 merged but the individual data in a1:a5 still remains there. If you split the cells a1:a5 you see the individual data again, even with the cells merged you can refers one of them individually.

Cheers, Chandru This is the macro I use. It accounts for columns and rows and will work with normal formulas. Selection must be contiguous. For Each cell In Selection. Cells If Not cell. I know one formual to merge the cell in excel woth out losing data, but dnt know how to update here, Pls guide me. And thanks a lot beca i am very curious to know abt xcel and here ia m learning so many new things.

End xlUp. End Sub. Merge cells in Excel Just take say rows and 14 to 16 narrow columns as if you were making a bar chart, then merge every second column vertically and fill it in with color. Some of the verticals can be split two or three times vertically. The entire page will probably freeze before you get the columns complete. Just "upgraded" to Excel for Windows. Cant find Fill Justify. Microsoft Help is worthless Chandoo, How did you get this? Tweet [ Raghu The aimated images are Animated GIF files I believe that Chandoo uses TechSmith's, Camtasia Pro screen capture software, although there are a number of screen capture utilities that do the same thing.

What if I want to merge the cells but keep the paragraph formating so instead of one cell with "big fat cell with lots of text" "big fat cell with lots of text" Thanks. I cannot get that to work. Is ther some kinda code for inserting a new paragraph kinda like using alt enter when your typing in a cell? The macro you provide is great and will save me a lot of frustration, but for some reason it seems to strip all of the formatting from the text font, font size, font color in the newly merged cell. Is it possible to modify it so that it maintains the original formatting of the cell?

Hi folks, Pls dont worry all about this All the best.

This Operation Requires Merged Cells To Be Identically Sized [SOLVED]

I have multiple vertical cells with values in alternate leaving 1 cell gap between 2 values positions eg:. Hi, I have a question related to this thread. I have a need to merge columns of data into one cell, with no data loss, but need two additional features: first is to comma seprate the contents of each of the merged cells once they are in the merged cell.

Nikki says: December 20, at pm This is the macro I use. Cells 1, 1. Additionally, ideally as the merge is completed i would like to insert a comma between each of the merged cells contents, once it is merged. If that doesn't help can you post or email me a sample file? Hi Chandoo, Can you tell me how to merge columns without losing the data in the format given below: column A column b row 1: abcd xyz. The Macro works fine and good once the wrong characters are replaced with the correct quotation marks. Thanks, but when the length of the cell is high then values in the two cells will merge in single line.

Then how to resolve this? Quick question: I have one column with a list of about names. Each row is a different name but some rows belong to one family. I am trying to separate each family. In order to do this, I am using your JoinAndMerge macro. Essentially, I am merging the rows that belong to one family so that they become one cell.

I will then use this and use Avery wizard is that the easiest way to do it?

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However, when I merge the rows of names, I still need them to be in separate lines. I could do it manually with the char 10 function, but I imagine I could edit your macro a little. What would you advise here? Thanks a lot! Here is the Example:. I was planning to write an email to following addresses: sdkjfhds msn. Result is perfect. Column A is the Family Number. I tried using "Justify" but it wraps the names onto multiple rows because I can't make the column wide enough. Thank you Mr. Chandoo, it appears you have the answer I need and it will save me many hours of work.

Unfortunately my excel skills are so weak that I don't understand where to begin. I will try to find a class on excel programming basics so that I can learn how to implement your suggestion. Hi sir i just want a clarification from you that im preparing a travel schedule that consist of onward details and return details.. This is easily possible if the data is in 2 columns. Is it possible to apply this macro to all rows of a 5 x 50 set of data?

How to unmerge cells in Excel

Sorry, I'm very inexperienced with macros. In a sheet where each column has different conditional formatting, is it possible, in VBA, to merge cells vertically without loosing the conditionnal formatting? Hi thank you very much for the macro, that is a gem!!!

I wanted to know if instead of using selection but if i would like to add a preset range, how do i rewrite the code for this? For example? Thank you. I have conditional formatting relying on a date where the cell is merged because I had to add another row in order to have the sub contractors listed separately. Column V is merged again. My problem is Column I which is the expiration date of the task is the condition to turn all the cells to the color requested. It will only happen if I don't merge the Column I which has the expiration date and I put the date in both cells 2 and 3.

Dear all how I repeat the word with simple shortcut how I create a macro in it. Like "Pakistani is great" this line is use many time in my sheet how can I make shortcut for it?? Name required. Mail will not be published required. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more Open your Excel document. Double-click the Excel document that you want to open. Select the merged cell. Find the cell that you want to unmerge, then click it once to select it.

Merged cells take up two or more columns' worth of space. For example, merging a cell range in the A and B columns would leave you with a cell that spans the A and B columns. You cannot unmerge a cell which has not yet been merged with one or more other cells. It's at the top of the Excel window. Doing so opens the Home toolbar.