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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Thinking about just upgrading to a new camera, even though my old D works perfectly fine, if a new one can quickly and automatically get the images onto my computer, not my phone, where I actually edit them and use them in documents. Hi there. I have completed the firmware update 1. I am trying to use the Remote Control functionality over WiFi but to no avail. What can I do? The rest of Snapbridge works via Bluetooth. Snapbridge does work with Wi-Fi. If you shoot just raw nothing will transfer.

How can a company as established as Nikon fall SOOOOO short in simple technology that should be mandatory especially on a brand new camera model! Just so lame and Snapbridge is a joke…worst app I have used with a camera. I have SnapBridge working fine with iPad -I can upload the pictures to Facebook or notepad but if I try to upload to messenger I just get an error saying try again.? I am using the Coolpix B So I unpaired my phone from camera and I cannot pair it again.

I have spent an hour trying to pair them and it always says pairing failed. I choose this camera for the option to download the photos onto my phone. Is this a technical problem with the camera? Please help!! Thank you for reaching out Paul. We have shared your query with our experts. Hi Eliot, sorry to hear of the problem you encountered. Hello Brianna, we would recommend to start the process from scratch.

The important steps to take when doing this are:. We are taking measures to address these comments and have already released updated versions of the app which address some of these points, we will continue to listen to your feedback and improve the app. The D camera is a very good camera with an extensive range of features, if you require professional level Wi-Fi the other option would be the WT-7 wireless transmitter which is designed for professional uses and offers far more control of the camera.

As a starting point can you ensure you have updated to the latest versions of the D firmware version 1. Furthermore, the reason you are having connection issue with your Wiko Smart device might be due to the reason that the system requirement to operate the Snapbridge app is Android 6. Therefore, if there is an update is available for your Wiko Smart Device, I would recommend to update the operating to the latest version and try again.

The availability of the update is also depending on your device. I hope this information finds you well and please accept my sincere apology for not being able to be more directly help to you. The D does have the option to connect wirelessly with the WT-7 wireless transmitter. If you are shooting movies depending on the length of movie the files can be very large and downloading will always be dependent on how good the wireless connection is. In many cases for movies it would still be quicker to either to connect the camera to the computer with the supplied cable or to use a memory card reader.

Hi Eliot, thanks for reaching out. The defualt password you have is correct but you might just try upper or lower cases to be on the safe side. Hi Steve, thanks for your interest. SnapBridge is currently designed to support Android and iOS. Once you have confirmed that the photo is in this folder you should be able to attach an image to Messenger by selecting it in the Messenger app. Could you try and let us know how you get on? Hello Kelly, having paired the camera once before the key points when re-pairing the camera and smart device are as follows: 1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the SnapBridge app v.

In the Smart Device go to Bluetooth settings and delete the camera from your list of devices 4. Just purchased the Coolpix B Updated the firmware a doddle and the camera now works like a dream with SnapBridge including the remote operation of my camera, great for my fishing shots on the bank. Over the moon with both the camera and the app, top drawer Nikon, thank you. Hello Reih, sorry to hear you have experienced issues.

We will get back to you shortly with a response.

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I have the Nikon d and the same thing happened with the Bluetooth! When I share a pic from snapbridge to Facebook messenger it shares as a link. The link opens from a pc but not my Samsung Galaxy S4. However it works ok with WhatsApp. Is the battery charged? For more detailed checks: 1.

Can you confirm if you are using the latest version of the D firmware v1. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us for assistance. The D is the first product released with SnapBridge but we do listen to our customers and plan to improve the app going forward. Depending on your intended use an option you might want to consider is the WT-7 wireless transmitter for the D Please ensure you upgrade your app whenever a new versions become available and improvements are made.

Once again, our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please let us know if we can be of further help. Hello Kelly B, having paired the camera once before, the key points when re-pairing the camera and smart device are as follows: 1. Hi Robert, thanks for your message. Can you give it a try again and let us know how you get on?

Hi Steve, thanks for asking. While we refrain from commenting on why particular operating systems are supported or not we will feed your suggestion back for consideration. Hello Francis, can you confirm the following: — Which version of Android operating system you are using? When you open the SnapBridge app and go through the connection process please detail exactly where the process fails for you, if possible list the steps you take when connecting.

So from your Photos folder sharing to Facebook or Messanger should be straight forward. What is the size of the file you are saving? Possibly Facebook support might be able to assist further with your enquiry too if the issue persists. Let us know how you get on. Hello Francis, Can you confirm the following: — Which version of Android operating system you are using — What version of SnapBridge is installed on your smart device — Please confirm the manufacturer and model number number of your Smart device.

So from your Photos folder sharing to Facebook or Messenger should be straight forward. Here are som basic checks you can try: 1. Is the battery charged 3. In the Setup Menu are you selecting Connect to smart device the Bluetooth option is only available to review once you have connected to the Smart Device. More detailed checks: 1. Hello Kelly, sorry for our late response. Having paired the camera once before the key points when re-pairing the camera and smart device are as follows: 1. Hi Robert, sorry for our late response. The default password you have is correct but you might just try upper or lower cases to be on the safe side.

Hi Steve. Thank you for your feedback. If you have any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us again and we would be happy to help. Hello Mattis, sorry for the late response. We are aware of the feedback regarding SnapBridge and apologies that it has not yet meet your expectations. We would recommend to start the process from scratch.

The important steps to take when doing this are: 1. Hello Stuart, we are very sorry for the issues you have experienced in trying to connect your D to Snapbridge. I have a Nikon Coolpix B, is there any way to set this camera up for streaming or for use as a webcam? Windows 7 Premium. How do I add a copy write and exif information?

I seem to only be able to add 1 or the other, yet I read above I could add up to two. The Bluetooth connection between the D firmware 1.

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It got worse with iOS Hello Jason, the D cannot stream movies directly as a webcam, the recording time is limited to There is a clean HDMI output option on the D so this maybe possible using third party external devices which you might want to look into further, but not an officially supported solution. The compass heading information is either not being processed by the D when received from Snapbridge, or Snapbridge is not sending the heading information to the camera.

Snapbridge v1. Google maps and a Google Play store compass app have no problem referencing the compass so it should also be available to Snapbridge. Honestly, the first connection is normally fast. Getting the next one is a headache. We recently bought a B and would like to pair it with a Windows 10 Mobile phone Lumia I am enjoying snapbridge with my D and have had few issues with it. Is it currently possible to add your own logo to be inserted with credits? If so, how? And if not, this would be a very helpful feature for future updates. The Android version has nothing to do with my problem, the Intel chip in the tablet is.

Would have been nice if Nikon was up front about this but it is buried in there somewhere No hope for a firmware update, no hope for another Nikon I loose.

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Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Hello Peter, thank you for you message. Should you have further questions, please let us know. Hello, thanks for reaching out. If you have further questions, do let us know. My experience with Snapbridge is with a Nikon D It is time to admit that Snapbridge is a disaster.

Fix it or replace it. Snapbridge does not work as advertised and is too complicated to be useful for the average photographer. The Snapbridge interface requires too many steps that require jumping from camera to remote device and back again. It does not always work and often requires you to wipe out all setting and start over.

Setup should be a simple procedure not this circus act. Another problem is when you finally get it to work with one device iPhone and decide to switch to another device iPad , you have to completely wipe out all settings and start from scratch. It should be able to work with multiple devices without having to wipe out a device. A major problem with Snapbridge is that it drains the battery at an alarming rate if left activated all the time.

I am a professional photographer that was a computer programmer with years of embedded systems experience. So I am not intimidated with firmware or software. I can figure out most devices but even reading the manual several time left me confused. Please replace Snapbridge or fix it so it works at describe in your advertising. Nikon D Complaints: 1. The ML-L3 remote controller was a simple and inexpensive device that worked great. This feature worked great on the Nikon D It was a simple setup that worked very reliably and did not require Bluetooth. Hi, I connected my D to SnapBridge on my iPhone 6, for the main purpose of exploring the option of using my iPhone as a remote in wildlife photography.

There working range has not been prescribed anywhere and this is critical to knowing just how far I can get from the camera and still have control over it via my iPhone. When I set it up at home to take a few test shots, I had barely gone m and I lost control of the camera. When i stepped within the 3m range, I regained control.

Is that the maximum range of SnapBridge on the D when using an iPhone 6? Looking forward to receiving some clarity on this. Hello Jason, thanks for your message. Yes it is possible to transfer movies via Bluetooth playback of movies is not possible through SnapBridge but may be possible through 3rd party apps. However this can be a slow process depending on the size of the movie file, so in some cases it will be simpler to use a card reader to save time and battery life.

Hello Tim, thanks for your message. We are working to address issues with SnapBridge and it will be announced as soon as it is available. We hope you can accept our apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime. Hello Brandon, thanks for your message. We will send your suggestion back for future consideration. Hello Jerry, thanks for your message. Our apologies for the inconvenience but this is a current limitation of the app. Hi Tom, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The ML-L3 is not a compatible product with the D and this will not change and we hope that when SnapBridge is operating as expected it will provide a good solution for sharing in the same way the WMU did. It works for a lot of people. Did you try connecting it? Thank you for your response to my comment regarding the heading information not being passed to the camera and that it is a known omission.

I do find it very odd though, that such a trivial thing has been omitted. To have implemented the heading information as well appears to me to be a really simple task. All the hard work has already been done. Of course, this is fairly trivial compared to all the other huge issues with Snapbridge. Many of which were identified a year or so ago …. Hello Zhayynn, the range for Wireless and Bluetooth is approximately 10m 32 ft line of sight without interference, however the range will vary depending on signal strength and the presence of any obstacles.

Thank you for your comment and insight Peter, all of which has been duly noted. Yes, we are aware of all matters related to SnapBridge and we are fully focused on its improvement. I own a D and an iPad.

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Via wifi I have been able to connect only once! Am I doing something wrong…?! Thank you in advance! What maybe bothered me most was the long time it takes every time the phone and D need to connect for remote control function because with guess work, every time you take a photo it disconnects when you check if you did it right, btw, i shoot in RAW, so some things may not apply for Jpeg.

Though i am very happy with the D and is by far the best digital camera i ever owned, today i really missed my D with IR remote, and a functioning 3rd party app on my phone. There needs to be an update somewhere or a warning: not compatible with samsung s7 edge. Very disappointing. Dear Nikon, I have bought the nikon D one month ago have already taken photos and some videos but unfortunately whenever I try to download everything on my Note 4 only the photos are downloaded and none of the videos.

How can I solve this issue? Thanks in advance. Firstly, you may need to re-pair the camera and smart device on occasion and is not indicative of a malfunction. Can the user to try the re-pairing process outlined in the link below? Has this allowed the connection to re-establish and the Snabridge functionality to work again? If not, please outline the following:.

Hi, Just bought the D on the weekend and am able to pair with my iphone 6s running It connects but nothing shows up to download. I am also running the most current firmware. Since then, despite my many attempts, I can not pair my D The D recognizes the phone well it is considered paired but the phone does not recognize it at the end of the procedure. Yet the phone receives the code to validate. This is the same as the one that appears on the D I have the latest firmware 1. Snapbridge being a good example… a great idea BUT you can only view liveview and take a shot..

Its one of the many reasons people jump ship.. Listen to your customers! I purchased my D yesterday from a retailer. One of the features I looked forward to using was the Bluetooth connectivity. Last night I spent considereable amount of time pairing my iPhone 7 The SnapBridge ap was downloaded yesterday from the ap store.

I find it unacceptable that one must go through the pairing process every time I want to pair the camera with my iPhone. Fortunately, the retailer has a liberal return policy. I have been waiting for this upgrade having purchased a D about seven years ago. When SnapBridge is used, the battery drains exceptionally fast. I had to recharge my battery after one day. The battery in my D could last four or five days with photos taken. Also of note is that the videos refered to follow not mention the multiple times the pairing process urges you to use a wifi connection. All in a all, a disappointment.

Is d snapbridge compatible with galaxy s7? I was previously paired with my s5 with no issues. Upgraded phone to s7 and can not get them to connect. I have ended pairing with the old phone and uninstalled the app. Now on the s7 I get the same issue that alot of people seem to have, go through all of the processes to connect, camera says it is connected then at the last minute the phone says the pairing has failed….. Hello Bill, thank you for your message. We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment, we monitor customer feedback regarding SnapBridge closely and are working to improve it.

This will be addressed, however the timing of this has not been confirmed currently. If you turn Flight mode On in the camera, this will disconnected Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options and will improve battery performance. The D has a great feature set and performance and as we implement improvements to SnapBridge we are confident the experience with the app will improve too. Hello Raico, our apologies for the disappointment you have experienced with SnapBridge. We do listen to customer feedback carefully and we are planning to improve SnapBridge and the customers experience.

As always we refrain from commenting on future releases, but with each camera we produce, our aim is to adopt the best solution for the targeted users of that specific product. Hello Aareon, we would need more info to allow us to advise you appropriately here. Could you please contact us directly so we can tackle the enquiry fully? Thank you for your recent email regarding your D and iphone 6s. We are sorry to learn of the issues you report here. Unfortunately, for the moment, we have not yet confirmed full compatibility with our Snapbridge app and iOS We fully expect and update to resolve this issue to be released very soon.

Also please ensure you are using Bluetooth ver. Snapbridge version ver. Could you please then let us know if you are able to successfully pair your device and transfer images? Hello Neutre, thank you for your message. In order to advise you further can you please confirm the following information? Which version of Snapbridge did you download?

Please ensure it is the latest version of the main app ver. Is your Samsung S8 using Android 7. If so then unfortunately we have discovered that there is an issue on specific Samsung devices running Android ver. Please refer to the following FAQ and video to ensure all pairing processes are being completed. Please let us know if you are able to successfully connect your S8 to your D and we may be able to advise you further. Please allow us to advise in relation to your enquiries:.

The remote control functionality of Snapbridge does not have the ability to set the cameras exposure settings and the camera is working in the mode and settings that were in place before you opened the LiveView. You can close the LiveView to change your exposure settings on the cameras controls before re-opening it, but if you need a greater level of flexibility in manual control we can only recommend foregoing using the remote control functionality of the app and using the cameras controls directly.

The images will still be sent to your smart device if you have the camera paired up and Auto-download is enabled in the Snapbridge app. Regarding being able to see the LiveView on the smart device, by default this appears on-screen if using the Remote control option of the app it can also be disabled through the app if desired , but depending on the brightness of the framed scene the LiveView may not be able to display what is being framed. In addition to this though, if you connect through bulb exposure mode then the thinking is that the scene is going to be too dark to frame in the LiveView anyway, so the LiveView is disable to conserve power.

Regarding remote usage, we can fully appreciate that you would like to use the infra-red remote for your previous camera with the D, but we can only apologise that this is not possible. We will gladly take on board your feedback concerning the setting of exposure settings and the length of a long exposure and can only apologise that these aspect of the product does not meet your ideals. This will be forwarded for a review and consideration, but we hope you can understand that we are able to guarantee that your suggestions here will be added to the app.

We hope this message finds you well and that the above sufficiently addresses your queries. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Hello Aaron, we need need more information to allow us to advise most appropriately. Could you please contact us directly? This forces me to manually edit each one and is a complete waste of time.

I would recommend Cannon for those considering a camera. Hello Peter, thanks for contacting us and for your feedback. We want to help resolve any problems you might face.

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To help assist you further, it would be ideal to contact our Technical Support team so they can look into the issue directly with you. Please help. I paired and everything is working fine, except…I can be using my phone doing email, text, FB and the snapbridge log in just appears and goes away all the time. How do I stop that? I unpacked the D and installed snapbridge just yesterday and I need to say that following now in more detail the discussion on the internet I must agree that I find it somehow frustrating to not have a real remote system available which is connecting very slow.

Not without reason this app is pointed out very poor on google store. Is NIKON willing to build a real remote-app or will it stay something you do not really looking at and be proud to own a Nikon? I am Nikon? I am frustrated…. Regards Timo. Cannot establish connection when trying to use remote. It is connected as I can see the battery level and Bluetooth symbol. Note 4 shows camera in connection options and wifi access is on.

Its a D Please answer these Snapbridge questions: 1. Why is only Nikon Europe support is available? Why do you only look at this site once a month? What about Snapbridge support for the US or rest of the world? How do I make Snapbridge update the location more than once every 5 minutes? How do I force location updates when I need them? How is 5 minute accuracy usable if I am covering an event on foot? If I am just sitting somewhere all day, why would I need location? JPG files that cannot be seen by the 1.

Is your answer really that billions of Android must adapt to the , Snapbridge users? We do listen to customer feedback carefully and we are planning to improve…. I just purchased a new D At the beginning, the Snapbridge statrt to connect and confirmed the pairing. However soon after, it continues giving me an unsuccessful connection and errors. I did several things, what worked is the following and the connection to the camera established. Can I connect my Nikon D to more than one smart phone??

My wife and I will be using the camera together and separately and would like to ability for either of us to upload images to our iPhone when we use the camera. Thanks for the help with this. Hi there, Is it possible to add my own logo to the photos or is it limited to just the Snapbridge logo? The easiest function like remote shutter are not working without a WiFi connection this needs nearly all the time a new pairing.

With the Coolpix B could I set the self-timer to 10 seconds on the camera and then use the my mobile device to take the picture with the 10 second delay or will it only work with the 2 second self-timer in the snapbridge? The reason is I want to know if I can use it for a selfie but need more than 2 seconds to get ready?

Lack of NEF file support makes this a less than desirable app. As a company you should support your proprietary format, even if you convert it to a jpeg. It automatically selects 2 megapixels and I am not able to change. Hello Nikon, can you please solve the problem with conectivity regarding snap bridge on d, ios.

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Please solve this very quick…because i have bought all possible remotes and none works! Or at least update the firmware and still let the older remotes connect! Only one question that can really optimize the whole experience. That is the file names of the transferred photos in my Iphone8. Please make Snapbridge version for windows.

We have bought Coolpix B because of the wifi option and now we realized this only works with android and we are unable to send photos to PC. As a Company, this is insane for us. We are waiting for the reply when Snapbridge version for windows PC or any other sotfware will be available as we need need it asap. Why do you does not support the D? A camera nikon is still selling and it is already making it obsolete without software support.

Any thoughts? Does snapbridge support continuous mode shooting? Currently I can only achieve single shots per button press with my D via Snapbridge. Is it possible to use snapbridge to control the camera remotely while recording a video? It is the best amazing blog. This is a good Nikon D Camera. There are the best quality image and video recording by the Nikon camera. Is there anywhere I can specify a specific album for the images to drop into?

Hi, I have a Meizu pro 6 plus which uses the same processor as the galaxy S7. I have tried many times to connect it with my D but it fails. Although it connects via Bluetooth, it fails to read the photos via wifi. I have tried everything without any success. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are thechnologies that allow easily connect and transfer files through smart devices. It is simply not acceptable that a Nikon camera has so many requirements to do such a simple task comparing with other products. Thanks, dear for sharing such beautiful information with us But here I have a very quick question that how we can realize our Review Nikon D?

Hope soon you will write a detailed article. I have tried, couple of times but was unsuccessful again. Hello Nancy, apologies for the very late response. A Snapbridge notification appearing on the smart device periodically may be normal, depending on the version of operating system you use. You can check in the notification settings in your device to see if you can stop this from occurring. This is normal and this limit put in place in order to reduce download times through Bluetooth.

Using this function you can browse the images on the card inserted in the camera and pick and choose the ones you want to download. The original size images will take longer to transfer over Bluetooth due to their size. You can organise the files as you see fit through the Nikon Image Space website or the app. We would recommend making sure you have the latest version of the app and the latest camera firmware version installed in order to best ensure the functions all works as expected.

Please find below our responses. If your device is unable to read or otherwise manipulate the files produced, then this would be a limitation of the device. If you need more space currently then I can only apologise that the service does not currently offer this. If using Snapbridge as a remote, you would be limited to the self-timer options offered by the app.

Hello Tobias, the idea with the remote functionality working through Wi-fi is that it allows you to have a view through the cameras lens on your smart device prior to shooting. Bluetooth is too slow a connection to enable this. Thank your for your patience. Hello Mike, thank you for getting in touch.

Hello Vald, thank you for your feedback. The remote functionality indeed takes control of the camera away from the cameras in-built controls and the camera is then controlled fully from the Snapbridge app. The fact that the camera works with other smart devices rules out a possible hardware problem with the camera. Click here to cancel reply. Submit Comment. Contact us. About Contact us Nikon Europe.

May 3, by Nikon Europe in Product News. How do you disable snapbridge on D as it drains the battery even when it is turned off. Hello Tom, SnapBridge has been tested for operation with specific operating systems and devices, please see below: System Requirements Android 5. Do I send it back? Wait for a firmware update? As Adam wrote. Needs serious improvements and soon. Anything but usable. Not all devices have been tested and confirmed as fully compatible: System Requirements Android 5. Fuji is looking pretty nice right now. I struggled so long trying to figure this out, and I realized that it wasn't really that hard.

The camera settings in my mac are not visible on the software tool Sorry for the extremely slow reply- I did it on a PC. An Acer netbook months ago permalink. Isn't this just the same way Sony recommends you do it? Great instructional! I can't wait to give this a try. And from what I understand, it will control your a too. Hi Jake and friends, Only three cameras can do tethered from Sony. They are Sony A, A and A cameras.

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We've been using them with pc for over 5 years without problem. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience. This site is dedicated to all sony alpha users and thier products. The artwork depicted is done See more.

Photos Discussions Members Map About. No limit 0 replies. Hello, Flickr limits the number of groups to which a photo may be submitted. A33 — New Camera Needed 1 reply. My A33 has died. What to do if you can't afford Zeiss? A35 Remote Commander 1 reply. Has anyone else had trouble getting an infrared remote to work with a Sony A35 S Why do you use an Alpha? Camera Survey 24 replies. Protection for my Camera 12 replies. What will you recommend, cheaper the better. I don't want to offer so many mone Freelensing 1 reply. Recently I've been looking for interesting techniques to use with my standard le Instructional: How to shoot tethered for no additional cost!

I will be telling you, step by step, how to shoot tethered for no additional cos Albano Photography 96 months ago. Upgrading to A? Hey there! Now im using a, but i think about to upgrade to a Hi everybody Just joined this group. Does anybody here bought the ishoot PT04 t Albano Photography says: I will be telling you, step by step, how to shoot tethered for no additional cost, as everything is provided by Sony.

The Scalpel Master Photography says: Thank you for sharing this information to us!