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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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You can specify a new icon size either for a single window or for every icon view window on your machine Figure Mac OS X lets you choose an icon size to suit your personality. Just use the slider in the View Options dialog box, shown in Figure Finally, drag the Icon Size slider back and forth until you find a size you like.

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For added fun, make little cartoon sounds with your mouth. Ring the bells!

Fire the cannons! Neither Windows nor the Mac OS has ever offered that level of control before.

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  5. Why would you want to adjust the point size independently in different windows? Well, because you might want smaller type to fit more into a crammed list view without scrolling, while you can afford larger type in less densely populated windows. But for people with especially big or especially small screens—or people with aging retinas—this feature is much better than nothing.

    In its own quiet way, this tiny, unheralded feature represents one of the most radical changes to the Finder since the invention of the Mac. As shown in Figure , it lets you create, in effect, a multiple-column list view in a single window.

    OS X Lion How to Change Icon Size : Tech Yeah!

    Thanks to the secret powers of the View Options palette right , Mac OS X can display icon names on the right—and even show a second line of file info—in any icon view. You now have all the handy, freely draggable convenience of an icon view, along with the compact spacing of a list view.

    For example:. The info line lets you know how many icons are inside each without having to open it up. Now you can spot empties at a glance. Graphics files. Certain other kinds of files may show a helpful info line, too. For example, graphics in most file formats display their dimensions in pixels. Sounds and QuickTime movies. The light-blue bonus line tells you how long the sound or movie takes to play.

    You can see these effects illustrated in Figure On the contrary, it can serve as a timesaving psychological cue. The bottom of the resulting dialog box offers three choices, whose results are shown in Figure :. This is the standard option.

    how to adjust the size of finder preview images?

    When you click this button, you see a small rectangular button beside the word Color. Click it to open the Color Picker Section 4. If you choose this option, a Select button appears. As you can see in Figure , low-contrast or light-background photos work best for legibility. Incidentally, the Mac has no idea what sizes and shapes your window may assume in its lifetime.

    Therefore, Mac OS X makes no attempt to scale down a selected photo to fit neatly into the window. Use a graphics program to scale the picture down to something smaller than your screen resolution for better results. The View Options dialog box for an icon view window offers the chance to create colored backgrounds for certain windows top or even to use photos as window wallpaper bottom.

    Using a photo may have a soothing, annoying, or comic effect—like making the icon names completely unreadable. In general, you can drag icons anywhere within a window. For example, some people like to keep current project icons at the top of the window and move older stuff to the bottom. When you see the slider thumb blinking but not moving, it's being clicked on but no longer sliding -- it's been locked into one of the three chosen sizes.

    Increase the Size of Mac OS X Desktop Icons

    Another drag frees it up to move again, then the process repeats. So why is this useful? Who knows; more than likely, it's got little practical value unless I'm overlooking something obvious, which is always possible. Nonetheless, I thought it was interesting and though perhaps incorrectly? Using the dock size slider to set exact dock sizes 6 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Using the dock size slider to set exact dock sizes Authored by: bluehz on Feb 26, '03 AM.

    Using the dock size slider to set exact dock sizes Authored by: lrivers on Feb 26, '03 AM. Using the dock size slider to set exact dock sizes Authored by: pixelcort on Feb 28, '03 AM.

    Increase the Size of Mac OS X Desktop Icons

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