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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

What's new for the Remote Desktop client on macOS?

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Updates for version Added a privacy notice to the "Add Feed" dialog. Fixed a bug that caused the resolutions list in application preferences to be empty after installation. Fixed a bug that caused the client to crash if certain resolutions were added to the resolutions list. We also addressed an RD gateway regression caused by the Fixed incorrect certificate warnings that were displayed when connecting.

Addressed some cases where the menu bar and dock would needlessly hide when launching remote apps. Reworked the clipboard redirection code to address crashes and hangs that have been plaguing some users.

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Fixed a bug that caused the Connection Center to needlessly scroll when launching a connection. In Fit to Window mode, a window refresh now occurs immediately after a resize to ensure that content is rendered at the correct interpolation level. Fixed a layout bug that caused feed headers to overlap for some users.

Cleaned up the Application Preferences UI. Made lots of fit and finish adjustments to the Connection Center tile and list views for desktops and feeds. Note There is a bug in macOS Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback?


This video performance problem was brought to my attention recently, and I was going to create a new forum post about it, but then discovered this one, so I'll just latch on to it. I tried the suggestion of setting the Sandboxing and OpenGL settings to True, and while that does seem to help a little, the video performance is still far from acceptable.

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What does help, is to change the "display" option for the RDM connection entry to "external," as that makes the connection open with the Microsoft RDP client. With the Microsoft RDP client, high resolutions and bit color can be used, and the video performance is very good. I've also tested connecting to physical Win10 PCs, both local and remote, and the video problem exists with those as well, so the issue seems to have nothing to do with virtualization or network latency, and everything to do with video rendering by whatever "engine" RDM for Mac is using.

Disable Microsoft Remote Desktop Hardware Acceleration to Fix Graphical Glitches

Then "embedded" and "undocked" connections in RDM should be just as good as with the "external" Microsoft Remote Desktop client. If it would be helpful to post a video demonstrating the performance differences between RDM for Mac, and Microsoft's Remote Desktop app, I'm happy to do that! Thanks for your detailed post about your situation.

Unfortunately, on the Mac version this control is not available.

How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac

I will show your post to our in house specialist of freeRDP and see if we can manage to bring ourselves closer to the MRD performance. One more thing you could try. There is a new option in the advanced preferences. Check it and restart the app. It has helped a few users with general performance issues.

I tried enabling that and restarted RDM, but sadly it didn't seem to help much. As one of my colleagues put it, the "dot-matrix-printer-screen-draw" is still there. I hadn't used RDM for Mac for a while, but after updating to version 3. I will say I have the same problem.

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I have tried all of the suggestions in this thread and the performance is bad enough that I use the Microsoft RDP client on my mac. I love the product on my windows machine but on the OS X side it's a struggle. Specifically I do quite a bit of work form the command line when i'm RDPed to a machine. I will type into my cmd window in the RDP session and it will draw the characters quite slowly if at all. Sometimes I need to move around my cmd window get it to refresh and show what I have typed. Although our various support queues will be monitored for emergencies, Devolutions' offices will be closed on September 2nd O wow, with 3.

I've been trying 3.