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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

For Mac portable users, this means the trackpad will get a bit of an extra workout as new gestures become available to access Lion.

Mac desktop users will need to invest in an Apple Magic Trackpad to gain the same level of control. Of course, Lion will also work fine without a trackpad. You'll still be able to use your mouse and keyboard to access all the nifty new features; you just won't have as much fun as your trackpad-using friends. The download size will be a bit larger than 4 GB, but this is probably a compressed size.

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Apple has made the installation process for OS X Lion Even with the differences, you can still create a clean installation of Lion on an internal drive, a partition, an external drive, or a USB flash drive. This step-by-step article looks at installing Lion on a drive or partition, either internally on your Mac or on an external drive. Purchase Lion from the Apple Store online. You receive a content code to the Mac App Store, usually within one day. After you download the installer, copy it to any Mac that meets the minimum hardware requirements and install Lion.

The Lion installer is downloaded to your Applications folder, and it is just under 4 GB in size. The system requirements are:. You can install Lion on any internal drive, including SSDs solid state drives.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is still available for purchase from Apple

The Lion Recovery partition takes MB of the free space. The Lion installer creates two partitions, one for Lion and one for recovery tools. You can use the Recovery Partition to repair drives, fix permissions, and format drives, as well as reinstall Lion if needed. The Recovery Partition includes a bootable system with Disk Utility. The target volume should be erased at best; at a minimum, it should not contain any OS X system. With previous versions of OS X installers, you could erase the target drive as part of the installation process.

Mac OS X Lion Minimum Requirements

With the Lion installer, there are two methods of performing a clean install. One method requires you to create a bootable Lion install DVD, and the second lets you perform a clean install using the Lion installer you downloaded from the Mac App Store. The difference between the two methods is that to use the Lion installer directly, you must have a drive or partition that you can erase before running the installer. Using a bootable Lion install DVD allows you to erase a drive or partition as part of the installation process.

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If you're going to perform a clean install of Lion on a drive other than your current startup drive, then you're ready to proceed. Before you begin the Lion installation process, back up your existing OS X system and user data. Performing a clean install on a separate drive or partition shouldn't cause any data loss with your current system, but stranger things have happened, and it is best to be prepared. At a minimum, make sure you have a current backup. For more protection, make a bootable clone of your current startup drive.

You must erase the target drive before you can start the Lion installation process. Remember that to use the Lion installer as downloaded from the Mac App Store, you must have a working copy of OS X to start the installer from. You may need to create a new partition to install to or resize existing partitions to create the necessary space. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

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