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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Wondershare video converter has all the tools we look for. Not only can you use it to convert videos, but also to optimize videos for playback on specific devices, perform basic edits and download videos from the internet. It converts videos from one format to another, but you miss out on advanced features like video downloading, disc burning and Wi-Fi syncing.

Of all the Mac video converter programs we reviewed, Leawo has the simplest interface to navigate. All the tools are accessible from the home screen, and the workflow is quite intuitive.

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All the video converter programs we reviewed swap video files from one format to another, so it takes more than that to be considered the best. Wondershare has loaded up its program with tools that let you do much more than simple conversions. For example, it has a large library of preprogrammed output profiles that optimize your conversion for playback on specific devices, such as smartphones, tablets, televisions and gaming systems.

Additionally, this program has an array of basic video editing tools — before you export your video conversion, you can trim, crop, add effects, adjust picture values, and even add watermarks and subtitles.

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The software can also download videos from the internet, making it a great tool to have if you find a video online you want to remix, edit or simply have on your computer. You can also burn videos to a DVD, transfer them directly to iTunes, or sync them wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet. This is the only video converter program we reviewed that has all these tools. Our team of video experts examined several videos converted by this program, looking for imperfections like compression artifact, motion blur and other quality loss.

They found that the converted videos were identical to the originals. Read the full review. If this describes you, iFunia Video Converter is worth considering. However, there are some significant tradeoffs. The program took about twice as long as our top pick to convert. It eliminates or simplifies all those things, as well as others. All you have to do is drag the video you want to convert into the program, pick an output profile and click convert. The tradeoff for this simplicity is that some, but not all, of the advanced features we look for are missing. Leawo Video Converter does have video editing tools that let you make basic alterations and enhancements.

Our video experts examined the videos this program converted and were impressed by how crisp and clear the picture and audio were. They could only find minor imperfections in the small details of the video. Every electronic device is unique, so any particular video file may not be the best to play on your smartphone or tablet.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate has dozens of preprogrammed optimization profiles to convert a video tailor made for your device.

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There are profiles for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, television sets and more. Just select your device from the list of profiles and hit convert. This software also has some basic video editing tools to get the exact video you want before you convert it. You can trim away unwanted footage, adjusting picture values such as contrast and hue as well as add watermarks and subtitles.

The Best Video Converter For PC & Mac (2019)

There are times that you want a copy of a YouTube video on your computer. You may want to be able to watch it offline, use the content to make something new or simply for archiving. All you need is the URL of the video.

The Best Free Video Converters for Mac

This program also has the ability to create DVDs out of your video files. These discs function exactly as the ones you buy at the store. You can build menus, navigation, special features and more. We have been reviewing the best Mac video converters for more than five years. We regularly check with manufacturers for new versions and updates to every program.

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Over the years, our team of reviewers has spent more than hours testing, rating and ranking Mac video converter programs. We also asked experts in the video production industry what to look for when choosing video converter software. Drew Tyler, an instructor in the digital media program at Weber State University in Utah, told us that the most important consideration is usability.

There are people who get paid a lot of money to do it professionally. Look for the software that gives you the presets that are easiest to choose. The audio filters, effects and volume changing can be convenient when you need to make the video sound better. It is effortless to use with a neat UI and you can preview the loaded video.

Download All2MP4 for Mac.

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  • Like stated in its name, Any Video Converter can literally convert almost all types of video files out there. It also supports output for all kinds of iOS and Android devices. Although it may not convert as fast as other best Mac video converters, it provides smooth operation and quality results. Where to Get it. Miro is one of the most straightforward Mac video converter apps to use due to its interface. It is a very basic video converter that does what it should and nothing more.

    It is an easy start for novices but it does not provide batch conversion, nor the output profiles presets. Permute is one of the fastest video converters for Mac, which has a clean interface. You just drag and drop the video files on the UI and follow its lead to do the rest, which is easy enough for a beginner to understand.

    It supports many video formats and provides detailed settings and profiles of them. If you are looking for a video converter that also does video editing work, Movavi is the right choice because it provides a premium version which includes all sorts of video editing tools trimming, rotation, flipping, cropping, quality enhancement, title adding, etc. The premium version also provides automatic conversion as well as file merging. Prism Video Converter is able to convert all major video formats with custom quality compression rates, frame rate, resolution, etc. You can add video directly from DVD to convert them to usable video formats for your devices.

    It can batch convert video as well as audio files.

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    It does an excellent job in compressing video to smaller sizes. You can even preview the video during the conversion process.

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    • In addition to video conversion, it can download online video, create slideshow from your photos, capture screen as video and of course, edit video. It allows you to convert over video formats.