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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Students can study their adaptive flashcards online or in the Brainscape mobile app, and all their progress is kept in sync across devices. And from your Teacher Dashboard, you can easily see how much your students are studying, and which topics students need the most help on. This unique application of spaced repetition combines the key mental activities of Active Recall, Metacognition, and Spaced Repetition more effectively than any other learning tool.

Each step of the Brainscape learning process activates your hippocampus to maximize the strength of new neuron connections in your prefrontal cortex. Best feature may be the advanced editor—instrumental for adding pictures to my cards. The perfect study tool for a student. Thanks for my A! You can use Brainscape online, or on your iPhone , iPad , or Android device.

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AnkiApp - The best flashcard app to learn languages and more.

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Smile Score. Other options include:. The design is modern, clean, and subtle. It does well serving the primary purpose of the app helping you study flashcards without getting in the way. Organizing a large collection of flashcards in Studies is also a breeze thanks to the clean design. Groups can also be nested within other groups.

Organizing flashcards into groups and stacks also lets you narrow your focus when studying; you can focus on one stack at a time or all the stacks in a group. Both versions of the app support iCloud, so flashcard data is synced between all devices. I found syncing worked well between the iPhone and macOS apps.

The developers have done an exceptional job making the interface on the iOS app similar to the macOS app. Studies for macOS also has a few noteworthy features not found in the iOS version. There were also a couple standout features that helped Studies become our recommended flashcard app. Earlier, I mentioned how effective a learning technique called spaced repetition is at helping you remember things longer. One handy feature of Studies is that it supports different learning schedules, and some use spaced repetition.

The long-term, deadline, and short-term schedules are particularly useful because of how they intelligently pick flashcards for you to review.

As you review flashcards and get them right or wrong, the app learns which ones you know well and which ones you struggle with. It will then start showing missed cards more often than ones you consistently get right.

The 8 Best Note Taking Apps for Mac

One feature that sets Studies apart from other flashcard apps is the ability to create templates that can be applied to future flashcards. This saves time when re-creating flashcards with the same number of sides, colors, and settings.

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In many ways, the app is similar in features to Studies. Flashcards Deluxe, however, gives you many more options to tweak in a more complex interface. It supports an impressive number of flashcard types my jaw dropped a little when I went through its samples tutorial. One unique flashcard type is the ability to draw answers.

Its strength lies in a collection of beautifully created flashcards covering popular topics in geography, history, science, languages, and more. Flashcards created by Tinycards and Duolingo the app creators are a visual delight. The app turns studying into a game where you unlock new levels and try to keep your memory strength bar full.