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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

You can click on each of these parameters and edit title, album, artist, etc. If you have a batch of files, you can just select all the files and update the metadata for all the files at once. This is the simplest way without any special tools to edit the id3 tags. For multiple albums or batches, we can use an advanced application which makes this repetitive job much easier. Mp3tag is a freeware application available for Windows which lets you edit metadata for multiple audio files like mp3, aac, Ogg, FLAC, etc. The reason we mentioned this application because this application has few distinctive features which set it apart.

Using Mp3tag is easy and you can download the setup file by clicking this link.

Tag Editor for Mac

Mp3tag is the best software if you have a lot of files to edit. You can just select a directory and the files show up on the application window, you can choose individual files or select all to edit the metadata. The most interesting feature of this application is the actions option. Doing repetitive tasks can be tiring and you can create actions in this application which would automatically do the process for you.

For example, you have a few albums and you wish to remove all the duplicate fields from the audio files, you can just click on Actions and choose to remove duplicate fields.

Best MP3 Tag Editors

If the fields have been misplaced, for example, if your Filenames show some codes and tags have the actual names you can just switch those fields with the press of a button in the convert option in the menu bar. It would ask you to enter the new filename pattern and you do it and hit enter.

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It processes it for every selected file very quickly. Like Windows, there is a native way to update the audio tags in the macOS, using iTunes. Simply select the tracks and hit Command-I to get files info and edit the metadata there. It supports batch processing and online cover art search to keep your albums updated.

However, if you are looking for more powerful solutions, then try Meta. You can edit tags for almost all the audio formats.

MP3Tag for Mac: Download MP3Tag for Mac to Edit MP3 File Tags

You can easily look for album cover art right in the app and edit the artwork with its smart editor and compress it so it takes minimum space as metadata. It set pattern based Names for files with its automated operations and it detects the pattern and makes it a breeze to rename the files in a batch. You can download the Meta Tag Editor here and it comes with a 3-day trial so that you can get a whiff of how powerful this software actually is. There is no direct way to edit tags directly on your iPhone, but what you can do is change the audio tags on your Mac and then transfer it to iTunes.

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If you keep your Music on the cloud for backup then I have a good news, there is an app that takes the music from your cloud stores it locally on your phone and lets you edit audio tags as well. EverMusic is a music player app which connects to your cloud drive accounts and lets you download all the music on your phone. You would have to log in once in these services and then you can browse for your music and download it.

Not only that it also syncs with your existing music library on your iPhone and saves it in one place. Even better you can wirelessly transfer your music to this app directly with its Wifi transfer feature. When all the music is in one place you can edit the tags by tapping the options icon … to the right of every file and tapping edit audio tags.

At least get all the music in one place. Simple to use. Easily copies and pastes all the tag information.

Adds artwork such as album covers. Adds song lyrics. Edits multiple tracks. Cleans version 2 tags by removing invalid and unused tag information. Option to remove V1 and V2 tags.

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  6. Can change the title and track number based on the file name. Can rename the track file based on the track and title. Ideal for podcasters who need to add information such as copyright. No bloat, just small and simple. What's New Version 1.