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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

You can add emphasis marks that are commonly used with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text. For example, using a Chinese keyboard, you can apply Boten dots below or above the text, or a wavy underline.

How to add Simplified Chinese dictionary on macbook - Mac OS X

With Japanese text you can add plain dots or sesame dots. Select the characters you want to format.

Simplified chinese font download for mac

In the Format sidebar , click the Text tab, then click the Style button below the Text tab. You can apply Chinese, Japanese, and Korean list styles specifically, the bullet style or numbering system to a list written in any language. Select the list items with the numbering or lettering you want to change. This allows you to easily change Chinese text in your document to prescribed sizes. To change the size of Chinese text, select the text you want to change. Add Chinese, Japanese, or Korean emphasis marks You can add emphasis marks that are commonly used with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text.

Simhei ttf mac

Switch your keyboard to a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean keyboard. The text engine of Mac OS X now sets font back not only by the current locale setting, but also detects what kind of Input Method the users are currently using. For example, if you launch the TextEdit application and use the locale other than Traditional Chinese, then try to type some characters with a Traditional Chinese Input Method such as Zhuyin, you can suddenly find that the font of the text becomes Heiti TC.

That means, you cannot just disable the font by changing your system locale!

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What TCFail does is to help the users to easily change the default Traditional Chinese font to another ones and get rid of Heiti TC, they may want to restore the system font to Select the font that you want to use from the main table, and then click on the "Change! You can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

By Font Name

No matter how great the kernel is, how fast the applications run, how many new technologies are introduced, there are countless users whose mother tongue is not English, if you do not pay more attentions to know about the language specific needs, or not to make right decisions, your products fail. Guys in Cupertino, please do not think that you are smarter than the native speakers over the language-specific issues, or try to ask the users to accept what you consider smart.

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  • If you do not speak the language, you can never see what the problem is. And you may consider that people in Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan all speak Chinese, however, there is still a distance between these places, and I really doubt that your staff in Beijing can meet any Traditional Chinese user in their daily life, and do some research or survey among the users to know what they really want.


    Please keep it in your mind: the information you hear from Beijing or Singapore, is absolutely not enough. When you blame about the default Traditional Chinese font shipped with Snow Leopard, I would like to ask you to think about it, what causes the result? I guess there are two reasons, the first reason is that the Snow Leopard team do not understand the need in Taiwan and Hong Kong, while another one is that they do not care.

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    How can we prevent such a thing happen tomorrow? The way to make them understand is communication and let them hear our voice. Just file a bug on Apple bug report web site , or write them a letter, but not complain merely on some local bulletin board system or forums where the people can solve your problem never visit.