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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

After clicking on the " Desktop Background " button, you can choose an image from your library to use. If you see an image on the web that is large enough for your desktop, you can right click on it in Internet Explorer or Firefox and choose " Set As Background " right from the Internet. The Window color which offers the option for transparency if your graphics card supports Aero section can be any color of your choosing. To make your Windows desktop icons more Mac-like, you can alter the default desktop set directly in your theme.

Click on the " Change Desktop Icons " item on the left hand side of the Personalization window. ICO format you want to use in its place. There are a ton of places to get cool icons: Iconfactory , DeviantArt and Iconpaper all have a large selection of icons for Mac and Windows.

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Once you've chosen the icons you want, it's time to make your mouse pointers and hourglass animations look more like Mac OS X. Select " Change Mouse Pointer " from the Personalization menu and bring up your default mouse pointer icons. Again, numerous sites across the web offer other options, but if you want to get that Mac OS X look, check out this set , which mimics Mac OS X pointers, including the color wheel. Once you have your theme the way you like it, you can click on the " Save Theme " option and name your theme so that you can keep it around.

You can always edit it later if you decide you want to tweak something. It won't let you flip through documents, and its image previews are pretty small, but it will suffice for many situations and it plays music files well. It works exactly like on OS X: MaComfort sits in your system tray, and all you need to do to Quick Look a file is to highlight its icon and hit the spacebar.

Dig around through it if you want to see what it offers, but I'd recommend turning most of its features off and using the ones I recommend above instead.

Make Your Windows 7 Look and Feel Like a Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Next of Windows

They're much better. While the Windows 7 taskbar is often lauded as better than the Dock, the Dock does have some nice features, like Stacks. If you want a more Mac-like Dock on your desktop, you'll definitely want to try out previously mentioned RocketDock. RocketDock is pretty similar to OS X's dock in a lot of ways: you can launch applications, view folders, or even minimize windows to it. It's pretty configurable, too, letting you tweak it just how you want. It also has a great plugin infrastructure, which lets you add "docklets" that give you extra themes and features, like this one that mimics Stacks on OS X.

It probably won't replace your Windows taskbar completely, but it'll give you back some of those features you miss from OS X's Dock without bogging down your system. If you're used to OS X, the first thing you've probably noticed on Windows is that all your keyboard shortcuts have changed.

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If you've burned them into your muscle memory, it can be pretty hard to change them back again, and even if you aren't used to the ones on OS X, many find them to be faster than Windows' anyways, so you may want to change them. Here are a few ways to get fast, Mac-like shortcuts on Windows. The best way to switch these is to dig into the Windows registry itself. However, that's a little annoying, so we'll use a portable program called SharpKeys to do it for us. Just download the zipped version of SharpKeys and run it to configure your keyboard.

Now that you've remapped all these keys, the terminology for keyboard shortcuts might leave you a bit confused.

For the remainder of this article, I'm going to refer to Windows shortcuts as their original keys, not their remapped version. Furthermore, remember that Ctrl usually does what Command does on a Mac, for the purposes of these instructions. Photo by Declan Jewell. However, there are others that won't. To fix this, you'll need the ever-useful and insanely powerful AutoHotkey. We won't go into too much detail on how to use it here, but you can really dig into the program using our original guide. Read More and start recording.

Using that, I can mirror my iOS device screens right on my screen. And X-Mirage has built-in recording capability.

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Not quite as slick as QuickTime, but it works. Moving from one OS to another is never easy. It's easy to find faults with Windows. But are you aware of the things you'll miss? Our massive list collects the best and safest programs for all needs. What are your favorite features on Mac? Have you been able to replicate them in Windows? Share the features you want and your best tips for getting them in the comments below! Your email address will not be published. Use PrintScreen directly will copy the screenshot to Clipboard.

If you want to edit, I think Windows Ink Workspace on the taskbar can help you. For Notes, I use Google Keep. It syncs beautifully from my PC to iPhone and vice-versa. I'm confused. On Windows you just click a file twice to rename it. Seems easier than any key combinations. As a former writer, both of my hand usually sits on top of keyboard, so I prefer keyboard shortcut.

Reaching out to a mouse or touch pad waste couple seconds plus you need to rearrange your hand on top of the keyboard. This has been there since the Windows 3. So sorry you are having trouble with Windows I know it's hard at first to get along without the Mac "training wheels. You made my point for me: "use with the number keys on the keypad, not the top row.

Maybe that's a "Mac training wheel"? But I'm sure I'm not the only one. So AHK is still the best way to go.

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Not sure what you read in that comment that makes you think I'm blaming your or Microsoft for my not having a number pad. I'm not blaming anyone—I prefer not having a number pad. Which is exactly why it's nice to be able to quickly type dashes on ANY keyboard, instead of only specific keyboards. That's unnecessarily limiting. The Snipping Tool allows more advanced screenshots.

Selected areas, saving, etc. It's been in there since Vista. That keyboard shortcut is good to know.

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It's not very convenient though because it just captures the entire screen. It doesn't give you options to select what you want to capture, nor does it allow you to edit the screenshot further. That's true; but as Tina mentioned, it captures the whole screen, while the Mac screenshot shortcut makes it easy to capture just a part of the screen, which saves a step in editing. For sending text messages from my computer, I installed PushBullet, which I also have on my phone.