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How to transfer photos/videos from iPhone or iPad to mac or computer

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How to delete photos from Photo Stream on iPhone and iPad 1. Don't worry, we're here to clear up the confusion. The Camera Roll actually sits on your device, whereas My Photo Stream is in the cloud and syncs with all your other devices. Image: Screenshot from iPhone Tarn Susumpow.

A screenshot of Camera Roll from an iPhone. The Camera Roll is pretty straightforward. This album consists of photos physically stored on your device. Photos you have taken with your device, or photos you have saved to your device from text messages, emails or websites, live here. For example, if you take a photo on your iPhone, it immediately saves to your Camera Roll and is visible only on your iPhone unless you've enabled My Photo Stream.

A screenshot of a Photo Stream album from an iPhone. This album is a feature of iCloud, Apple's cloud-based storage service, and is a centralized location for sharing photos across devices. Instead of dealing with a sync cable, My Photo Stream allows you to access your snapshots from any device at any time. Click Options and see if My Photo Stream is checked.

What is 'My Photo Stream'? And Should You Be Using It?

You can also check to see if applications such as iPhoto or Aperture have "My Photo Stream" turned on. Image: Screenshot from iPhone Kyli Singh. With My Photo Stream on, you'll see that when you snap a photo on one device, it will automatically appear on all of your other devices.

For example, if you take a photo on your iPhone, it's copied to your Photo Stream and will automatically be visible on your iPad or Mac.

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This means you don't have to actively download photos on your iPad that you took with your iPhone, because it is automatically shared through Wi-Fi. The plus side is that Apple doesn't charge for the My Photo Stream service, so you don't have to worry about paying for a subscription or sign-up fee. All you need is a supported device and an iCloud account to make use of it. Also, photos stored in your Photo Stream do not affect your iCloud storage in any way.

But this free service comes with some limitations.

How to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to Mac

Your device will store up to 1, Photo Stream images, and the iCloud server will keep 30 days worth of Photo Stream snapshots. Because of this, it's not the best idea to use My Photo Stream as a substitute backup. On the Mac, a prompt to accept the sent file would be displayed, click on accept. Below are steps on how to import photos from iPhone to mac using iCloud Photo Stream:. Go to settings on your iPhone and click on your Apple ID or name.

Create a shared folder from the Photo app and click on Next. Select iCloud to bring a settings window.

How to delete photos from My Photo Stream on Mac

All your photos would start uploading to your iCloud account servers. On your Mac, launch Photos and click on photos tab. You can now view all uploaded photos on your Mac and choose to Download. Preview is another inbuilt application in Mac OS that can be used to import photos from iPhone to Mac. Your i copt would be immediately imported.

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There is a hand full of methods and ways to copy photos from iPhone to Mac and all are readily available. It is always best to back up your device photos from time to time in other to preserve pictorial memories which if lost, might be difficult to get back. Of all this methods dr.

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