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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

No problems with my WiFi streaming it. Recently i decided to run Ethernet cables to every room in my house. Ok no biggie ill figure it out one day. Today the TV come in and i try to connect to internet via Ethernet and it wont. Connects to WiFi just fine. But it says its not connected to the internet. Heres the kicker, My network connects via ETHERNET to my computer with no problems, it also connects to a very old ass lap top we have, and it also connects to a Seagate wireless harddrive thats wired to the modem with no problems! What could be wrong? Im friends with the internet engineer that works for the cable provider i have and he came back today.

We tried different ports, different settings on the modem Auto IP or direct IP , different routers, different cables, different everything and the outcome was the same. Old , PM. So, from each room's ethernet socket, where do they all go to?

Apple TV 4K Ethernet Issues?

Is there an ethernet switch or hub in the central location, i. Otto Pylot. I used punch down Keystone jacks to terminate the CAT-6 and then used CAT-6 ethernet cables to connect the cable to the router in the computer room. In the family room the CAT-6 is connected to a gigabit switch and then ethernet to my devices AppleTV2, blu-ray player, etc.

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Rock solid. Otto Pylot is offline. How do you have your switch connected to your surfboard? GreySkies is offline. The switch Monoprice 8 Port Gigabit port 1 is from modem, port 2 to my laptop, port 3 to master, port 4 to sons room. Doesn't matter if I use the two Cat5 plugs in the living room or connect directly to the modem.

But the devices that have WiFi will connect to WiFi. My two laptops and Harddrive will connect via Cat5 to the Internet on every Cat5 plug in the house. So that tells me it's not a hardware issue. I can't see that being the issue cause mine is only a few months old and had been flawless! So i called Samsung yesterday thinking it was a Samsung issue or to see if they knew of a setting on the modem. They didn't help much but said they would look further into it and call back.

Today I called Arris to see about trouble shooting it. The lady was very nice, had me change some things, no luck. She said it's still under warranty so we will just send you a replacement and you send yours back. So I told Arris to give me a claim number that after confirming it is infact the modem with my friends I would call back.

He came we swapped modems and BAM everything worked! So it was the modem! How did some items work and others didn't I don't have a clue. My buddy's letting me barrow his until I get my new one. So glad to finally get everything working. Just waiting on my new TV cabinet to come in so I can finally set up all my new setup in the living room!

Connecting an Apple TV to an Ethernet Connection – Student Technology Help

Another update! I received the new modem from Arris today to replace the faulty one i had. And that modem is doing the same exact thing. Originally Posted by thrand1. I would have your friend go through, screen by screen, on his modem and compare the settings to yours. In the "Advanced" screen of the web management console for the modem, there should be a DHCP section that displays any clients with valid IP addresses.

One last stab in the dark Because your devices are properly getting IP addresses from the DHCP server, I'm thinking the problem could be with the NAT settings or configuration on the modem, if there is some setting that might affect the Ethernet ports versus the WiFi network? On the "Basic" setup page according to the manual, there is a "Gateway Mode" and "Primary Network Only Mode" dropdown- what is chosen for each of those? Last edited by thrand1; at AM. Reason: Add question. This morning i set up both lap tops and connected a modem to each.

I went through every single setting on both and the only differences i could find was this. This picture is from the modem that everything works with. My modem had everyone of them checked. So i copied it to mine and tried the TV hooked up to it after the changes and still no worky. Hope Arris calls me back today, if not there going to be getting a call from me.

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Any other ideas? Any ideas guys? Havnt heard back from Arris yet and my TV Cabinet just came in so i would like to get it all working so i can do the final install of everything tonight. Samsung Smart 50" UN50H So the Arris tech called and couldn't figure it out. Now I'm waiting for a Arris engineer to call me back. Bout to say screw it and go buy a different modem. Last night the level 3 tech called and he couldn't figure it out.

He tried to blame it on my service provider. I again had to insure him that the barrowed Arris TG modem worked just fine on the same service provider and same components that aren't working with the SBG They offered a refund but of course I don't have a clue where my receipt is so I kinda screwed. So after a hour to a hour and a half on the phone with him it's still not working.

He told me he was going to speak to another level 3 tech and get back with me.

Basically I'm just going to write this off and say screw it. So now I'm looking to purchase another modem, after plenty of searching I can't find anything that stands above the rest.

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They all have mixed reviews. I'm just looking to have WiFi and be able to connect port ethernet switches and of course one that works!!!! I had issues years ago when I wired my home.

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I found out by trial and error that I needed a router between my cable modem and switch. Every thing worked after that. However, as all modern ethernet-equipped Apple products are of the gigabit ethernet spec, I could just plug an ethernet cable directly between the two and party like it's And if this was , I wouldn't be able to do this without a crossover ethernet cable.

To begin, you may want turn off the AirPort connection on your Mac to avoid any network device priority issues. You may now sync to your heart's content. Neat trick if you need to transfer a lot of files fast. Of course, it'll use the port up on both computers, and you won't have the use of your internet connection during the transfer, but for a quick share, it's the easiest way to do things. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up.

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Latest in Airport express. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. Or so I thought.