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How to Pick the Best Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Then, the '90s nude lip trend came back. Scrolling through Instagram all I see are Kylie-inspired nude lips , and I refuse to miss out on this beauty moment. I wanted to discover my own nude blackgirlmagic. So after some research, I called in over 25 different neutral lip shades, hoping to discover my perfect match. Believe me, there were a lot of Tyrone Biggum moments during the trials, where my lips looked a lot like gray death—but eventually I found six winners that I'd wear again.

Understand that darker skin tones come in many different variants, and these particular shades might not work for you. That's why I've also included tips from a few makeup experts so you have the formula for finding YOUR perfect nude.

My 10 Favorite Nude Lipsticks for Dark Skin Tones

First, check out all the colors I tested. Then, get more information on each one below. This lipstick has an orange undertone that looks surprisingly neutral on my lips. It's the same concept as using orange concealer to cover up your dark circles. So, this orange-tinted lip cancels out any darkness or discoloration on my mouth, and picks up on my yellow undertones.

I wore this lipstick for date night with my boyfriend, and he said nothing. Typically when I wear any type of lipstick, I get that wary, "What is that, and will it get on my lips? This time he went straight in for the kiss. If you're looking for a nude that completely disappears, this is your pick.


It's warm enough to blend in with brown skin without looking pasty. This brown was a favorite because it had a glossy finish that still gave enough coverage. I pumped up the color even more by using a brown liner underneath. OK, so one issue with finding the perfect nude starts with the color of my natural lips.

How can you find something that blends when both my lips are two separate colors in the first place? My bottom lip is a fleshy pink, while the top is a solid brown. The key is to even out the tone with concealer first. You don't want to completely wipe out your natural lip color, but the concealer can help make the lips look more even. It will also help the color last longer. This lip is my JAM!

Seriously, I will wear it again and again. It's exactly what I was looking for in a nude color. It matches my skin color so well that it makes my lip line vanish. In order to give my lips definition, I apply a brown lip liner first. Working women can easily pick this shade without a doubt. Can be easily used for office wear or with smokey eyes.

I Did a Full Makeup Look With Dollar General's New Under-$5 Believe Beauty Products

One of the best brown lipsticks out there. Scared of wearing a red lipstick — MAC Chili is your saviour. Beautiful colour — orangish brick red. Suits Indian skin tones really well. It really is a hot chili red! One shade from MAC which will definitely suit the warm toned Indian skin. It does tend to look a little vampy in the packaging but it looks oh — so — gorgeous on the lips!

Plus points: highly pigmented, does not settle in lines and easily stays on for 5 hours! This is an everyday wear lipstick — perfect for working women and those who are scared to wear bright shades. A bright carrot pink which will light up your face. It has a very nice retro matte finish and the colour lasts easily for 6 hours, leaving behind a lovely deep tint.

The Most Popular MAC Shades Every Lipstick Newbie Should Try | StyleCaster

Infact Dangerous is also a great pick from the retro matte collection. It suits almost all Indian skin tones. A great shade for winters. It has a very creamy and moisturizing texture. This shade can add some freshness to a dull looking face. It easily stays on 6 hours with light snacks and drinks. Brownie points: does not settle in fine lines, does not smear, highly moisturizing and completely opaque with just one swipe. So this was our list of the best MAC lipsticks available in India which go well with our yellow toned medium skin.

The girls with pink tones can also choose from the list because a lot of these shades are very versatile. Mocha is definitely on my wishlist! I also like Fast Play and Plumful a lot.

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Very helpful list! I also recommend Mac midi mauve, mac touch and mac sweetie for Indian skin tones. Supria recently posted… Shopping the sales — Clothing Haul. Loving the photos compilation. I like Twig the most. Lovely compilaton! Very nice and informative!! Nice compilation….. I love Mac girl about town it is one of best fuchsia lipstick.

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  • While others post their MAC collections. I am a lipstick buff and hence doing a lipstick collection post including all Indian […]. Do mac lipsticks also come with numbers or do I look only fir te name Would u also be able to reccomend any powder matt lipsticks? The sheer varieties of colours and finishes have always fascinated and truth be told, scared me a little. Wherever I enter a MAC store, I cannot help my head from swiveling in every direction just because there is so much to look at! The lipstick that I am going to review and swatch today is a summer pink shade with lustre finish called MAC Lustering.

    I really like your picks!!! I am looking to buy one for my mom..

    Not sure what to go for.. My fav is relentlessly red, girl about town n creme in your coffee, I just love these shades….!! Russian red is a gorgeous autumnal matte red colour whereas captive…. Greetings from Pakistan!