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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

You will see that we must do the same steps as before but you can read them in a text form. First of all you need to set the root password. If you didn't this before then use the first command line. If you want to change an existing password then use the second one. This uncomments the InnoDB settings.

Installing PEAR on Mac OS X Leopard XAMPP

Please save the file and restart your MySQL database. The folder permissions should be before the installation and after it's done You also need the moodledata folder outside of the Documents folder Because I want to install Moodle 1. To create the link, use the following command in a terminal window, substituting your data volume and folder name:. The installation on the Mac server is the same like the installation on every other server.

On the screen picture and in the shown config. Also a user 'moodle' with a password 'moodle' would be very unsafe settings for your installation. The installer generates the config. Please edit the config.

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You may change UTC to your own timezone In case you don't know all the relevant time zone identifiers by heart, there is a list available online. After this, the web-based installation component will walk you through several screens worth of database configurations and updates, for most of which you'll just click the continue button. You'll set up an admin user and give the site a basic configuration title, description, etc.

It's really important to start the cron job every 5 minutes. The cron job assists most of Moodle's modules to perform tasks on a scheduled basis. For example, the discussion forums can only mail out copies of new posts to all subscribers if the cron job tells Moodle to do this. In Mac OS X you will find the system daemon launchd for this service. This daemon offers a standardized interface to any user and all programs started automatically by the system.

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The configuration will be done by the file named moodle4mac. The extension must be. After any reboot of your Mac server the cron service will start automaticly because the file is placed in the correct system folder. You can use Lingon to add a new daemon plist or to edit one. It produces the same text as you can write in your text editor. Please use a text editor to write the needed file.

macOS Sierra Tutorial - XAMPP, Brackets & phpMyAdmin

You can open the Terminal and use the system editors vi or pico. But you can also write the text file with any GUI text editor I mostly use TextWrangler Ask Question. Asked 7 years ago.

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