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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I bought a new Mac after two years, and I implemented the following steps to protect my Mac from any potential theft. I listed all those steps here and I encourage you to follow these free tips to secure your Mac. This guest account will be the only place where the thief can immediately tend to access a stolen Mac. This Mac guest account allows changing the Wi-Fi network without an admin password. Trust me. On Mac OS, you can easily add a guest account. You can provide a return address or a callback number on the lock screen that may help the good Samaritan to return your lost Mac.

This Lock Screen Message also good to display the ownership information of the real Mac owner. If somebody has stolen your Mac and you have already set a Firmware password with this Custom Lock Screen, nobody would be able to change this Lock Message without firmware password. You will get a pop-up window where you can add your custom lock screen message; more details can be found on Apple KB article.

Step 1: Installing Track My Mac on Your IPhone

Find My Mac is not an ultimate solution to track back your stolen Mac. Find my Mac can lock or erase your Mac or play a sound. But this solution is not sufficient to retrieve your stolen Mac. There are a bunch of other third-party apps coming with helpful features that help you to recover your Mac. In addition to this, this Mac Tracking software can send intruder selfies, track screen activities and even send screenshots by email to the law enforcement and the owner of the Mac.

Please set up a guest account, use firmware password, turn off FileVault and grant location access to make sure your Mac Theft Protection can perform well. Nobody cares about a firmware password until they learn the lesson. Firmware password protects your Mac Operating System from any changes. Anybody can reinstall your Mac Operating system or even modify the admin password unless the system protected with a Firmware Password. When somebody steals your Mac, he will first try to use the system with a guest account.

When he realizes that idea is not safe, then he will try to wipe off and reinstall a brand new Mac OS on your computer. This Firmware password is going to prevent him from reinstalling the OS.

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This password also blocks him from changing the custom lock screen on Mac. Now the only solution for him is to use your guest account or approach Apple Support to reinstall the OS.

Top 3 Free Anti-Theft Apps for Your iPhone and Mac

Well, if he wants to keep using your guest account, you can eventually track him using the Mac Tracking Software. Most of the powerful Mac Tracking Software is offering to share the location of the Mac. Laptop theft happens more often than you might think. Below are the true stories of people who retrieved their stolen Macs with MacKeeper's Anti-theft feature. Apartments as a result of burglary. Open Track My Mac mobile app on your smartphone. Login to your MacKeeper Account.

So does MacKeeper Anti-Theft. It means that only after your Mac goes online being reported as stolen, we will:.

If you are like most Mac owners, you probably have a single personal administrative user account on your laptop, and probably you have it configured for automatic login. As a result, you can use your laptop without entering a password after startup, or after waking from sleep. This is a desirable situation from the viewpoint of Anti-Theft operation, because the thief can immediately use the laptop without needing a password to unlock the Mac. Unfortunately, the problem with automatic login is that it also gives the thief full access to your personal data and emails.

To protect your privacy, a better solution is to create a guest user account that the thief can use, and configure your laptop so that your personal account is password protected. Note that creating a guest account is strongly recommended but not required. However, most people will probably prefer to maintain their privacy and create a guest account. Please refer to Apple documentation for creating a standard account on your Mac or follow our step-by-step instructions:. Here is how you should do that:. Now you have created a perfect security trap for a thief by installing MacKeeper Anti-Theft and creating a Guest Account.

As you may find, having a guest account can be very useful, as it allows you to lend your laptop to someone while keeping your own data private. Here is a real-life experience with laptop theft as described by social worker Claudio Oliver, who lives and works in Brazil.

Like many people, his computer is a necessity in his everyday work routine. In , Claudio left for vacation with his family.

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Once they arrived home, they went to sleep. All of their personal belongings, including laptops and cameras, were left unpacked. In the middle of the night, their house was robbed. Vik had just stepped outside of the airport and was about to load his luggage into the car when it happened.

Track and Lock Your Missing Mac With Track My Mac

I turned my back for only a second when a thief took the bag with my Mac and disappeared. It was really bad luck, says Vik. Also in his stolen case were gloves, a hat, headset and his MacBook laptop computer. The first thing he did was to go online from another computer and log in to his account to report the Mac as stolen. The computer thief did not go online immediately, so Vik reported the theft to the police and the insurance company on Monday.

Then on Wednesday, he checked again to see if there was any activity.