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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Everything ran smoothly most days. I've had a random problem that when I boot up the mac pro won't recognise external drives.

How to fix Mac startup problems

It doesn't show them on the desktop. Currently my problem is, I went to boot up this morning, now I have the start up light, a chime then nothing! I've tried a safe boot several times and also an install disc boot by holding down the "C" key on the keyboard, the disc seems to be spinning, then nothing.

I have unplugged all peripherals and tried booting, but nothing!

PowerMac G5 Won't Start? Why?

I can see nothing on my screens at all! I get random chimes when I hit the power button, sometimes once, sometimes 4. Pretty average in todays market. I'm not sure whether you've find the solution for your problem, but try resetting the smu on the logic board and see if it works on ya. After one year of use i started having problems like you, randomly when i pressed the power button: lights on, chime and nothing This symptom increased until i couldn't start the computer any more. The computer presented also the same sympthon as Hitcher.

Sometimes i couldn't startup the computer for hours, or days My computer was at repair center almost 6 months!!!! For them, the computer was alright until i was lucky to show them that the computer was not ok.

So, they replaced the PSU After almost 6 months i was able to convince Apple that my computer was out of guarantee because of the time it was in repair center. I took my computer to another repair center and they replace the PSU PS: my graphics also was replaced Similar startup problem as mentioned earlier except after running for a while, the Mac Pro computer starts making this loud fan noise and it gets increasingly louder until it sounds like a jet engine ready to take off? Hi David, I would like to talk to you about your modification 3 x PSU , can you please get back to me?

Would be great if you could document this, maybe on free blog if you don't have a website , or Youtube etc Hi, the Mac Pro worked for 3 months then started again with de same failure With 3 PSU it worked well for 3 months then started ramdon reboot I tried every thing remove1CPU b and the problem persist, chage CPU a to b the same, with fans at rpm very cold working the problem persist, i monitored temps and voltages and amps in every test i made 12v go to 12,3 in idle and 11,9 ful load running cinebench, memtest, itunes movie simultaneos Lot of people having same problem, same goes with mac book pro video problem And all that problems begins 1 year later when your garanty is lost I put it back on the right disk That motherboard are not produced today maybe refurbished Don let you install yosemite or el capitan They use diferent motherboard and PSU Mac Pro , working grate no failures they are other design All my test i maded them in osx Show 1 more comment.

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Try to disconnect the front fan and the rear fan when your mac is down. Start without the fans and the problem is fixed. Stop the mac. Connect the fans and it's done. Worked for me. It seems my mac had overheated because I ran it without the cover. The motherboard seems to memorize an overheating. Unplug the fans resets this memory. Zorro Cubs. And eBay sellers are just making a profit on selling replacement units that maybe are just refurbished units that will fail also given enough time. No one wants to determine the real culprit because mos people are better off selling you a or bucks replacement.

I tend to go five or six years between upgrades, so it has worked well to get a macho one and keep it for a whle. Oh, and I did have some old graphics cards I could have swapped to see if that's the problem If you have time before your Genius appointment, back up your drives. Or just pull them and don't bring them in and tell them you needed to back them up and they're obviously not part of the problem. See if the system will post, do a PRAM reset and see if you can get a chime. Next step from there would be to check the RAM. I don't have a list of the diagnostic codes for the LED light handy.

But in the end, it may just be a blown logic board anyway. All too often a logic board can die along with any other device that's connected when that device fries itself. Being an '08 tower, it's probably not worth the cost of repair, unfortunately. I don't know what I would recommend for a replacement.

The current Mac Pro is a solid system, but already one generation of Xeon behind and will be two generations behind within the next 60 days.

Step 1: Run Disk Utility

The new Mac Pro looks intriguing and I'm sure it will be a nice system. However, it's going to be a rough transition at first for those trying to make it be their go-to system for everything.

Mac Pro Won't Boot¬óBlack Screen

Will take the market some time to catch up with Thunderbolt 2 and the new GPU form factors. Those GPUs are not proprietary as a lot of people are stressing over, however none of the PC motherboard and GPU makers seem interested in this new form factor. Unfortunately, I think it makes too much sense for them to adopt -- as in they're all upset they didn't think of it and it's more of an imposition by Intel. The actual interfaces for displays are separate. It doesn't follow the existing slot form factor, obviously.

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So who knows where it's going to lead. No difference, but I did notice that Apple's website says that the once-per-second blink means that the RAM is faulty or not installed. I don't know if that's the only thing it could mean, and it would certainly fry my butt a little bit to have to decide whether to buy new RAM this late in this computer's life. Thanks again for the suggestions, everybody. I just recently had to replace a midplane board on an 09 MacPro. Don't automatically think the machine is toast, cost analysis can tell you what to do. BTW - It does sound like a main board issue.

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Mine was slightly different though, it exhibited signs of a shot PSU - No power or response at all. Turned out to be the board though. Then, all the same problems started recurring: crashes, kernel panics, and eventually a failure to start up successfully at all. Long before this step, long before even Step 1 in fact, you should know the state of your backups. Recently, we did a series of backup stories, including "Backup basics" and "How to set up Time Machine. During one of our successful bouts of getting the Mac working for a while, Julian signed up for the online backup service CrashPlan and copied over his most important files to a pair of external hard drives.

But his failure to back up religiously made the trying Mac issues Julian faced not just a frustrating annoyance and time-suck, but terrifying, too. He could have lost hundreds of files representing thousands of hours of work. The name refers to special memory sections on your Mac that store data that persists even when the Mac is shut off, like volume settings, screen resolution, and similar options. You might need to grow an extra finger or two for this one, or have a friend help you out. Keeping holding the keys down until you hear the Mac restart again.

Apple says to let it restart just the one time; I usually listen for a second reboot, and then release the keys. In some cases, after performing this step, your Mac will restart normally. Julian and I went to my local Apple Store with his Mac. That was good. The Genius behind the bar agreed that it was probably a hard drive issue, and wanted to check to see whether the drive simply needed reformatting, or actually exhibited bad sectors indicating it needed to be replaced.

So JV had to plunk down extra cash to buy a thumb drive at the Apple Store, onto which we then copied those other files. Then we reinstalled Mountain Lion again. Eventually it crashed hard, and again refused to start up. Sometimes, even the best experts get it wrong. That was probably the most important step we took. Possibly, anyway.