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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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Mac Pro rendering speeds. Thread starter Paul P Start date Feb 12, Paul P Member Feb 12, Mac Pro rendering speeds Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone could me help out - which of the following Macs would render the fastest with Falcon? Mac pro 3. Swizl Active member Feb 12, Sometimes it can depend on the software and how well they utilize the multi-cores or not.

So sometimes the higher MHz helps and sometimes the multi-cores help. I'm pretty sure Martin says that C3d can use all the cores.

The Most Powerful Mac Is 6 Years Old and Not Sold By Apple

You can look here to see some benchmarks. Which are the top Xeon chips you can put in these. I rendered a 16 second movie in under an hour last week. On my old iMac, it would have taken hours to render that same animation. I haven't tested the same scene on my new 5k iMac at work, but I should, just to test out the speed difference. I can tell that the souped up Mac Pro I have at home now is for sure faster than any other Mac I've owned.

I can run Cinebench later and post the score.

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The problem with the pre models is that the firmware isn't easily updatable to run the newer Mac OS's. At least not without hacking them. The models are nearly identical to the models.

The earlier models are harder because the chips need to be de-lidded. The newer models 5,1 don't need to be de-lidded. So it's a lot easier to upgrade them. Edit: Any reason you aren't looking at the 4,1 model? Last edited: Feb 12, Swizl said:. Rendering and some exporting uses some GPU power also.

So what are the GPUs on both Macs? So my question is, what external drives are you using to put your media and Libraries on, what percentage of each Mac's system drive is free space, Your system seems to be fine, not sure what the "problem" is.

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The newer Mac outperformed the older Mac? Your older Mac has slower RAM than the newer one, too. The older one has no QuickSync as you state. And only using 6 cores is using a lot of power, considering how much the GPU is doing at the same time. Again, your Mavic Pro is H. Personally, I don't consider a Mac Pro that powerful any more TheMacGuy wrote Board Categories FCP.

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FCPX exists at the application layer. I doubt it has specific code for dispatching threads on a multi-socket computer. Within a CPU, all cores have access to an on-chip shared cache, which is very fast. However some interaction is always needed.

Tower and Cylinder Comparison

This interaction rapidly places a limit on multi-thread scalability, even on perfect hardware with infinite bandwidth. On real-world hardware with finite bandwidth these limits intrude much sooner. The benefit to cost ratio simply didn't make sense for us right now. Mac Pros are awesome machines, but a significant component of their cost is the dual GPUs, which are simply no benefit to After Effects.

Reports say that the After Effects engineers are working on a major revamp of the After Effects processing system, so I'm betting you will realise far greater benefits from your Mac pro in coming AE versions. For now, you may continue to see performance that is not spectacularly better than a souped-up iMac, depending on the type of processing involved. I've seen a few benchmarks that suggest the 8 core systems give better bang-for-buck than the 12 cores.

Try reducing your processors to 8 in After Effects and see if it makes a difference. Oliver, you're right in principle that more ram should enable you to use more processors, but the truth is that AE often is unable to hand multiprocessing efficiently. As you know, depending on the project, it's sometimes better to have multiprocessing disabled entirely, but even in those situations where it lends some advantage, it might still not be better than having fewer, faster processors.

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If you post a link to a collected test project and your render times both nMP and iMac , I can try rendering it on my system to see where the bottleneck is. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.