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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

The DVD will now play, and your region code will remain intact. Slideshow Maker Stock Video. PDF Converter. Free Trial Free Trial. By Adam Cash Dec 22, pm. Free Download Free Download. I did not use any of the 5 settings yet Seems this VLC release does the trick fine. You can tell your brand by running system profiler and checking it. Boo Matsushita. I just got my first mac ever, and I want to know how to take an American R1? How do I do this?? Should I go get MacTheRipper? Thanks so so so much!!!!!

Good luck! But HandBrake is probably the better choice anyway. I also can use handbrake to rip anything i have tried. I have the first gen macbook bro with the Matsushita drive. On another note, my drive often does wierd things and sometimes takes a long time to read the dvd and also messes up burns a lot. So it looks like a terrible drive no matter what. Where do I look? I use windows on my mac with Bootcamp.

And it works like a charm. All work on any region because of DVDidle. But I have no idea what to use for mac osx. Bottom line, shame on Apple for forcing this kind of stuff on those who shell out almost bucks for their products. And on any other person who buys a Mac nowadays. It makes you think twice about buying a Mac again….

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I have an macbook pro with mishati UJ dvd drive, and no software will make it bypass the region settings. However, the drive also seems to have problems reading slightly scratched discs. However, that seems crazy, since I use it for video editing. My girl friends hp laptop, which is even smaller than mine, plays all dvds, all regions, no matter how scratched they might be. Anybody got problems with scratched dvds as well? Or maybe my loocal Apple Service Center are telling me lies? The first time I tried putting a DVD in it was today. It was a DVR of some Japanese television.

After about two hours of searching through threads I saw that someone had used VLC when the message to choose a region was up, so I tried it and it worked. VLC then recognizes the drive and plays the disc for me. I have a MacBook and tried everything that was suggested here. For some reasons it seems the japanese are more lucky, but nothing worked for me. I have a powerbook G4 that is set to region 5 it was initially set to region 1, but I changed it.

I use a macbook pro and a desktop XP PC. On my PC it took me all of 2 minutes to sort out the problem with a free, tiny program. I wish I could renounce Apple, and all her works and all her pomps, unfortunately I need to work on the laptop. At least so far it does. Hiya, I have same problem as you guys have… dont know how it would help just to add another post. I have downloaded VLC to escape the region limitation. But my DVD from other regions wont play.

Thanks a lot.

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I dont want to go the ripping way it takes so much time. I just want to put my disks in and watch the films and enjoy. Dont want to go through installing both. I got my Macbookpro a month ago and just staretd researching how to go region free… what a nightmare. I read all the posts i could find and I dont think there is one solution. Too many different variables.

If you are looking to back-up your DVD then the same method should apply. How many times do we have to say it: RegionX only works if you already have a firmware-patches DVD drive. The drives use hardware region coding as well as software region coding and compare the two settings. Unless they match you get garbage out. Handbrake will not work. MacTheRipper will not work. Those applications circumvent the CSS encryption scheme, not the hardware region coding.

My guess is that this only works with the older intel machines with model numbers lower than 84x, since the hardware key will still be set for the D. Which seems unlikely at best. The link to the instructions looks worth following. Until someone else releases a flashable drive with that profile we are stuffed on endless region-switching. End of story.

My ugly-as-sin PC is also not too fussed about regions.

Two Methods to Play Different Regions DVD on Mac

Only on my freaking expensive Pro is there an issue. I certainly hope that Apple will take pity on us and work with Matshita to issue a firmware update down the line — Steve made his no-DRM pitch not too long ago and this is even more trivial than that! Apple is the one company which will not build in restrictions unless they are forced.

No problem encountered. I have no region problem using VLC v0. Apple DVD player repoprted region change needed. Cancelled message, closed Apple DVD player. DVD started up immediately with no grief at all. I suspect your drive is one of the latter two, in which case you are lucky. It appears that the Matshita is currently unbreakable — even when running as a PC — the reason apparently being as follows see link for original posting :.

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To request the key, the computer has to ask for it in combination with the region code. For the key to be returned, the region code requested has to match the region code of both the disc and the drive. I suggest that we all write to Steve Jobs and as many other influential people as we can to complain about this. Gripe, gripe, grumble… I think you get my point… Apart from the very ingenious method demonstrated by macnewbie, the only reasonable work-around appears to be to buy a region-free external DVD drive.

PS I wrote this before reading through all of the comments, so I find that I am actually repeating things that have been said before, but maybe mine can act as a bit of a summary. It felt good reading posts written by people from around the world. When all I really wanted to do was sit down with this superb piece of engineering and enjoy a DVD. Perhaps the people at Matshita -mumified inside the vacum of their white coveralls and trapped by their tiny technologies- can no longer leave the atmosphere of their irridescent clean rooms where their product is manufactured and are tunneling their way toward the centre of the earth claiming un-restricted regional territories along their way.

Rumors of Steve Jobs having shrunk himself into a minature world confirm his positioning of Apple as a sound internationaly-versatile brand, perfect for a globalised lifestyle, actualy refers to a novelty globe the kind sold at stationary stores and kept in the home office. Media formats across the industry will undergo a complete overhaul in the coming months said to introduce a new system of copy protection. Salable units such as songs from online vendors will be allocated individual e-regional codes.

Buy an external DVD? Replace the original one and flash it and THEN use another program…? WE ARE. I guess this is a pretty stupid strategy, since we can download dvd quality movies using torrent engines, P2P or just going to that certain spots in the city and get a pirate copy. Considering everything, I feel the best choice is just going pirate for those titles that differ from the settings on your Mac. Just leave it there if everything goes bad, if you move out of your country or anything. Anyone know a good place for a freshman pirate to start out downloading and purchasing real discs?

Same problems with DVD regions like everybodyelse. Does it break the code? I have been a tragic Mac evangelist right through from the Mac Plus to the current sexy gear, enduring the dark days when Steve Jobs was sent to purgatory, and I even forgave them for my disastrous powerbook cs TWO dead motherboards, they never released the promised CD drive, the screen bevel cracked, appalling battery life…. I mean, Jobs and Woz honed their craft by hacking, cracking, phreaking etc and to this day their OS and most Apple apps are quietly left open for us battlers to cut our teeth on.

Handbrake libdvdcss

Upon mounting the. First of all, I set the region when I played the disc, so my system is already set to the region of the disc image. Hi everyone. I have a dumb question: according to the two insightful posts above JR — April 1, and Andrew — April 23, ; thanks for the clear write-up guys! Firmware is stored on a rewritable chip on the DVD drive itself, not the hard drive of your macbook. Formatting the macbook will have no effect on the count number of region changes. IIRC, there is a way of reflashing the firmware chip on most drives that resets the counter up to 3 times; in other words up to 15 region changes, and then you are stuck forever with what you have.

At the moment, there does not appear to be any way of doing this with the D, so up to 5 changes is what you have. A DVD player that can have the firmware flashed, region set to play all, have the same dimension as Matshitadvd….

How to Change your DVD Region in Windows

Fair enough grrr! If you think things could not possibly get any worse, dear Reader you would be sadly mistaken. If you have the stomach for it and are a glutton for punishment, read on …. For reasons that are superfluous to this posting, sadly my drive is currently locked into region 3. In the absence of a reply from JR and feeling unashamedly bold, I pressed on and bought myself a shiny new DVD player. The following describes my journey to Mordor:.

In view of what has been written above particularly by JR — see his posting of 1 April — much of it, at least initially, was expected …. Once again the video plays but once again is very choppy. Contact your computer manufacturer to see if an upgrade is available. Unless … does anyone have a map on how to get the hell out of Mordor …? Pingback: Free MacBook Pro. This is a serious issue for Apple.

Any answers anyone???? Are there any types of dvds that you need to play in macbooks??? I have tried the following: 1. VLC latest version 2. Handbreak — latest version 3. Apply at your own risk. Windows is needed, but is that really a problem with Boot Camp to get you started and the pirate bay to get the necessary evil Windows XP? I am the latest sufferer on the regions problem — on my G4 powerbook. I have a macbook late release. If i insert my region 2 disc, dvd player says it is the wrong region.

If I set preferences to open vlc on disc insert it will play the region 2 disc i am region 4. If i set VLC to open on disc insert I can then use mac the ripper no problems and toast to to burn it to disc. I only started using out of region dvds in my player after i installed a firmware update for the dvd drive that apple update came up with and asked me to install.

So maybe this firmware i installed allows you to use VLC as the default player and the dvd drive is ok with that. I get the out of region message if I try and use apple dvd player to play the out of region dvd. No message comes up if VLC is the default player. I can watch the dvd using VLC or close VLC and then open Mac the ripper and back up the disc to my hard drive and then burn it to disc using toast. After having tried everything for a year only one program works so far.

Then I tried a new thing with VLC. To open the single video files one by one. But the acutal movie files all worked. Setting the dvd setting to ignore, and then trying to open in vlc 2. Setting the dvd setting to open in vlc 3. Starting the dvd in vlc while the regionkode window is up. Is there anything i have missed? Its wrong, wrong, wrong.

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I bought a MBP about 10 days ago and today went to my local library in Australia to borrow some dvds. So much for living in one region and playing dvds from that region. Two of the dvds were from region 4, two from region 2 and 1 from region 1!!!! Apple has left a bad taste in my mouth. In answer to your question, yes, an external drive set to a different region will work fine; this is what I do with my MacBook. Totally idiotic…. I thought I was pretty mobile with it having lived in many countries, now I gotta buy a trailer to carry another DVD drive just to watch a movie…how dumb!

Do not change the file extension, which will probably be. Do you use the 64 bit version of HandBreak? What about VLC? The other option around the install failure should be to turn off System Integrity Protection so that libdvdcss. GCC 7. Thanks to Kim Mason from the comments. Without it, as you have discovered, handbrake won't work. They do say it automatically detects an copy of libdvdcss on Linux and OSX, but I can't even find a Windows binary of the libary online to see if that would work.

For bit versions of Windows, download this version.

Problem changing DVD region code

Recently, the latest version of the DVD converter Handbrake version 0. Handbrake can't remove more powerful encryption tech even though under the help of libdvdcss. Placing "libdvdcss I did notice that just mingw-developer-toolkit wasn't enough for me to build. Currently, Handbrake can remove DRM only after the user installs the latest version of libdvdcss. Certainly, Handbrake can not decrypt copy-protected DVDs natively. Handbrake is free to download, and because it's an Just cut and paste the downloaded libdvdcss 2 file in your HandBrake program folder.

On Linux, DVD support is provided through the libdvdcss or libdvdcss2 packages. It does seem that for some people it is not necessary to rename libdvdcss I tried building both in Win7x64 and Win10x What options do you have to get rid of "handbrake libdvdcss. This process is CPU intensive and requires 64 MB of HandBrake is a video converter program intended to both rip and convert video files to work on a number of supported devices.

It can help with playing and ripping content How to Install libdvdcss on Windows 10? Note: Make sure you download the Handbrake bit version of libdvdcss from the link above. Download nightly beta builds here Download Alert and Convert here, it watches a folder and automatically converts the file using HandBrake. Everyone has a dream to be a Hollywood movie maker, right? For performing certain operations on a video file, most friends like to import it into iMovie and then perform the desired operation.

In the majority of cases, the solution of libdvdcss 2. This is what libdvdcss does. The final result should be my own multimedia center on a Raspberry Pi. After doing one of these Handbrake most certainly can still rip DVDs just like Fortunately, there is a free decryption solution called libdvdcss. It scans your PC , identifies the problem areas and fixes them completely. No suggestions, but I'll be watching because I'm planning on doing this on the weekend. If you really want to use Handbrake to remove copy protection on Mac, you need to install Handbrake libdvdcss on Mac.

Uncensored Communications Grou. After this, Handbrake will be able to read your encrypted DVDs. Did the resulting DLL work for you? Overall, it has been getting rave reviews from the Mac press and deservedly so.

Two Methods to Play Different Regions DVD on Mac

Handbrake supports: 1. Download and install the latest version 1. HandBrake The open source video transcoder. This is the only thing I need Handbrake for, but for that, it's the best, easiest and fastest app I've found, and enormously useful. HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder.