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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

But interfering with service by cutting off anything older than the most recent clients is just ridiculous. I absolutely love it. Any time that MS goes off like this and proves that my low opinion of them is valid make me happy. Good for MS, they're still the same company we always knew they were! The clients that worked yesterday would work today if MS had not actively broken them, it's that simple.

Are you still using Skype 4. It was just in the last two days that they stopped allowing older versions to connect. As another post in this reply chain mentioned, 4. Now I've had to move to 4. Yeah, tell me about it. It would be nice if the vendor upgraded them to a current version, but I realize that's a major engineering effort with the changes in Skype from v2 to v4, and it's a discontinued hardware model year. I'm more surprised that the vendor did not ha. Thats what happens if you buy proprietary junk I have some much older hardware phones which support SIP, and they all still work.

So find a service provider who offers the same service, but does so using standard protocols like SIP or IAX, they won't care what client you use and you have a choice of hundreds. There are plenty of such providers out there. That's just the tip of iceberg..

I don't appreciate relativity simple applications requiring a constant stream of updates. It's better to just remove it and forget about them, too much hassle for little return value. Write them off and move on.. Same thing happened to me under Debian. Just following up - I downloaded a new. Debian 7, AMD64 multiarch, as the package is i A follow up-follow up: I'm on Ubuntu Surprised the hell out of me as Skype on Linux seriously hasn't been updated in a long, long time makes me wonder what NSA junk they needed to add into it. If they were smart about it, they'd just run the build scripts twice, once with each toolchain..

Surely the process can be automated like the multiplatform OSS projects do, making the overhead cost virtually nil. Well, this leads directly to the heart of the Open Source movement. Compare with Firefox: some nice guys at tenfourfox [floodgap. If the Skype source were available, the same could be done here at least in theory, if Skype didn't choose to block it at their end.

There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Those customers are given instructions to update, but following them does not solve the problem.

The Skype Community Forum is currently swamped with complaints. A company representative active on the forum said "Unfortunately we don't currently have a build that OS X Leopard This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Microsoft Score: 5 , Interesting. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:Microsoft Score: 5 , Insightful. Who owns skype now? Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin.

Yes, boo Microsoft Score: 4 , Interesting. Let met know when Apple allows other Os's can use Imessage. That is when they get it fixed. Re: Score: 2. Man I wish. Skype requires so much effort to set up that its pretty much for special occasions only. I mean, if anything, its actually worse than this one to get get skype on Re: Score: 3 , Insightful. Yes, Fusion has to run on an Intel Mac. Shoulda mentioned that. Hardware age Score: 2.

Or even Memory blurry now. According to Wikipedia [wikipedia. It's fair enough that they drop support for a totally different architecture after 8 years. Re: Score: 2 , Insightful.

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They're all evil. Really evil. Score: 3 , Insightful. There are so many holes in your rant that I can't address them all without writing an essay. I'll just address a few of them. It's not about having updates forever. She didn't want a single update. Hell, I don't want a single update either. If my shit works, it works, leave it be. I'm not even sure what Skype updates add except ads and a module that increases memory consumption. Well, you get what you pay for I guess. But if Skype has ambitions to replace ordinary telephony, it needs to adopt some of the same attitudes.

It would never be acceptable for your phone company to suddenly cut you off without warning and tell you to buy a new phone. They should have a minimum six month period in which they warn that you will need to upgrade. Mac OS Just because Verizon forces people to "upgrade" to fiber from copper, doesn't mean the person's forty year old phone stops working. Let me know when Microsoft or Apple can say that. Re: Score: 3. Now blocking older versions of the Skype software might cause problems for them, but that's not the story. Skype's peer to peer - not server based.

Re:Microsoft Score: 5 , Funny. Skype is only partially peer to peer now. Re: Score: 2 , Informative. Not entirely. For comparison Score: 4 , Informative. Things are different in the Mac world. Score: 4 , Interesting. It might be the case that the mac hardware upgrade cycle is that much longer though given how much of Apple's market is laptops, which take more of a beating, and how long killing XP by attrition is taking, that isn't certain: your basic wintel desktop is cheap and nasty but also fairly durable ; but the OS support situation has been markedly faster paced and more unforgiving than on the PC side for quite some time now.

Your Core 2 Duo imac 5,1 or 6,1 halfway through its 'expected usable lifespan' is cu.

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I have two core 2 duo macs on Snow Leopard. They both work perfectly, do what I need, and with fresh drives, the and machines are good for another 5 years Last longer than any PC machines I ever had save a Toshiba laptop. Re:For comparison Score: 4 , Interesting. Re:For comparison Score: 5 , Informative. Any system newer than can run Mavericks.

Download Skype 2.8.0 for Mac OS X

Not without warning. Score: 5 , Informative. Re:Not without warning. Score: 5 , Insightful. People pay for the service, and shutting out older clients should have much more notification. Instead it has become a PR nightmare. Score: 4 , Funny. Sorry but why is this news?

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Score: 4 , Insightful. Apple does not support their own 2 year old OSes, I have to upgrade my Mac to a more often than not crappier OS just to get things like Xcode running again They won't however switch iCloud off access on you, so you can no longer get to your pictures, contacts, or calendar, just because your software version is a few years behind.

Its hardware characteristics Score: 2. Apple does not support their own 2 year old OSes, Mavericks and Yosemite will run on it. My Windows Skype just booted me during a call! Score: 5 , Interesting. Spork writes: on Wednesday August 06, PM I was using the last pre-MS version of the client, which had the "ring all speakers" option. I'm using Skype now tells me that "We've signed you out because you're using an outdated version of Skype. Download the latest version" - which of course does not run on Snow Leopard.

You still get directed to download the proper 6. Post edited to conform with the Microsoft Community Code of Conduct. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. I would just take a moment to remind you about the community code of conduct you agreed to when you joined.

That said I understand your frustrated.

Skype, the telephone of the 21st century

To say there is nothing you can use is not quite accurate, users on Mac versions below To find out more about our move to the cloud, see this FAQ. However, to direct the users of This seem to me closer to an insult than to a solution. Don't you think that we, the users of Skype since it's inception, before MSN bought it and added it to the rooster, deserved that kind of statement spelled out clearly on the Skype pages? Or is it the corporate "political correctness" BS, the scourge of modern times, which stopped Skype short of such announcement that would have definitely upset the masses?

Did you guys do some research before retiring 6. Here's my questions for you, dear Manager, as a paying customer for a Skype Pro subscription and purchased credit for years now:.

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  6. How was it possible that my 10 year-old Skype account, to which I change passwords regularly, was hacked by a Russian guy on your ultra secure site, with endless authentications protocols for signing in? Why is the download page still showing Skype 6.

    I strongly suggest that this lack of transparency is consistent with Microsoft software blunders and shows a complete disregard for users of the product, whose popularity is based on its reliability and name established long before Microsoft got its paws on it. I am sorry you feel my reply was an Insult, it was not meant as such - merely a way to allow you to continue to use Skype on platforms we will no longer support. I would be unable to comment on how your account was hacked but I am sure you're aware of the most common ways, i.

    Same account details used on compromised site or using the same username and passwords accross services. We provide a helpful FAQ on account security and, once you have converged your account to a Microsoft account you can enable 2 Factor Authentication meaning any new device accessing your account will need to enter a passcode which we will send you to be able to complete login.

    To answer point 2 in your post - I can only assume you are getting some sort of caching error with your download and it will eventually update accordingly. User profile for user: Drew Reece Drew Reece. Mac OS X Either USB or regular headset if your Mac does not have a built-in microphone. Download drivers if you are using an external webcam. For group video calling everyone on the call needs Skype 5. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: sdfox7 sdfox7. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0.

    Jun 7, PM in response to senmorts In response to senmorts Skype 2. User profile for user: Klaus1 Klaus1. User profile for user: senmorts Question: Q: skype wont work with my mac os