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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

If a recipient uses Mail in OS X For other recipients, your message includes links for downloading the attachments and their expiry date.


You can turn Mail Drop on or off for an account. See the Apple Support article Mail Drop limits.

Scan on a Mac with Image Capture

In the Mail app on your Mac, do one of the following:. Include or exclude original attachments in a reply: In the toolbar of the message window, click the Include Attachment button or the Exclude Attachment button.

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To turn it off and exclude attachments, choose the command again the tick is removed. In the Mail app on your Mac, try these suggestions:. Send Windows-friendly attachments.

How to Scan a Document on Mac

It also allows to embed the barcode content into the PDF document - through this the barcode parameters can be found e. It even recognizes difficult images with colored background, overlapping and distortion. The Imprinter allows ExactScan Pro to print flexible text into the scan. To support you with high speed pages per minute and higher scanners, ExactScan comes in an Enterprise-ready flavour.

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After initial installation and activation we provide you with support and free software updates for at least two years. For ExactScan v2 we provided over free updates in 7 years! We also listen to customer feedback and constantly implement new features, functions and new scanner support. Adapting to OS updates, new scanner models and vendor's driver updates consume significant development resources. To update to new versions after the first two free years we provide upgrade licenses at a reduced price to fund continous support and development.

Built-In Scanner Drivers ExactScan is a modern scanning solution, including more than different drivers for document scanners from Avision , Canon , Fujitsu , HP , Kodak , Oki , Panasonic , Visioneer and Xerox , which otherwise don't come with a manufacturer's Mac driver and thus wouldn't work at all. Paper Size Detection Auto-Crop This auto paper size detection recognizes any page size and allows the user to create multi-page documents with different sizes.

Skew Correction De-Skew ExactScan has sophisticated image algorithms which can recognize automatically, how the images and documents have to be cropped and de-skewed.

Continuity Camera’s requirements

Blank Page Detection ExactScan recognizes empty pages to save storage space and edit time. It can also delete the blank pages of your document to save storage space. Solid Colors ExactScan features an option to smooth uniform colors in the background, which results in reduced file size and a more pleasant view.

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