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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

It is a satin finish, and while there are tiny amounts of sparkle in the pan, Cubic applies completely matte.

How To Find The Right Blusher For Your Complexion

You do have to build this blush up a little bit, and it is definitely the least pigmented of the three. Absolutely perfect, LOVE! If you put the pans right next to each other they are a CLOSE match, although they apply to the skin a little differently. Do you need both?

How To Find The Right Blusher For Your Skin Tone

I would definitely say, NO. Heellllloooooo gorgeous!!!

Well, maybe not to that extent, but you know what I mean, right? This is the most beatiful baby peach blush I have ever seen. It is extremely pigmented and blends like a dream. A lot of peach blushes can look too orangey on light complexions, but not this beaut. Because this blush is so pigmented, you can use a light hand and get a very natural look, or a heavier hand and rock a statement cheek! What is your favorite blush? Leave a comment below! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Just like Sunbasque, Plum foolery is a sheer tone shimmer blusher, that adds a glow to the cheeks.

The shimmer in Plum foolery is a little more golden that other blushers, which gives a much richer splash of colour to the cheeks.


This blusher is very pigmented, so unless you want to look like Aunt Sally, use a nice fluffy brush and a light hand. When applied this way, it gives your cheek a beautiful warm plumy hue. This is suitable for all skin tones, but depending on how fair you are, go easy on application.

Out of all three colours that i bought, Harmony is my least favourite.

I still like it, but I prefer the other two blushers, as the shimmer gives your cheeks a beautiful glow, whereas the matte blusher gives more of a flat colour. If I was to pick a favourite out of the three it would be very hard to pick between Plum foolery and Sunbasque, but if i was pushed I would pick Sunbasque, as I just love the glow that it gives the cheeks.

A few weeks ago I was sent a number of products to try out from the Wet n Wild new releases. Megaliner Liquid eyeliner When it comes to eyeliner, I am pretty…. The love affair with Mac continues, and my latest love is this beautiful blusher for spring time, Peachykeen. I am placing full blame on Kate Mc Cormack makeup for this one, as I recently saw her rave about it on her Facebook page and it really would have been rude not to go out and buy it. I suppose when you have a great product, what is the need to faff about with fancy looking packaging.

Mac tend to let the product do the talking itself. Peachykeen has is a sheertone shimmer finish. The Autumn is by far my favourite time of the year. As a teacher, I see September as the start of a new year, rather than January. For me, September is all about fresh starts, new clothes and of course the Autumn beauty releases. At this time of year I am ready to leave behind the pink lips and barely there makeup and instead I am ready to embrace bold plum toned lips and a slightly more intense makeup look.

This September Mac have really ramped up their new collection releases with both permanent and Limited Edition releases. As Mac collections have a tendency to fly off the shelves quickly,…. I have to be honest. When I initially saw the press release photographs of the Ellie Goulding collection for Mac before Christmas, I thought it all looked a little blah!

10 All-Time Popular MAC Blushes You Should Totally Try

While I do love a bit of neutral makeup in my life, from the press pictures I just thought that everything looked the same and nothing really grabbed my attention. However, when I saw the above pieces from the collection in real life, I was so pleasantly surprised. I received three items from the collection to try out. The the blusher bronzer powder duo in the shade Hold my Breathe. A lipstick in the shade Only you and finally a…. At this time of the year our skin needs every little bit of help it can get to give it a bit of a glow.

Once the weather changes, I find that my skin looks so lack lustre and dull. One of my favourite things to do to bring life to my face, is to use a blusher with a little bit of shimmer in it and right now my favourite blusher for doing this is Mac Margin. Margin is one of the most popular blushers from Mac. I am a big fan of Mac blushers, as I find them extremely pigmented, and long wearing. Margin is no different. Ok Nars, this girl is certainly no prude, but seriously the name.

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While I was slightly embarrassed, I was also equally delighted as I had been fawning over this for quite a while. Is it a Dub thing?