This will save you from having to checkmark each file or folder before AppCleaner removes them.

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They might include application support files, preference files, and caches. Click on any of the above folders. Occasionally, the folder will be named after the app developer, rather than the app. You can either delete the individual files within that subfolder, or just delete the subfolder itself.

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Steps to Uninstall Apps on Mac and How to Remove the Leftover Files

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MacTrast Staff Content written and curated by our editorial team. Topics how to Mac Uninstall Apps. App won't delete from Launchpad, how to fix? Even though I have deleted the software from my Applications file, it still appears in my Launchpad.

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And dragging to the trash does not work, either. Do you guys have this problem? How can I delete software on Mac that won't delete? Uninstalling unused Mac applications is one of the ways that used frequently by users to deal with low disk space issue and speed up Mac computer. And it can be done from the Finder or Launchpad. Open Launchpad, hold down an app's icon until they start to jiggle, click on the delete button x. Both of these two ways are easy and only take simple steps.

How to Completely Remove/Uninstall Programs On Mac OS X [No Software]

But, as you can see from the above case, sometimes, App won't delete from Launchpad or Finder due to unknown reasons. When you have run into a problem while uninstalling applications on Mac, how can you get the problem fixed? It can help you delete an app that won't move to the trash or cannot be deleted from Launchpad with no problems.

Use Launchpad to delete an app

Either way, you're on your way to a spot-free Mac OS X computer. If the app you want to delete has an uninstaller associated with it, then use that before doing it manually. For instance, Flip4Mac and most Adobe products come with an uninstaller. Some apps also have uninstallers you can download off the web example: Adobe's Flash Player. This method relies on you doing the work to purge all associated files from your Mac. If you don't want to do any work, and don't mind installing another app to do your dirty work, then jump down to the next method.

Apps will usually reside in the Applications folder, but if not, you can use either Spotlight or Finder to locate it. Find the app you want to delete and drag it to Trash—I'll be getting rid of Samsung Kies.

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  4. While it may seem strange to only discard a single file, what you're actually throwing away is a bundle of files, which you can view by right-clicking on the app and selecting "Show Package Contents. Depending on the software that you're uninstalling, you might be asked to enter your admin password to properly dispose of the file s in Trash.

    Now either right-click on the Trash icon and select "Empty Trash," or open Trash and click on "Empty" at the top-right corner, then confirm. Now you've seemingly uninstalled the app, but unfortunately you haven't rid your Mac of all the files associated with it, such as cache, framework, and PLIST files. Navigating through your Library folder, I'll show you how to get rid of these files and folders in the next step.

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    Application resources—files which an app needs to function properly— can all be located within the Library folder on your hard drive. Unfortunately, after Mac OS X So let's unlock it first. Inside of Library you'll see a clutter of folders, some of which contain the files relating to the app you deleted.

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