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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Normally you just have the impression that the volume is doubled, which is only to be expected after all. Now, use the pitch bend. Pitch deck A up a little.

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Notice how the sound has changed. Keep pitch bending up until you hear two different sounds, like an echo, instead of the flanging sound.

  1. Anyone else sick of old school dj's who are full of hate?;
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  4. Now pitch bend deck A down, in short bursts, all the way to the other side. Play around with the pitch bend and see how the sound evolve. And then, press sync. As you can see, there is quite a wide range of possible superpositions, that all have their distinct sound. When the phase difference is larger than that, you hear two sounds. Pitch bend up the deck B to catch it up! Let A glide up again. Try to use the tempo control of B to catch up with A. You can also use pitch bend at any time to change the position of the current phase.

    Flashback Hip Hop and RnB Vol. 1 by DJ Jeff

    As you can see, this is fun, and learning to do this allows the introduction of tension in your mixing. If two songs are not bang on synched from the start for example, one is a little behind, and people can feel that you are struggling to get them back together. You may then require more than sync to keep the night on track. So, theoretically you can use the sync button and then adjust the exact phase you prefer by hand. Crunk Wars. DJ Captain Crunk. Composer, Primary Artist.

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    Crunk: Da Mix Tape 2. DJ Crunk Mix. Reggaeton Re-Mix. Reggaeton Remix. Lil Jon. The Heart of tha Streetz, Vol. Producer, Engineer, Mixing. Bootleg Crunk: Da Mix Tape.

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    Club Crunk: Continuous Mix. Crunk Classics. Crunk: Da Mix Tape. Da Block Party. Dead Crunk DJ Smurf. Primary Artist, Composer. Life After Cash Money. Audio Production.

    Old School Crunk Mix. Old School Players. Buck Power. The Mix Tape. Booty Essentials from da Atl. Broamz, Chrome and Redbones.

    DJ SkyWalker #44 - Old School 80s Black Music R&B Soul - OldSkool Special Disco Party Mix

    Thrill da Playa. Certified Crunk. Guest Artist, Composer. Booty Bass Party Chopped and Screwed Performer, Composer, Primary Artist. Cold Blooded. Ice Mone. Put Yo Hood Up. Somethin' Nasty. Performer, Composer, Featured Artist. Mixing, Executive Producer. You can also see our FAQ. Search Search MixUnit.

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    Phasing - Old school beatmatching for all - DJ TechTools

    Top Up. Cream Blend Wu-Tang Clan. Ask of You Blend Raphael Saadiq. Steelo Blend Baby Blend Brandy.

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    Creep Blend TLC. My Way Blend Usher. Indebt to You Blend Channel 2. Tell Me Blend Groove Theory. Hypnotize Blend Notorious B. Sunshine Blend Jay-Z. Not a Player Blend Big Pun. Shook Ones Blend Mobb Deep. Best Friend Blend Brandy.