Try out these tricks to get a smooth web experience! If you keep asking yourself how to speed up your internet, first of all, test your speed. Then run one of the speed tests there are many of them available online, but one of the most popular is Speedtest. If they do match up, then your network is working fine and you just pay for the slow internet. However, if the numbers are different, read on to learn how to improve internet speed.

Do you see a spinning beachball when you try to load web pages? It may not be clear whether the page is taking a long time to load or whether your connection is broken. To check it out, do the following:. If you have more than one Mac, check whether the internet connection is slow on each on them. If you see the slowdown only on one computer, then most likely the problem lies in this particular Mac.

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For instance, it may have an unusually weak Wi-Fi connection. Wait a few seconds and turn it on. These simple actions may fix your MacBook internet slow connection. Router issues can cause problems with the internet. If your internet is as slow when your smartphone or other device is connected to Wi-Fi, chances are, the trouble is not with your Mac.

To fix the slow connection, try restarting your router.

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Simply turn it off, wait a few seconds and turn it on again. Make sure no objects will affect the signal, like microwaves and various metal things. Do you use Wi-Fi and notice that your Internet running slow? While the wireless internet is more convenient, connecting directly to the router with a cable provides the faster connection. In fact, Wi-Fi rarely achieves the speed that Ethernet can due to the signal loss, distance from the router, and many more.

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Internet running slow on Mac? If you have dozens of apps and websites open, such as Skype, Safari, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and many more, then they are all trying to connect to the internet from time to time to update and synchronize. It makes the Mac internet slow and the websites start to hang.

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  • Believe us, your Mac will thank you for that! Which web browser do you use? However, if you open up the Activity Monitor and see how much RAM your browser uses, you may be a bit surprised. A single tab opened may take up 20 percent of your RAM. The answer is simple: these popular browsers are not optimized for a Mac. If you want to increase the internet speed, try switching to Safari. It is considered to be one of the fastest web browsers out there and it usually wins the speed tests on Macs.

    How to Speed Up Slow Internet Downloads on a Mac

    It goes without saying that a cluttered system affects your Mac performance. If you want to get a better browsing speed, you need to clean up your Mac from all the clutter it contains. I had the same problems but eventually found the culprit - an app called Weather Underground. Deleted it and problem solved. Suggest installed apps are a good place to start resolving this problem. I have been seriously struggling with my WiFi every morning in my new office and could not figure out why.

    Speedtest was 'very slow' on my Macbook Pro and super quick on iPhone 8, it has been painful and driving me nuts!! It usually got quicker throughout the day, but unbearable in the morning. I had no applications installed but there were about 4 files with name vpn in them in a resource folder within After Effects, I had no idea what they were but they were being modified constantly!

    I deleted them and boom, my internet went fine!

    Optimizing Your Network

    Hope this helps someone and I hope that has fixed my issue for good. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 1 year, 3 months ago. Active 3 months ago. Viewed 30k times.

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    • See screenshot here: This all seems ok from what I've read, however, the Wi-Fi still runs very slowly on my Mac. IconDaemon Model of your Mac? Please edit your question with the relevant details. So tl;dr: Try uninstalling your VPN. Shalinar Shalinar 41 2 2 bronze badges.

      How to Maximize the Internet Speed for a Mac |

      I had this problem for a year. I had a software called Pulse Secure to connect to my workplace. I uninstalled it and BOOM! Problem fixed. Forts Forts 11 1 1 bronze badge. Mark Mark 11 1 1 bronze badge. For me the problem was only at 2. Luckily i could configure my router to only use 5Ghz. Welcome to Ask Different. Please refrain from adding comments as an answer.

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      How to make your WiFi and Internet speed faster with these 2 simple settings

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