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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Or does anyone know if it would work with this? I'm kicking myself right now. EDIT: I've just noticed what's happened. I purchased 6. On the Props site you can download the full installer for 6. If so, you might be able to register 7 on the site and then take that route. Since you have a valid, unused key for 7 it's worth emailing the support team and asking about this. I could but I really don't want to. I'd have to save up for it and I really can't be bothered reinstalling Protools.

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Macs are nice like that. I dunno about you, but it doesn't take me too long to make twenty extra bucks. Unless you're reinstalling pro tools with a version compatible w mtn lion, you shouldn't have to reinstall anything. Is there any feedback you would like to provide? Click here. QQ International 3. Minecraft 1. Outlook Express 5. Windows Media Player 9. Camtasia Studio Blender 2.

Virtual DJ 8. MathType 6. Drag and drop now also works in left-handed mouse configurations. Text-entry of a tempo with a decimal in the transport panel or when editing the static value was counter-intuitive: Typing something like ' Added label to velocity and pattern lanes. Fixed a performance problem with the Remote Override "learn" feature. Performance problem when having many ReFills installed. Reason could crash when saving if there was more than ReFills installed -fixed. Better error handling while file searching in browser.

Broken search for missing sounds in songs created with OS hide extensions enabled - fixed. Changed wording of memory usage in patch browser to avoid confusion. Saving patches in Reason version 4 and ReFill packer had a backward compatibility issue - fixed. Sometime the static value was not imported correctly when loading old songs - fixed. If an opened patch or sample had been moved or deleted while Reason was running this could prevent the user from saving the song - fixed.

Reason could in certain cases unexpectedly quit when saving on Mac OS X - fixed. Fixed broken velocity change of tied single note when in ON-mode. Audio Card. Reason could go silent if the sample rate was changed in Windows Vista or on an aggregated audio card driver in Mac OS X. Propellerhead Reason version 4 available in stores worldwide today. Largest update ever is jam-packed with features for quickly creating better sounding music. Stockholm, Sweden, September 26, - Propellerhead Software today announced public availability for Reason version 4.

Reason version 4 can be purchased from retailers worldwide and Propellerheads online store, the PropShop. The new version boasts Thor, a highly sophisticated, superior sounding synthesizer, the ReGroove mixer, a new way to adjust the rhythmic feel of tracks, RPG-8, a versatile arpeggiator, a completely rebuilt sequencer coupled with many other workflow enhancements that give musicians the control and power to make great sounding music faster and easier than ever. Thor, Polysonic Synthesizer, takes sound creation to a new level delivering a veritable "museum" of synthesis techniques wrapped into one instrument.

With six open "slots," Thor brings together six different oscillators with four different filter modules plus wave shaping, enveloping and effects. Thor offers a plethora of modulation routings that enable users to exchange audio and control signals just like original analog synths. The result is a fantastic, full-sounding instrument that is extremely light on CPU usage. The ReGroove Mixer takes traditional groove and swing quantization from sequencers to a more flexible, user-friendly paradigm of a mixing console.

Using the ReGroove Mixer, users can apply in real-time varying amounts of swing, shuffle and groove to tracks. This revolutionary hands-on approach gives users 32 "groove channels" that can be assigned to sequencer lanes, providing individual settings for groove strength, timing shift, velocity, duration and other parameters nondestructively. Users can create their own templates. In addition, Reason ships with a large selection and variety of grooves-extracted from live recordings, famous beat boxes and even vinyl funk gems of the 70s.

Reason's sequencer has been completely redesigned and rebuilt into a more intuitive and powerful tool, giving users unprecedented control while maintaining Reason's simple streamlined workflow. Users can quickly make global edits using "clips," assign notes and controller events to different "lanes," manage multiple takes, and edit events numerically-to name but a few of the hundreds of enhancements.

Controller data now uses vector automaton for the smoothest of transitions. Users can manage tempo and time signature changes through a transport track. The RPG-8 monophonic arpeggiator device provides a wide away of controls for arpeggiation. Very easy to use, yet deceptively powerful, the RPG-8 provides endless creative possibilities for each of Reason's sound sources.

Reason version 4 features a number of other improvements and enhancements. Reason is now fully localized into English, French, German and Japanese, including all menus, interface items, help files and documentation. The transport control and hardware interface have been redesigned for easier use. A floating tools window lets users access devices, editing commands and groove controls without having to invoke menus or dialog boxes.

The included Factory Sound Bank has grown considerably including over "signature" Thor patches from well-known artists and sound designers. The Combinator and NN-XT devices have received enhancements especially useful for sound designers and live musicians. Users should contact their local in-country distributors to for details on getting the upgrade. Added Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. Added ReGroove M ixer. Added a Completely Rebuilt Sequencer. Reason 3. The Reason 3. It can be downloaded from www. Although this version is mainly about adding support for Apple's new range of Intel equipped Macs, a number of issues in previous versions have been addressed.

Supports horizontal scrolling Reason now supports horizontal scrolling and can be used with Apples Mighty Mouse. Installs ReWire 1. Reason can now be ReWired to the current versions of:. Cross-browsing We've fixed a minor issue with cross-browsing that could result in a crash. Controller-lanes We've fixed an issue where Reason could crash when copy and pasting controller lanes in the editor. Transposing Fixed an issue with transposing beyond the limits of the sequencer Above G8 and below C Export as audio file There was an issue in Reason 3.

This was most likely to appear when using certain Scream settings. This happened only when exporting audio as everything sounded fine when listening to Reason directly or running Reason in a ReWire host. This has now been fixed. This could for example be bad controller data outside the sequencer timeline.

In Reason 3. Unfortunately there were some problems with this handling, which we have now taken care of. Loading old songs Some songs produced in Reason 2. We have addressed some issues regarding NNXT patch data created by some patch conversion utilities, where Reason 3. Missing icons in Mac OS X Also all wave and aiff files were wrongly associated to Reason. Both of these issues were a result of new handling of file types in Mac OS X This will be fixed in the next batch of printed CDs.

In addition to the things listed above, Reason 3. Additional features added to Reason 3. The code has been heavily optimized to deliver better performance than in Reason 3. Remote SDK. The Remote technology has changed the way software and hardware controllers interact. Propellerhead Software have now created a Software Development Kit that will allow third party manufacturers to create their own Remote codecs to enable their controllers to interact with Reason 3. The SDK will be made public later this summer. During development of Reason 3, the application was continuously tested with pre-release versions of Tiger to ensure compatibility.

Reason users can with confidence upgrade to Tiger, since there are no known compatibility issues. Reload 1. For this reason, a new version of Reload, called 1. Therefore, loading songs produced in 3.

Since we now have fixed this, some songs produced in Reason 3. This is fixed in 3. Note that replace recording is only activated for automation data after the automated controller is modified. This feature did not work properly in Reason 3. This has been addressed and is much better in 3. This can unfortunately still be noticeable on lower performing computers. It turns out there are two different Radium models, with different settings in factory preset 1 just like Oxygen 8. There were for example problems with certain settings on the MClass Equalizer, the DLL-1 delay and the Subtractor's noise generator, which could all cause occasional high loads on the CPU.

All these issues and many more have been isolated and fixed in 3. We have also been able to optimize sample loading performance so that loading times for samples have decreased further in Reason 3. Released Jul Reason 3. We initially released a version called 3. Version 3. The problem only affected the Mac platform. If you have version 3. Propellerhead Software Reason 3. One-step loading of complex, customizable instruments encourages live performance. Stockholm, Sweden - 10 March - Propellerhead Software today announced the availability of version 3. Propellerhead has taken what was a stand-alone music production instrument to the next level with Reason 3.

The brand new sound bank, the Combinator device, the new inspiration-boosting sound browser and the new Remote technology turn Reason into a powerful workstation for both music production and live performance. The expanded sound bank in Reason 3. To use Remote, all the user needs to do is to hook up any supported controller to the computer and Reason will identify it and handle pre-configured controller mappings for all Reason devices.

Reason's Remote technology supports over 35 controllers with more to come. The suite consists of a mastering EQ, a stereo imager, a sweet sounding compressor and a maximizer to further polish and empower one's sound. Benchmarked against industry standard mastering effects during development, the MClass units turned out to be everything Propellerhead Software strived for and will do wonders to a final mix in Reason.

At the heart of the Reason 3 is the Combinator device. It's a brilliant grouping device, a rack within the Reason rack, that lets the user load complex instrument patches consisting of any number of Reason devices then play them as one instrument.

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The result is an extremely flexible yet simple-to-understand way of playing and creating rich-sounding instrument patches, complete with effects and modulation setups. The Combinator ties the new additions together and with the Remote technology, the MClass effect and the many Combinator patches in the new sound bank, it turns the Reason rack into an instantly playable instrument.

Propellerhead Software Announces Reason 3. This update focuses on live playing and this new version will take Reason from the studio realm to the stage. Reason 3 comes packed with unique features that will make it a strong alternative to the hardware workstation synthesizer, whether for composing, producing or live playing. Reason 3 introduces a new module, the Combinator, which allows users to build elaborate chains of Reason devices-instruments, effects, pattern sequencer etc and save as a Combi patch.

With it's ability to load-up complex instruments routed through effect units and dynamic processors in one go, the Combinator is an extremely playable, extremely performance friendly device, perfect for both stage and studio use. Additional new features include:. Remote : Instant out of the box integration with most major control surfaces including support for motorized faders and controller displays. New soundbank : An expanded soundbank with increased focus on providing a wide palette of multi sampled instruments and huge sounding Combi patches. New browser : Reason's new browser will help you work faster and better in Reason.

Free text search across your entire sound library, organize your sounds in favorite folders, audition play all samples and patches via MIDI. MClass : A top-notch mastering suite comparable with any hard- or software units. Reason 3 is expected to ship early An upgrade discount will be available for Reason owners.

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Upgrade and retail price TBA. Andreas Tilliander - Marychain. Childs - Tell Me. Carlson - Hi-Fi Cops. Karlsson - Organ Donator. Added new Remote Technology. Added new Reason Soundbank. Added The Combinator. Reason 2. Propellerhead Software Ships Reason 2. Reason is an enormously successful software title for both Windows and Mac OS platforms that emulates a rack of electronic synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and mixing equipment.

New Features in Reason 2. The RV is a stereo effect module dedicated to high-quality reverberation with a quality rivaling the best hard- and software solutions on the market today. In addition to the reverb section, the RV also includes an EQ and a gate section.

The EQ section features a handy parametric eq and a low shelving filter for additional tweaking of the reverb signal. The BV Digital Vocoder is a 4 to band vocoder capable of modulating sounds both in an old-school analog style and in a digital FFT fashion, with totally outstanding quality and character. As a bonus, it also serves as a fully automated graphic equalizer. A vocoder takes two input signals, the carrier, which provides the pitch, and the modulator, supplying the characteristics. This type of device is usually seen as a tool to create robotic voice effects, but with Reason's endless patching capabilities, you can combine any two sound sources.

For example, vocoding a percussion track with the bass line or the string pad with the rhythm guitar. There are five basic Body types to select from - each with its own vibe - as well as separate controls for Body Resonance and Body Scale. The Auto function is an amplitude respondent envelope follower that controls the scale parameter, creating a unique dynamic effect.

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The UN Unison is a reincarnation of the ubiquitous "Unison' button found on early '80's synths. Transformed into a Reason half-rack unit, it fattens up incoming audio by emulating the effect of 4, 8, or 16 detuned voices playing the same sound. The result is rich and wide, slightly similar to a chorus effect, but more complex. The Spider Audio is a utility that merges and splits audio, bringing even more of the hardware studio's patching capabilities into the software realm. Multiple audio signals can be merged and processed with the same insert effect or an instrument's output can be split into four and sent to four different effect processors.

The merge function comes with individual attenuators for each input and the split function also inverts one of the CV outputs. This opens up for advanced and flexible modulation and control routing. It's purpose is to correct certain errors that have caused problems to some users, as well as making sure Reason is free from bugs as we move on with the Reason development. Below you will find a list of problems that have been taken care of in the 2. Installer Quits Unexpectedly. Problem - The Installer program on the Program CD quits unexpectedly during installation and leaves the user with an unfinished installation.

Fix - An alert now comes up saying there need to be a more recent version of Carbon Lib installed. Then the below action needs to be taken. Download the version of CarbonLib that corresponds to your language. Double click on the file "CarbonLib 1. Locate the icon for CarbonLib that appears on your desktop and open it. In the window that appears, double click on "Update CarbonLib" and follow the instructions on screen. Once the installation of CarbonLib is finished, try installing Reason.

Repeated Authorization Required. Problem - Upon launch, Reason requires the user to type in the serial number, even though the program has already been authorized to run on this machine. Fix - Reason now only needs to be reauthorized following a major system change. Platforms and Version - Reason 2. A "File System Error" message appears when creating a device or when attempting to load a file or patch into an existing device.

A "File System Object not found" message appears when creating a device or when attempting to load a file or patch into an existing device. A "Bad Format" message appears when loading a Song. Problem - Certain self-contained Song files cannot be opened, instead a "Bad Format" message appears.

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Fix - No more "Bad Format" when opening self-contained songs. Problems with Dual Monitors under Windows. Platforms and Version - Windows only. Problem - Some users with dual monitor systems have reported problems with windows that are overlapping screen borders. Fix - Window positions are now restored properly across monitors. Problem - If the Default Song document has the sequencer window detached, and you immediately select New from the File menu after Reason has launched, you will be left with a sequencer window that doesn't belong to any "rack document" window on the screen.

Furthermore, trying to close the "orphan" sequencer window may make the program crash.

Installing Reason and authorizing your ignition key

Fix - Detached Sequencer Window is never left hanging. Wrong Lane opens in Sequencer Editor. Problem - Sometimes when switching to the editors in the Reason sequencer, the wrong lane appears. For example, when opening a Redrum track, a REX lane is displayed. Fix - The appropriate Lanes now always open in the Sequencer Editor. Fix - Reason doesn't crash as a cause of progressive patching anymore. Problems with Automation of "Performance Controllers". Problem - Some users have reported problems with playback of certain MIDI controller data, specifically those that are normally also controlled from a normal keyboard: pitch bend, modulation wheel, expression, damper pedal and channel pressure.

Fix - Copying of ungrouped single Events in Sequencer is now handled correctly. The greatest music software on the planet just got greater. New, super-improved Reason 2. The baddest boy on the block. Deep sampling without the confusing sub-menus. Pristinely recorded and dying to be played. Detachable Sequencer Reason's main sequencer can now be pulled out of the rack and placed anywhere on the screen. We just want you to know, that whenever you Mac users are ready to take the leap and start using Mac OS X, we are there for you. Reason itself is already famous for its ultra- latency, but run Reason under Mac OS X and you can have latency below 1 ms.

In a word, tight. Reason also takes full advantage of the multiprocessor facilities in Mac OS X, running audio on one processor and graphics on another, freeing up more power for your music. So, whenever you're ready…. Other Improvements. Full bit sample support The internal architecture of Reason has always been operating in bit floating point. And in 2. Bring out your bit soundcards. Scroll through the rack Windows users with a scroll wheel mouse can enjoy the benefits of the built in scroll wheel support in Reason 2. All existing devices in Reason now also have this feature.

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It's time to sync your sweeps to your beats. Reason 1.