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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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How To Erase and Reset a Mac back to factory default

Here are your next steps: a. Click Erase. Macs without optical drives use the Recovery volume. Share Pin Email.

Erase or Format Your Mac's Drives Using Disk Utility

Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Select a volume from the disks and volumes listed at the left side of the Disk Utility window. Each disk and volume is identified by the same name and icon that it displays on the Mac desktop. Click the Erase tab. Select a volume from the disks and volumes listed on the left side of the Disk Utility window. It removes the volume's catalog directory but leaves the actual data intact.

Why Paragon Disk Wiper for Mac?

Zero Out Data — This method provides a good level of security. It erases the volume's data by writing over it with zeros. The length of time this method takes depends on the size of the volume. Department of Defense's M standards for erasing magnetic media. It writes over the data on a volume 35 times. Don't expect this erase method to finish any time soon. Fastest — This is the quickest erase method.

Mac OS X Installation Basics SATA Drive

It doesn't scramble the file data, which means a recovery app may be able to resurrect the erased data. Zero Out the Data — This erase method writes a single path of zeros to all locations on the selected volume or disk. Advanced recovery techniques could restore the data, but it would require a great deal of time and effort. It writes two passes of random data to the volume or disk and then writes a single pass of a known data pattern to the volume or disk. Most Secure — This method of securely erasing a volume or disk meets the requirements of the U.

The erased volume is written to seven times to ensure the data can't be restored. Make your selection and click the OK button to close the Security Options. Format a Hard Drive. This formatting process takes a little longer than the basic erase method described previously. Select a drive from the list of drives and volumes shown in Disk Utility.

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Each drive in the list displays its capacity, manufacturer, and product name, such as Enter a name for the drive. The default name is Untitled. The Volume Format drop-down menu lists the available drive formats that the Mac supports. Optionally, select Zero Out Data. This option is for hard drives only and should not be used with SSDs.

Zero Out Data performs a test on the hard drive as it writes zeros to the drive's platters. During the test, Disk Utility maps out any bad sections it finds on the drive's platters so they can't be used. You won't be able to store any important data on a questionable section of the hard drive.

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  • The erase process can take a fair amount of time, depending on the drive's capacity. Click the Erase button. Disk Utility will unmount the volume from the desktop, erase it, and then remount it on the desktop.