Takes 4 to 6 hours to do 1 hour of work. The satellite providers want a 2 year 70 bux per month commitment.

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I discovered broadband2go and grabbed it. I had a hard time with the install. I got broadband in the CONEtry!!!

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I get to kbps. It more than covers giving up some days and spending 5 bux on gas and go the library internet 10 miles away. It works reasonably well in WinXP wherever you can get a Sprint cellphone signal until… something goes wrong with your system and you get the infamous blue screen.

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It will work fine in other PCs, at least until the blue screen appears. It is very definitely a driver problem — but addressing that is so far above the capabilities of the no tech lack of support script readers at Virgin that you will just waste your time contacting them. Save yourself the time and trouble of calling them.

I have had it for almost a month now, I had a problem with the installation on my HP windows 7 laptop, I called virgin mobile and they walked me throught the installation and after that have had no problems with startup. I have had this occur both in Vegas and L.

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A in places where I have had good phone reception vegas is sprint territory so there should not be a problem but I didnt buy it for constant access, just when I cant use a local hotspot but it reminds me of those old dial up modem days-minus the sound of the connections. I plugged the Broadband2go USB modem into my netbook USB port and my computer did not successfully install the drivers; then, the software on the modem would not initiate the setup process.

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After several unfruitful install tries I called Virgin Mobile tech support. The first tech said that my Windows 7 starter OS was the problem.

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I then upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium. This made no difference at all and the installation problems were the same as before. I then made a second call to Virgin Mobile tech support and nothing we tried resolved the issue. The tech then said he had done some research and found that my netbook was not compatible and this USB modem would not work in it. I wish Virgin Mobile would have made possible compatibility issues much more clear beforehand so I could have avoided several wasted hours. Thankfully the store Hooray Radio Shack! The connection is useless.

Despite having a connection of 3 bars most webpages time out and when they do load it takes forever. Doh, i should of read this review and comments before buying. Just picked it up today to use while i am out of town. While i am using it right now to post this, it is basically useless to surf with. Having used the sprint data card a couple years ago, it was ok.

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One or two bars usually, but usually pages loaded fairly quickly. Hope they improve it asap. Just bought the thing this past weekend. Re: virgin mobile usb modem. Originally Posted by markbuntu. I was thinking about getting one so I looked for info but no I have not used one. December 10th, 6. Re: virgin mobile usb modem So i can set it up on linux that good news to me. And where do i find the keyring manager? December 10th, 7. Originally Posted by pythonsyntax. So i can set it up on linux that good news to me.

Attached Images Screenshot December 16th, 8. Re: virgin mobile usb modem i found it don't work with the network manger for some reason is there a differnt way.

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Today, Novatell Wireless announced the MC that weighs less than an ounce and measures less than two inches in length. Like the Novatel Ova. What would I have done the last few months without my precious Novatel broadband dongle from Sprint? I would have had a hard time bringing you news from the halls of CES without trekking over to the b.

Once I.