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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

The slides advance on their own, according to the timings, and the overall time fits with the music. When we clicked Insert to insert the audio file, the file was embedded in the presentation, and that creates a large file size overall. To reduce file size in a presentation with embedded audio, save the presentation, and click the FILE tab.

On the Info tab, under Properties , you'll see the file's size. To make the presentation file smaller and more manageable for sharing, click Compress Media , and choose a type of compression, in terms of quality. Let's try Internet Quality. The file gets compressed, and the Compress Media window shows the amount of space saved. We'll close this window.

Office 2008 for Mac For Dummies

If you want to avoid the issue of a large file size, another option is to link to the audio file. To do that, when you first insert the file, click the arrow next to Insert , and click Link to File. Insert music and time it to your slides. PowerPoint training Insert music and time it to your slides Insert music and time it. Next: Rehearse timings for a slide show.

Saving a PowerPoint for Mac Presentation as a QuickTime Movie - dummies

I want to play music in the background of this slide show and time the slides to fit the music. Let's do that. First, I'll insert the music file. I'll select the music file, and click Insert.

How to add a picture as a background in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

The file is placed in the middle of the slide. I have Studio Pro of course so it looks like this. Yours would say Flip4Mac Player Pro. I do see Player Pro there. Still when I insert wmv's into PowerPoint they don't play properly no audio but if I insert mpeg's they work fine. Is Flip4Mac supposed to do this automatically in the back ground or is there something I need to be doing?

Can you try detaching or duplicating the file and playing in Flip Player?

How to Play a Sound Over Several PowerPoint 2007 Slides

It's possible the audio isn't compatible. If you can link to the WMV I can test on my system and determine what the audio codec is.

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The videos all open and play properly in Flip4Mac. I get a window in PowerPoint, after hitting insert and selecting the file, that says it is converting the file, not sure why. Fill out the Support Form and link to this forum thread.

Flip4Mac Support Form. CraigS - Has this issue been resolved? I am having the same issue. I bought the pro version specifically to enable me to play.

UPDATE: 4.April.2018

Still no luck! Flip4Mac is currently not compatible with Sierra. Please do fill out the form and explain though. So it sounds like this isn't an issue that moving to Pro will resolve? We're having the same problem in our shop. Thank you for a simple software solution. I can now use these songs on my phone and other personal uses. I am one very happy customer. I've already posted on my Facebook page how simple and great this software worked for me. Download Order Now!