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Civilization IV: Colonization 1.01f Patch

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Civilization IV for Mac free Download

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Gaming Rigs 24 Members. Moar Games 20 Members. USA - United States. It might be that, if there are no cumulative patches, you need to download multiple patches and go from 1. You might want to try getting an earlier patch - the first released, if possible - and see if that works. If it does work, get consecutive patches and keep on trying the 1.

It will hopefully take at some point.

I have been trying every combination of installing uninstalling patching and so fourth and I am still getting the same problem as the other guy above, the patch can't find where my Civ 4 is installed. I put the file in various locations on the desktop, in the civ folder, in the patches folder, did nothing.

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Again, this is a guess, but it's a common issue when patching a game. Civ 4 has it's own built in patch downloader. Have you tried doing that? That should work. If you are downloading patches from some other website, that's why it's not working.