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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

My computer does not recognize the scanner at all. When turned on it runs it's normal POST test and the green light comes on steady like it always has.

Nikon CoolScan IV ED Driver

I have tried two different USB cables without success. Has anyone encountered this same problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not do mac. Read the info at the link above. Another vote for Vuescan. It can be a complex program to use but once you get the knack of it, it does a good job with many different scanners. I use it on more than one Mac with a coolscan V and it works great.

The scanner does not show in printers and scanners because there aren't drivers installed. Vuescan doesn't need manufacturer provided drivers to run the Nikon scanner so it should detect the scanner without problem. Just make sure to plug in and turn on the scanner then launch Vuescan. You can download a trial of Vuescan to make sure everything is working. Anyway the pro version is great because you get lifetime updates whereas the cheaper version doesn't. Dunno about Mac but Windows requires an updated driver. JosvanEekelen , Mar 28, Thank you guys. Will just install VueScan and give it a go.

Vuescan isn't a driver as much as it is a separate program, like Silverfast, to run your scanner. Digital ICE and ROC aren't present in the same form, but Vuescan does offer infrared cleaning and color fading and restoration options. Honestly, I've never really used either of those features in NikonScan since my macs were intel based, and I already had a copy of Vuescan.

The infrared cleaning, according to most people isn't as good as the ICE implementation in NikonScan, but it's definitely better than it used to be. With some faded prints I scanned with a flatbed, I was shocked how well the restore fading feature worked in the filters tab of Vuescan. Both those options may do well enough to suit you. With Silverfast, I wasn't very impressed with it's infrared cleaning artifacts. It did quite well detecting once I had a properly working scanner - in another thread I noted my scanner wasn't picking up defects , but the artifacts it left were almost as ugly or worse than leaving the defects in place.

Nikon LS 40ED / Coolscan IV ED - for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

I gave up trying to get my HP workstation to recognize the LS, but it started right up for my Lenovo laptop. I use Silverfast directly under Win7 64 bit. You might try installing Nikonscan. Even though it doesn't work completely, it may install some obscure drives that can be used by Silverfast or Vuescan. Don't buy either one until you know it works. Both have excellent trial versions. Steve --I have one as well - also not currently usable.

My understanding is that I lack a Firewire card, which is apparently necessary. Pictures taken under the same light could be interpreted very differently by the scanner, without me changing anything.

Full Specifications

I'll try Vuescan now or perhaps Silverfast. I know this is an old thread, but I'm going to go ahead and bump it because I had these same questions over the past few months. Long story short, I recently got back into shooting film and into doing scans. My Coolscan and my Hasselblad had been lying around for years collecting dust. The original computer I used for the ran Windows Vista. And, to my surprise, none of the software that I originally purchased for the works on Windows So, basically, I had to upgrade my Silverfast software to version 8.

And, I bought this Firewire to Firewire Cable which connects the Thunderbolt adapter to the Firewire port on the Coolscan www. I was skeptical about whether or not this would work, but it worked like a charm!

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Plus, this setup seems to make the scanning process much faster than the setup I used back in the Vista days. Best wishes! Thanks for the tip about the drivers. I expected to have the same problems moving the scanner to my Win10 computer, but now there is hope. It can be done - but it is trickier on Windows 8 and 10 than 7. There are only Windows Vista 32 bit drivers from Nikon, but clever people have modified them for 64 bit Windows 10 use: Read this - also the comments below for Windows 10 help: blog. Search "force Windows to install the unsigned driver" - useful for Windows 8 and 10 installations.

Originally posted 29 months ago. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience. Photos Discussions Members Map About. Used Nikon Super Coolscan won't load the slide tray now 1 reply. Picked up an at an estate sale, got the thunderbolt to adapter, then th I have a ED which i have had since new.

It has been well looked after and n Coolscan lines! My new to me Coolscan is producing lines across all scans regardless Shipping a ED is there a latch 5 replies. Does anyone know if there is a way lock a ED for shipment? I know that most Nikon LS vs. Windows XP Laptop 10 replies. I recently obtained a good condition Nikon LS so that I could start scannin SA 21 stuck in ed scanner 8 replies. And it worked fine on the one before that too.

Nikon scan is 'working' for me with I'm researching Silverfast right now, but it's bloody expensive for what it is. Any further updates on this? I've grown "accustomed to" using Nikon Scan and, for the most part, works just fine for me right now on Cheers, Dave. No more problems than with I know VueScan works well.. Hi All I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up. I was going through updating my software in my software library So, it doesn't affect me.

Just thought I'd transmit the information. Kind regards, JP. Is it possible to buy the scanner and not download that software but just the drivers? So not sure if it matters on which Nikon scanner you have - my question is if it's possible to take one out of the box, and plug it in just with vuescan downloaded, and does it need drivers can the drivers be separated from the nikon scan software? I don't recall ever needing to chase down drivers. NikonScan runs well for me on OX X I uninstalled NikonScan, then reinstalled a "fresh version", and absolutely no problems with it.

The others work fine as well.

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At least that would give me an idea before upgrading my Mac Pro.. Fresh version meaning off the Nikon site? But I thought at least used to be the case that the packaged CD also has the drivers - and you can't separate them? Maybe i should just go with the Plustek ai Zodiac, are you absolutely certain about those drivers? The version on the site is 4. No, not certain at all, just a guess. Sounding more and more like it would work though, and Apple has that fix on their site to download.

I installed Nikon Scan 4. There is one part where the software is "Searching Macintosh HD" or whatever the Mac HD is named on the system - this portion of the install seems to take an inordinate amount of time and I can seriously see people thinking the thing's not working and then hitting "force quit". In fact, if you open the "Force Quit" window it shows the software as "not responding" - a word to the wise, don't touch it. Let the software do its thing. It eventually completes and you can run the software with the I did a test with a full tray of 35mm negs 12 of them and the scan went through just fine.

Next up Thanks for the update Dave. Now its just a question off finding one! As soon as I upgrade my Mac Pro hopefully within the next few weeks I can provide a better update at that time : It should be quite a test because it's an "original" Mac Pro - dual Xeon 2. Just disconnect it and it will work this happened already with Tiger, I read anywhere that Nikon is aware of this bug but developers will not fix it : 2- If with Snow Leopard an external Hard disk is connected via USB and you are running time machine, again the scanner will not be seen.

Disconnect it and it works ok. My standard procedure is to disconnect everything when I scan! Would be nice if we got more support from Nikon, but so far so good. Best, -Tim. Robert-thanks for the tips, i have disconnected all external drives and cant get my imac to recognize the LS Would you have any other suggestions I am running Regards John lee. No crashes or instability, except that it freezes up when I want to close it.

DIY Film Scanner, better than the Epson or Coolscan

It starts and crashes in spectacular fashion. I now use Vuescan for Black and White and Silverfast for colour work. Silverfast is a complete pain in the backside to use, but the results seem good. Of course that is only my opinion and your mileage might vary. No doubt the choice of scanning software is a personal one. I have no problem with Nikon Scan on my mac-mini running I really like Silverfast but, like you, consider it to be a pain.

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Still, the Nega-Fix option can work astoundingly well for some films. I finally installed Vuescan a few months back and consider it to be no better than OK. My computer with Tiger to start, now latest SL version, still works with original KM disk as originally installed. I found new software on the net, downloaded, unstuffed with stuffit, and installed. Scanner still works. The new Mac will also not accept a copy of what works on the old computer even though both work on SL latest version.

Took me a day of fooling around. Bottom line, once in and working it seems ok. Difficult to install from scratch with later OS not made for it. Two choices are Vuescan which works, but you need to profile the scanner to optimize it. Otherwise it will not easily be color corrected. Or get Silverfast.

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And you may need to profile that too. OS Non OEM software might continue to upgrade but at some point they will also stop supporting old gadgets. I felt I was so back in 20th century by the feel and ways about these. Keep your old computer paired with old software and old dependent gadgets. They need not go obsolete as a whole system. Should be good to go as long as Vuescan lives.