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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

If the problem persists please try plugging the device into a different USB socket". The device can be used in WiFi mode. Therefore it is not possible to connect. Follow these steps to fix the issue: 1. Plug in the device with the USB cable 2.

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Select the web interface icon at the bottom left 4. Your web browser will open the configuration interface of the R Enter your credentials to log in 6. Select 'Mobile Broadband' in the menu on the left side 7. Change 'Connection settings' to 'Automatic'. Confirm with 'OK'. You can now use Vodafone Mobile Broadband to open connections with your R Note: if you plug in a different device, Vodafone Mobile Broadband will need to restart in order to use it.

R Custom APNs are not saved when the device is switched off and on again. The R may prevent your Mac from going into standby when it is attached to the computer. The E, E and E Huawei devices cause a disc insertion message to be shown. Click the Ignore button to dismiss this message. This bug has no other effects. The E with firmware can cause your Mac to wake up from standby unexpectedly.

Some Huawei devices, eg. Please contact Vodafone support and ask them for a replacement. Vodafone Group Page 10 of Workaround: reboot your Mac when the message is shown, or before switching devices. If you then want to select a network manually, only 2G or 3G networks will be shown, not both. Workaround: to see all networks again, switch the Network Type manually on the mobile phone. The Vodafone Mobile Broadband application s Network Preference is currently not supported by many mobile phones. The following issues also affect some of the phones that do support the Network Preference: o Huawei: always displays the same text when trying to get the current network type; does not support the no band change parameter in the o network selection command.

Samsung: devices do not report the network type that was selected, eg. Some mobile phones display background operations on their screens, eg. Own number retrieval or Prepay account balance check, and show any resulting errors as well. This behaviour is dependent on the firmware version installed on the phone.

The display cannot be suppressed, and should just be ignored. If you unplug a UV while a mobile connection is open, your Mac may crash. Vodafone Group Page 11 of Nokia , do not allow the application to display the current network type 2G, 3G in the application window or under the Connections Settings Select Networks tab. SmartPlug: Some older phones may not be recognised.

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Workaround: unplug your phone from the SmartPlug, and then plug it in again. Vodafone Group Page 12 of Other product, company and service names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Vodafone Group Page 13 of Vodafone Mobile Broadband Release Vodafone Mobile Connect Release 9. Quintiles, Inc. If Quintiles does not have a translation that your Company needs, the Company.

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We have agreements with Installation Note Please use only wired network connections to configure the Modem Router. If you currently use a modem, disconnect it now - the Modem Router will replace your current modem.

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Connect your. What is Cisco Smart Care Service? Anyone that is having consistent issues should FIRST download the combo update, install that, issues persist? I guarantee you will have less issues with a clean install. But, might as well wait for Come on, how is it reasonable to claim Yosemite cannot be fixed? What can you possibly base that on? There are a lot of people for whom Yosemite is working fairly well day to day, and as the year progresses that will become more and more true as bugs are ironed out. The word on the street is that this year Apple intends to focus on stability in iOS and OS X so we should see a snow leopard like release of Yosemite perhaps called Angel Falls??

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TY says:. February 23, at am. February 22, at pm. Andre Aprigio says:. February 21, at pm. TonyM says:. February 20, at am. Kendall says:. February 19, at pm. February 19, at am. Imi says:. Chrissie says:. Guy says:. Barry says:. I went round in circles with O2 Guru yesterday he pointed me to the Windoze configuration even though I explained it was for a Mac! Thanks Sam, lifesaver, cheers. Everything else seems fine with Lion so this was a big help to me, appreciate you sharing. Excellent — many thanks. Why they simply cannot tell people to do what you have is beyond me!!! Well done.

Did you install the 3G Watcher software as well? Upper or lower case? Neil — did you get your Compass working? I am trying to get mine working now and not having any luck. Could you tell me idiot steps to set up the service? Regards Harry. I think the missing step is when you have opened System Preferences to click on the Network icon. Hi there, You have performed an incredible job. I will definitely digg it and in my opinion suggest to my friends.

Are you running a fresh install of Lion or did you upgrade? Hi Duncan, I guess the original O2 installer must have put the interface in somehow — have you made any progress?

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Got new mac air lion already installed exact same problem as duncan, were you able to resolve the problem and connect with the dongle eventually. Shuggil, thanks man! I had a similar issue after upgrading to Lion and thankfully came across your post while searching for solution on Google and O2 site.