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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Although my method is a derivative of one of the four Ben outlined in his post, I still count it as a separate and distinct manner of right-clicking.

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Without further ado, let us discuss the five ways in which you can perform a right-click on a Mac trackpad. Click with thumb while making contact with two fingers This is how your intrepid blogger initiates a right click. Since my index finger is usually mousing about on the trackpad while my thumb lies in wait to click, I simply drop the ol' middle finger down next to my mousin' finger and click with my thumb to perform a right-click.

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I use it because requires the least amount of movement from my standard mousing-and-clicking posture; my index finger and thumb remain in their usual position, leaving me to move only my middle finger down to the surface of the trackpad. Click with two fingers Instead of placing two fingers on the trackpad and using your thumb to right-click, you can simply use your two fingers to click the trackpad.

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Assign the bottom-right corner If the two-finger right-click methods feel awkward to you, you can assign the bottom-left corner as a right-click zone in System Preferences. Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu and choose Trackpad. By default, it's set up to click with two fingers, but you can set it to click in the bottom-right corner.

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Assign the bottom-left corner See above but change bottom-right corner to bottom-left corner. Click the trackpad while holding down the Control key This last option requires two hands, but should you want to involve your off hand in the right-clicking procedure, you can hold down the Control key when clicking the trackpad to perform a right-click.

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However, the Fog of War will prevent the player from seeing most areas of the map, and will only be revealed when allied units are nearby, or with abilities that provide vision. Besides moving the camera, it is also possible to zoom in and out.

However, this has no great use in matches, since the camera is by default at maximum distance and can only be zoomed in a bit. In spectatore mode, the camera is by default at the same distance as the camera is when playing. However, this distance is the minimum distance for spectators.

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As a spectator, the camera can be zoomed out by a lot, granting a better view of the map. Sign In. From Dota 2 Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

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See also: Hotkeys. Main Article: Head-up display.

Main Article: Minimap. Main Article: Chat Wheel. See also: Camera settings. Fixed a variety of consistency issues with alt-click modifier messages not being worded from the point of view of the person sending them.