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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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Chosen solution There can be several reasons for this. First, the browser window is opening outside where you can see it. Close Firefox.

Aprenda Mac - 3 Dicas Para Organizar a Mesa do Mac

Then rename or delete them. Restart Firefox. Read this answer in context 1.

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Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies. Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox. I see his name, I select it and then nothing happens. Please help. If I create a task due today and recurring every week thereafter it only puts a calendar entry in my calendar for today and not the subsequent days of the recurring tasks.

Also, is it not possible to set a d I'm using Gmail with Chrome along with the Wunderlist extension. How can I select one specific email and add it to my Wunderlist? When I try it now, I select the email, press the Wunderlist icon on my b Dismissing an active task When I dismiss my task using my computer , it shows up in completed, but it is NOT disappearing from the active task list.

Webzap for photoshop cs5-cs6 mac osx

Finished tasks Hello, I want to see all completed tasks for the full year but i cant go back more than November , how can i see all completet tasks? Very convenient for anyone building custom icons in Photoshop. The trend of perspective mockup design has become the norm for digital presentation. Photoshop CC users can run this plugin to dynamically export mockups in perspective.


These can be used as presentation assets to showcase how an interface might look on a real device. Certainly not necessary for day-to-day design work, but quite useful as a visual enhancement tool.

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This is why Font Hero was created and has since drawn an incredible amount of attention from Photoshop users. Font Hero is an enhanced way to browse through fonts and preview letter styles. Font Hero displays preview text for each font and even has categories to organize your favorites.

The golden ratio is a big part of design and art. However it can be difficult to build this ratio by hand.

It can be used for web and mobile, or even abstract interfaces like game design. UberSpacer is a very affordable plugin for Photoshop CC that creates natural space between selected elements. You can define space based on custom inputs and the plugin only runs based on selected layers or layer groups. Griddify is the perfect alternative plugin for managing custom grids dynamically in Photoshop.

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Visit the Griddify homepage to check out the live preview video on how it works. Pixelator will auto-pixelate a photo or design based on custom settings. The TemplateGen script for Photoshop is another grid-based plugin for customizing new documents.