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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Oh my god! I simply clicked on the "Enhance Speech" check box while the clip was playing and the loudest sound possible blasted out of the speakers. Now the right speaker is damaged. Unacceptable for a pro machine this expensive and a piece of pro software that I pay monthly for. I have the exact same spec MacBook as the OP. I was editing a simple video and went to clean up the audio in the audio tab and like everyone else the playback was at max and completely blew out the speakers. I could even smell an electrical burning smell.

I took it to apple the next day and they sent it out to be repaired under warranty awesome on their part.

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I got the laptop back a few days ago, and everything was fixed. Still weary this could happen again, I kept the volume on my laptop low and didn't mess with the audio tab. The only modification I made was a 3db volume adjustment. About 20 minutes ago it happened again and although I stopped it immediately, the right speaker is now blown out. This is ridiculous, I don't know who's fault this is, but it needs to be fixed.

I edit on this laptop for school, work, and personal use. Between the three there is no room for downtime. Someone is dropping the ball here.

First: Volume & Headphones

So Ive commented a while back where this has happened twice to me already. I have paid good money for both the macbook and the entire suite, there should be no reason why this is still a problem. That's my rant. They had me change my default input to no input and assured me that the problem was solved I don't know if it has fixed the problem or not cause I always use external speaking when editing videos now.

If anyones speakers have blown and their default input was on "no input" please share on the form I would love to know if this really did fix the problem. Where is the consumer protection on this issue? At what point does it become a legal issue?

Apple and Adobe blaming each other, or playing dumb. Nothing more than the option to repair it, with no solution for the root cause, and no protection after warranty expires. It has happened more than once to some here. Everyone here has a MacBook Pro with the new speakers I just had the same problem as everyone else in this forum. Brand new MBP inch with touch bar. Premiere Pro CC More Premiere and Apple specs are attached. Had recently launched Premiere and opened a project. Deleted several folders containing unneeded sequences and footage.

Opened a sequence all footage and audio properly linked , and hit spacebar. Got distortion sound loud enough to make me jump even though my system volume was set to half. Stopped playback and the sound stopped. Restarted the sequence and it happened again. The 1 audio clip was set to No adjustments to the main audio track. Quit Premiere, reopened and played the same sequence. Sound was normal and no more issues.

Sound Not Working On MacBook Pro – How to fix it

My right speaker is blown for sure. I want to repair it, but after reading this forum, I'm afraid it will happen again. Is this issue being resolved for everyone after changing Default Input to "No Input"? Right after I added a Parametric Equalizer effect is when it happened to me. Clip played fine, then added effect, hit space bar, loud noise, speakers blown. Hardware shouldn't allow that to happen, unless Apple wants to keep fixing broken computers.

Whatever the case, Adobe and Apple should get together and figure it out. Are you guys working on clips with Adaptive Audio? And Adaptive audio track or Multichannel Mater outputs? Can someone post a copy of your sequence and comment where the affected clip it so I can investigate? I was not working with Adaptive Audio. I assume you mean an adaptive audio filter of some sort? I'm not sure what Multichannel Mater is, so I doubt I was using it. It was just adding a Parametric Equalizer effect that blew my speakers. Thank you Adobe for giving attention to the issue.

Would be nice to get this solved before people's Apple warranty starts expiring on these MacBook Pros. I no longer have the sequence to share. My current plan is to get the computer repaired, then never use the Parametric EQ filter again. Or perhaps any audio filter again. Multi-Channel Master, sorry for the typo. You are working with stereo clips on a stereo track on a stereo master track?

How to check your sound settings

Were you remapping any of the audio channels of the clips in the sequence? Also, were you playing when you added the Parametric EQ? I'm also unfamiliar with those terms, but if you're referring to clip keyframes to automate volume or effects, then no. Here is a screenshot of the sequence. It is a very bare bones template. I highlighted the audio clip where it happened at the very beginning.

Down in the bottom corner of your screen shot, there is a blue progress bar. That progress bar is for two things, conforming the audio to uncompressed data converting MP3 to essentially WAV data so Premiere can read it sample accurately , or when generating audio waveforms. Premiere will actually tell you which operation it is performing. In your screen shot the effect window is covering the text area though. And, you are working with an MP3, which requires conforming, so I cant' tell with operation was happening. Do you recall which it was?

Probably was stereo clip, which probably means it was a stereo track and stereo master track. I didn't remap any audio channels. I was most likely not playing when I added the effect. I'm pretty sure I recall hitting the spacebar and the awful noise happened immediately upon that.

I usually do not add effects while the timeline is already playing. In regards to the blue progress bar: I took that screenshot moments after I added more footage to the project.

Sound Not Working On MacBook Pro – how to fix it

I believe it was conforming the new footage. I can't say for certain if there was a progress bar or not on the day when the incident happened, but I had just removed lots of footage from the project and don't feel like the computer was processing anything.

How to fix missing sound on a macbook pro?

Yes, that is the version I'm using. Now that I've listened more closely, I think both speakers are blown, not just the right. I'm on I usually stay up to date. So I was probably on whatever the latest version was in November when my speakers blew. Exactly the same issue here, has completely blown my speakers. Latest MacOS and PP 19 versions and it is definitely not the crackling issue as mentioned by the response posted from Adobe.

I also changed to have 'No Input' for microphone and it still happened. It's absolutely mental that this can happen, its a very serious issue that has basically destroyed the speakers on my brand new MacBook 15inch. Got an appointment at Apple today to see what happens. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. This discussion is locked. The situation is not ok, I am not happy. Adobe customer care chat is ridiculous. This content has been marked as final. Show replies. Without more details, it will be hard to pinpoint. Asked 7 years, 1 month ago.

Active 1 month ago. Viewed k times. Jason Salaz 17k 15 15 gold badges 83 83 silver badges bronze badges. What other steps have you taken to try and get it working again? What OS? Have you tried restarting? Did the sound stop working while the external speakers were still plugged on or afterwards i.

Premiere blew my macbook pro speakers | Adobe Community

In the second case there may be some lint in the jack. Were you using the computer at the time it stopped working? If so, what were you doing? What operating system version are you running? What is the volume set for when speakers are plugged in? Please answer these additional questions and give us some more information, and we will be glad to help you.

Which model MacBook Pro do you have? Some of them have combination audio ports that can switch to optical audio. If optical audio is erroneously engaged, then your headphones or any other non-optical hardware won't work. You can switch it back if this is the case.

This happened to me yesterday. I tried three different headphones. Plug your headphones in if you haven't yet. Look at the bottom where it says Output Volume and un-check the mute button. CajunLuke Khing Panusiri Khing Panusiri 3 3 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges. It fixed my issue. But how this MUTE checkbox was checked automatically. In my case mute button was not check, but once I got into this menu, headphones started working again. What worked for me: mute headphones, then unmute them. Nothing else worked except this.

Mattias Wadman Mattias Wadman 2 2 silver badges 6 6 bronze badges. NoamHacker Nice! Some years ago i used to have to do this all the time Exactly what I was looking for, and just as I hoped, it fixed the problem! Does anyone know what the permanent fix is for this problem?

Peter Peter 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. This worked for me. Very strange issue. I guess something get's reinitialized after waking up. But having it not fixed for over two and a half years I just had to do this again. Try resetting PRAM. JamiePatt JamiePatt 3, 2 2 gold badges 14 14 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. But was it simply the restart which kicked OSX into action? Let me tell how I solved my problem that was: internal speakers worked whereas the headphones plugged in didn't : I plugged in the headphones.

The headphones worked again. It is the same the other way round. But in that case you probably would try the F10 button Stefan Stefan 41 1 1 bronze badge. The F10 trick saved me : I almost freaked out. Wow-I never knew this until now-I freaked out at a DJ gig and was screwed because my headphone jack didn't work!