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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I feel for you man… I am in the same boat, and will have to recover every folder individually. Sadly, I selected my 2TB external Mavericks backup under Yosemite, and can no longer do an automated restore. I will never buy another Apple product, or use any Apple software again. I then decided to upgrade to an SSD, so I could keep the data on the old drive, and went back to Mavericks thinking that Yosemite was the problem.

I crossed my fingers and upgraded to Yosemite again and only then was I able to restore from my time machine. I copied the older versions of the apps from my time machine to another hard drive in case I have to go backwards again, assuming that will even work. Plus I am performing more manual backups, just in case, but I am hoping that a defective HD caused my second problem.

To name some issue: Battery life drops drastically, startup hangs, AD issues, etc, etc, etc. Battery life goes back to hours, no hangups, no AD issues, etc. We will wait to let them sort out the bugs before going to Yosemite again. Just my 2 cents. No wonder Yosemite seemed a tight fit. I am seriously considering returning to Mavericks if i can just find which TM backup contains the latest Mavericks save.

On the MBPro Retina all seems well. I have a late mac book pro that i recently upgrade to OS X Yosemite.

As soon as I completed the upgrade my computer started running a lot slower than normal. I called my local apple store and they advised me that this is an issue for all users using my model mac book pro and that i would need to come in and have my RAM upgraded from 4 GB to 8. Thats to close for comfort and I understand that If you fill your SD close to its limit it will shut down and not reboot. If I perform the backup I desperately need for speed reasons I may not be able to even complete the process due to the size and that does not sound very good anyway I think about it. If I hold off on the downgrade and just upgrade my RAM will that truly fix my issue?

Im a photographer and downloading large amounts of files, editing in large quantities while importing, and exporting are my main uses and needs to be as fast as it was with OS X Mavericks. Hi Clint, I have a 16GB macbook pro retina from early and performance was significantly down after upgrading to Yosemite. I could not agree more, the Helvetica Neue light-gray ultra-thin size 10 font gives me a headache within minutes of using OS X Yosemite.

My vision is fine by the way, Yosemite font is the problem. Not only is OS X Yosemite unstable and buggy, but the interface is painful to use and impossible to read. I started my installation of Yosemite last Sunday afternoon and by Monday evening it had frozen during the FileVault encryption process. However, cursor movement, keyboard strokes, touchpad, application opening etc.

It was a traumatic, time consuming and disappointing experience and I oddly had this feeling like a grief. Eventually I found this site and last night successfully upgraded back to Maverick using the brilliant Time Machine with a backup from 31st December. What a great piece of software. Lesson learnt! I agree. I have a Mac Book Pro and within moments of loading Yosemite my eyes are overwhelmed. Not a pleasant experience compared to how much i have loved using my mac for years.

I am beginning the restore to Maverick now. Disappointed because I want to keep up to date with all my mac devices, but not at the expense of hating using my most beloved computer. Hopefully they will find solution. DavMail repeatedly crashed my Mac mail program once I installed Yosemite, despite my upgrading Java and visiting numerous forums for solutions. Email was more important than the slick look of Yosemite.

But what are you guys going to do when you need to have the recovery partition again???? That is not the correct way to downgrade….. To have all correct you need to erase the complete HDD in the recovery Disk Utility and then choose to reinstall os x from scratch as he will recreate new recovery. The recovery will be the original the mac was delivered with. Maybe you will need to upgrade again to After all that is done migrate your data back from time machine.

Cheers people and happy New year. I know some will love the direction Apple is taking with Yosemite but for me that has a older MacBook Air with the wonderful soldered RAM of 2 GB I already feel Apple is really trying to push users out of any hardware over 2 years with Yosemite. I would be still using Snow Leopard if Apple still pushed out security updates. I myself, decided couple versions ago to give a new OS X at least 6 months before upgrading. Needing at least a couple or three revisions. And after some research I found that this is a commonly reported problem in Apple Support Forums!

So far Apple have not acknowledged the problem or issued a fix. I need to share files with various other OS inc. Apple became such a issue for me that unless your married to Apple in all respects. From hardware, eco system, apps, and the most up to date OS version on all devices. Its all candy associated with combining all things Apple together. The Apple faithful love it. Yosemite is for those who never strayed very far from the Apple tree.

I only downloaded Yosemite today because Applestore said it was ready to download. I use very little of the Apple OS anyway, apart from Safari which takes me to Google which is where I spend most of my browsing time. I also use iPhoto.. All the other stuff I have no use for. Mail is a nightmare, so I stay with Googlemail. Well, said. Another reason to stick with Mavericks. Even at I know my iPhone 4 displayed a lot of odd behavior with iOS 8 which did not self-correct when I got a new iPhone 6.

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The apps also seem more sluggish than before, especially when you turn on the recommended file-vault. And what for? Calls made from the mac have a cross-continental-like delays, continuity — not so useful when it works at all. Maybe misunderstood. Did you manage to install Snow leopard SL on macbook pro retina?

I would be unstressed in installing SL or Mavericks on a new machine iMac retina that I am planning to buy. I have never tried to put the Snow Leopard on a new MacBook. I am not sure if Maverics or earlier OSX would work well on a new iMac retina as I am suspecting that all that mess with graphics in Yosemite is partly because the new iMacs retina.

Mavericks always worked fine for me, since I installed it. Works as smooth as Mountain Lion with some extra features that I find useful. As I said in my previous post, for me the most important is 1. Also, I think the team from Cupertino slightly messed up with one of the fundamental design principles — a good UI is the invisible UI and I find the Yosemite a little bit more distracting than the Big Cats family.

Ultimately, how hard is it to lift your ass up and pick up the phone? I also have the feeling that because the whole UI in Mavericks and earlier systems is slightly brighter than in the latest one you intuitively dim your screen a little bit saving some battery. On the other hand brighter colours of the Yosemite made me retouch some of the photos I use for desktop publishing, giving them more saturation. I will find out how they come out in print soon ;-. Apple refused to replace it even though Apple Store tests indicated that it was one of the defective Macs, because I only heard about this issue after the free replacement deadline.

Now it crashes 15 to 20 times per day, often right in the middle of recovering from a previous crash. Little things like scrolling a window are a complete crap shoot. Will it scroll? Will it crash? I am pretty much forced to get a new imac — very soon. Held on so long because of Adobe CS suite. I am not too thrilled with having to get a new imac with all the negative issues with Yosemite. Is it possible to downgrade to Mavericks on a new machine not having Mavericks before?

Same question for me too. I am testing iMac retina and I am much happier with my older retina macbook pro with Mavericks on it.

Time Machine backup via OSX Mavericks - My Book Live - WD Community

Fonts for some reason much thinner and not easy to read. I did not like also the interfaces etc the other people complaining but the main issue for me is the font readability issue even on retina displays. Simply too thin. If I but this new machine is there a way to install Mavericks or ML?

I was happy with both. App store would not connect to apple so updates did not get through. I reinstalled Yosemite several times and no luck. OS X I hope the geeks are reading and working on these observations. Just retreated back to Mavericks after encountering issues with being unable to log into Shutterfly with Safari. Problem solved.

It took two attempts-I do not know why. The first time when my MacBook Pro restarted it brought up Yosemite. I repeated the steps above and this time Mavericks came up after the restart. I am glad I did not update my desktop! My other issue with Yosemite was a slow boot up. That is no longer an issue. How can I know which of the Time Machine Backup is my last Maverick backup prior to the absurd idea of installing Yosemite?? Yosemite feels like a very inconsistent looking UI. Also, boot times were quite poor. I have security concerns about it, and always do backups of files onto 2 externals.

When it came time to want to roll Yosemite back, I was out of luck. Yosemite will not let you install Mavericks over top of it, and there was no way to even pull an install copy from the recovery so I could eventually make an installable USB. Solution — my work machine still have Mavericks on it… only my home machine was running Yosemite. So with the work machine, I booted into recovery, downloaded a fresh copy of Mavericks, then forced the machine to reboot without completing an install process.

OK… then cleaned off a USB stick and make a boot drive with that. With installer in hand, I now had to use one of my free external drives and carbon copy clone my internal Yosemite drive to it. Once my main drive was backed up, I used the USB key to completely wipe my internal drive and do a fresh install of Mavericks. Then I hooked the external back up of my previous Yosemite OS and, using Migration Assistant, moved most everything back into place.

Then you may have to worry about permissions. I had to get info on the internal drive after and tinker with privileges. That grew tiresome quickly. No more slow machine. No more overheating and whirring fans. No more crappy looking UI experience. But Yosemite does not play well with USB 3. Are you saying that if I just partition the drive and wipe Yosemite first, I should be able to then get my installer to open and install a fresh copy of Mavericks? My previous comment. I meant copy the icons from all the applications. I might add that you are interested in the icns, tiff, and png files.

I found a way to restore much of the beauty to the user interface in Yosemite. Doing it for everything is easy but tedious; for a single updated app it will be a breeze. Save the icons somewhere for future use. Sometimes the File Info pane will have the correct icon but app itself or System preferences will have the old one. With time they will correct themselves. That corrects the icon right away. The Mavericks icons have more detail, shading, and texture, as well as colors that occur in nature, so it is easier to tell Mavericks icons apart. The UI is only going to get worse. I imagine that by The only side effect is that every time I launch iTunes, I have to give it permission to go through the firewall all over again.

That is a very small price to pay for a less eye-searing experience. Yosemite has reverted to the Tiger There is a freeware program called cDock that can customize it to your taste. Downgrading from Yosemite because Mac Mail no longer functions properly. When this is fixed I will upgrade once again. How long did it take for the downgrade from Yosemite to Mavericks? Cause mines been sitting on the white screen for almost 3 hours now and I was wondering how much longer it will take? I did not succeed with the Time Capsule recovery at all for the first time. Started on 4.

I am downgrading my Yosemite to Maverick because my Macbook Pro stalled everytime when I log on to the point that I just could not use the computer anymore. Nothing that Apple offered worked, but this worked perfectly! After two tries. Except at Step 3, on the second try I disconnected and reconnected the external drive. I lost all my tweaks like a special combination of three keys for entering my email for example , but in the overall scheme it is no biggie!! And i loved working on my Mac before installing Yosemite.

What have they done?? Since Yosemite download, no video. Adome flash update install will not accept my admin password, which I know is correct. Thanks to your instructions i downgraded flawlessly with no data loss. Reason of downgrade was that in Yosemite, theMoviestorm app, a machinima program which uses an old version of JAVA produced disturbance in videocard Showing flaky and striped imagery. Now after downgrading to Mavericks again Moviestorm looks as it should.

It looks great. When Apple fixes that one i will be glad to upgrade again but no sooner. Thank you. This worked like a charm — many thanks for a brilliant way to back-track from Yosemite to Mavericks. First time I had ever used Time Capsule for a full image restore, and the above procedure worked perfectly. Mine comes with WiFi. As for Yosemite: I wish they had left the visual interface alone, or at least allowed a way to configure to the visual s of Mavericks. Did not even test any feature; did not run into any issues. But the interface is too flat and much too unassuming.

Hey Terry the flatness brings better performance.

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Trust me. A workaround is to use Option, then choose the recovery disk. On MacBook pro , installation of Yosemite was ok, and worked perfectly for a week. Except for a 3 seconds lag when using a Bluetooth speaker. Then…I launched word. When I tried to save the computer froze, and after restart became unusable, unstable, frozen… So I decided to go back to maverick, from time machine, which will take around 10 hours via ethernet.

I am trying to decide if I should do this downgrade—I did a time machine backup right before going to Yosemite. Did it take forever to get back to Maverick? On Macbook Pro late installed Yosemite and was ok. Loaded latest upgrade of Yosemite, and again all was fine, until I started up Word. Then PWOD was my new guest who never left.

Did the safe mode boot up and eliminated a bunch of startup files. Everything worked fine, until I rebooted. Now Im reverting back to Mavericks via Time Machine. Glad i made a copy last year. Dis continuity features sucks cant pair it wth bluetooth now.. Ox lion was best fr me was happy wth previous… Now yosimete bugs me … I didnot do ny timebackups… How shall i return back to ox lion. No backups, no Ox Lion. Had yosemite from day one moved from maverick bad move reminds me of windows 8 or millenium ie not complete Wifi goes off Ethernet goes off Adobe CC LR5.

Mavericks to go down you can not use iCloud Drive anymore, and you lose the files preloaded. Some settings, plus AppMail as signatures and rules. Unfortunately, even though I specifically indicated to the installer that it should only update the external drive, it also installed Yosemite on my internal HD. If this is not the case, then there is something wrong with how your Operating System is handling backups and you should go to an Apple Store or contact Apple support. This should re-associate your backup drive with Time Machine.

I thought Time Machine was not working properly. What a silly change, to stop the clock. Now I have to open System Preferences to know if it is backing up or not, waste of time and screen space. No one I knew, knew this was for real. I am dismayed. This has been the case for about a year. The drive as you mention is invisible in Finder and nothing I can do will reveal it.

It does show-up in DiskUtility though. From another Mac [connected to the TV], this Mac mounts the first Mac across the network and the 4TB drive and is visible as a normal drive on the first Mac. Thank you so much for these instructions! I am recently back on a Mac after 20 years on a PC. You cleared things up for me.

Though other hard drives do mount there. What the? Everything works as normal. Hi Scott. This is a very frustratihg problem.

Map a network drive to Mac OS X that re-mounts after system reboot

The common threads are Mavericks, Time Machine, some disk drives i. I wish that we, the users, would get more feedback from Apple and Western Digital. I have now sent my MBL back to Amazon on 30 Day sale or return, due to me being unable to remotely access the drive from my laptop because of another Mac related problem, this time involving WD2Go and the latest version of Java.

Before I sent it back though, I came across one final Mavericks temporary work-around which could save you some time. I found a quicker way to mount them. This then allows you to restore them from the TimeMacine applet menu in the way I mentioned above in an earlier post. Login as the backup user. Screen Shot at 8. But in short, if you can log into your router, look under your networks tab and peruse — you should be able to find it. Then press Connect. That should restart your connection.

They both work for me. This worked for me as well! Now, last night when I called WD support, they had no clue how to help me. Go figure. I can see the drive on my networked TV N wireless , and browse to and play video files from it. Apple says SMB is the default in Mavericks , but afp should work too. I do have another question though; now in Finder I have the … IP address, the My book world and My book world back up i use it as a time capsule and i cant connect to these drives.

Any suggestions? I would be happy to just delete the whole disk and start a new with another back up. Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French.

Poor performance for AFP/CIFS Share on Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks

HGST Support. My Book Live. Caddystash October 15, , am I hope my experience adds to the discussion. Update Hmmm. Nope, not done yet, but real close.

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  8. To do this: Go to Finder, select your computer name not your user name, you want to get at the system files.