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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I have and will continue to recommend ILS to fellow attorneys. Well worth the price of admission.

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The system is continuously updated to reflect changes in the law and contains a wealth of educational materials and resources. Jessica A. They make the process to learn the software as easy and as thorough as possible. It is also a wonderful product that has already enhanced my practice!

Allyson B. My clients deserve no less. Amos Goodall, Jr. The forms can be as sophisticated or as simple as you desire. Because it is a system, it prompts you to make decisions as you do your drafting. The system is upgraded on a continual basis. I highly recommend it. John J. It is by far the best drafting system in terms of both the estate planning documents themselves and the resources and expertise available to users. Click here for in-depth testimonials from our Subscribers.

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This practical webinar will explore a range of issues. Kaestner, US The Kaestner case represents an extremely important decision for all estate planners, trust officers, trustees, and advisers.

Although the holding is a narrow one, it is vitally important. Perhaps the simplest way to integrate Christian values into an estate plan might be for a client to add to his or her will a bequest to an organization that has been instrumental or inspirational in his or her life, or which embodies the values he or she holds dear. But there is so much more. For more information, visit RetirementBenefitsPlanning. Call See More. Get Started. Why InterActive Legal? Yes, it can be painful to pay for estate planning. Lawyers charge a lot. The benefits of a plan are delayed, and you don't live to see them anyway.

Who wants to spend big bucks on a plan when times are so tough and the federal estate tax is in flux? Fewer and fewer Americans, it seems. That's a drop from previous years. What about do-it-yourself planning? In theory, you can use books or software and websites that spew out documents for free or for a fraction of what lawyers charge.

Why InterActive Legal?

There's a decent argument that doing something on the cheap is better than doing nothing. If you die without a will "intestate," in legalese , state law will determine how most of your belongings are distributed, and it may not be in the way you'd want.

If you're a single or surviving parent who dies without a will, the court will decide who should raise your minor children. And certainly, before you're wheeled into the operating room, it's better to have signed living-will and medical power-of-attorney forms--even if you haven't consulted a lawyer. The trouble with do-it-yourself planning, however, is that even if your situation seems simple, there are many oddball things a layman wouldn't think of that can go wrong, especially with a will.

These mistakes can end up costing your heirs a lot more than you saved in legal fees.

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Example: Fort Lauderdale lawyer Joanne Fanizza recently handled the estate of an elderly Florida woman who had a guy not a lawyer in her condo building write her will. He worded it in such a way that her estate lost "homestead protection"--meaning protection from her creditors--for her condo. So even though she had no debt, her kids had to sit out Florida's day creditors' claims waiting period before selling the condo. To be sure, not every will written without a lawyer leads to a horror story and some written by lawyers go awry, too. But owning a home, being married or having children complicates estate planning and increases the risk of foul-ups.

Plus, 19 states currently have their own estate taxes, and some of those kick in at fairly low asset levels. Here's another alternative: Capitalize on the fact that lawyers, too, are relying on software and find one who will prepare documents for you cost efficiently. We've listed below five key estate-planning documents, rough low-end costs for having a legal pro prepare them and some of the value a lawyer might add. The prices assume the matter is simple enough to take minimal professional time and that the lawyer uses software.

Jonathan G. He notes that a lawyer who prepares your will and perhaps a life insurance trust might throw in the other, simpler documents listed here for free or for a nominal additional cost. So it pays to negotiate for a lump-sum price. If, after reviewing this list, you still want to use do-it-yourself software, then consider hiring a lawyer to review your self-prepared documents. As the cornerstone of many estate plans, a will should transfer assets, appoint a guardian for minor children and name an executor or personal representative--the individual or institution that takes charge of your estate after you die and distributes property as you specified.

Value added: This is the document most fraught with land mines, some of which only an experienced lawyer can spot. One problem that can arise with DIY products is inadvertently cutting a family member out of your will. For example, some DIY software automatically disinherits a special-needs child if you answer yes or no questions a certain way.

If you have such a child, get professional help with your estate plan.

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A more common trap goes something like this: Mom wants to provide equally for her three children. Shares in GE constitute a third of her estate. So she leaves the stock to one child and the rest of her assets to the other two.