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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

The list of Macs below includes all of the models that have both a bit Intel processor and bit EFI firmware. We've also included the Model Identifiers to help make it easier for you to ensure that your Mac is compatible. If you have apps that use gobs of memory, be sure to add their requirements to the basic minimums listed above.

How to download OS X 10.9 Mavericks for free

The default upgrade install needs 8 GB of available free space, in addition to the space already occupied by the existing system. These minimum storage sizes are indeed very minimum and not practical for actual use. As soon as you begin to add drivers for printers, graphics, and other peripherals, along with any additional language support you need, the minimum requirement will start blossoming. And you haven't even added any user data or apps, which means you're going to need additional storage space.

All of the Macs that currently support OS X Mavericks come equipped with enough drive space to install Mavericks, but if you're getting near the space limit of your Mac, you may wish to consider either adding more storage or removing unused and unwanted files and apps.

Minimum and preferred requirements for OS X Mavericks

One last note for those of you who have either built your own Mac clones or extensively modified your Macs with new motherboards, processors, and other upgrades. Trying to figure out if your Mac will be able to run Mavericks can be a bit difficult.

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Instead of trying to match your upgraded Mac to one of the Mac models listed above, you can use the following method. There is an alternate way to determine if your configuration will support Mavericks.

So Where Do I Get It?

You can use Terminal to find out if your Mac is running the bit kernel required by Mavericks. This occurs because newer hardware may require device drivers that are not included with OS X Mavericks. Share Pin Email.

Mac OS X Mavericks streamlines features and adds new apps

Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Also keep in mind the App Store will check for system compatibility, so if you can download it to your system without error, then it should install just fine. Next, ensure your system is not experiencing any major problems, which include regular freezes or crashes of applications or the entire system, or the inability to log in to a user account, enable sharing services, or establish hardware connections to peripheral devices or networks. Sometimes these can indicate hardware problems, but otherwise may suggest software configuration errors that may migrate with the system during the upgrade.

Granted the refresh of OS software may in fact clear some of these problems up, but it may be more assuring to install the new OS over a known working system configuration. Another step to consider is to run a few maintenance routines on your hard drive before installing. At the very basics, reboot the system into Safe Mode and then use Disk Utility to check the hard drive for errors. While you can run a full general maintenance routine using third-party tools to clear system caches and temporary files, along with resetting the PRAM and SMC on the system, these steps are often unnecessary for preparing a system for an upgrade.

Another commonly overlooked preparation step is to ensure that your third-party software is fully updated. If you use specific tools and utilities often, be sure to check with the developer for compatibility with Mavericks before you upgrade your operating system.

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All too often, people upgrade their systems only to find that their programs now do not load, or regularly crash, only because they have not been updated. This is true for small independently developed tools, and also for major software titles, so be sure to launch these programs and run software updaters, or visit their developer sites and ensure the updates that are available are Mavericks-compatible.

Finally, the most important thing you can do before upgrading is to back up your system using a fully restorable backup solution like Apple's Time Machine or a third-party system-cloning tool. These options will ensure you can recovery your system as-is if something goes awry during the upgrade.

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In addition, having a backup allows you to optionally perform a clean install of OS X Mavericks and then migrate your data and programs from the backup, instead of only installing Mavericks over the current installation. While you can attach any external hard drive large enough to accommodate your data, and back your system up to it, consider using at least two backups.

For one you can use Time Machine, and then a cloning tool for the second, or even make two clones or two Time Machine backups. Either way, duplicating the backups will ensure redundancy in case one backup drive fails at the crucial time of need.

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With your backups performed, maintenance completed, and system requirements checked, next be sure to unplug your backups from your system to prevent them from potentially being tampered with during the OS installation, and then download and install Mavericks from the Mac App Store.