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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Option for rolling back changes is also available.

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The evaluation edition boasts all the essential features but lacks a few advanced features that you can get in relatively higher variants. Moreover it comes with all other basic feature like removing spoofed IP address and automatically restarting the network interface adapter and randomising the MAC address.

Hacking Tip: Change Your MAC Address

The only limitation that can prevent you from using this tool is that it allows changing MAC address for only one adapter. If you want to change for more adapters, then you need to purchase the paid versions.


Recent Comments. In such cases, you might want to disable MAC address spoofing. However, disabling MAC address spoofing makes it possible again for the local network to track your geographical location. If this is problematic, consider using a different network device or moving to another network. This computer is regularly used on this local network, and its MAC address is not associated with your identity. In this case, MAC address spoofing can make it impossible to connect. It can even look suspicious to the network administrators to see an unknown MAC address being used on that network.

On some network interfaces, MAC address spoofing is impossible due to limitations in the hardware or in Linux.

How to change your MAC address in Windows 10 [FULL GUIDE]

Tails temporarily disables such network interfaces. You might disable MAC address spoofing to be able to use them. Some networks only allow connections from a list of authorized MAC addresses. In this case, MAC address spoofing makes it impossible to connect to such networks. If you were granted access to such network in the past, then MAC address spoofing might prevent you from connecting. Using your own computer at home. Your identity and the MAC address of your computer are already associated to this local network, so MAC address spoofing is probably useless.

But if access to your local network is restricted based on MAC addresses it might be impossible to connect with a spoofed MAC address. When Tails Greeter appears, click on the button.

Other means of surveillance can reveal your geographical location: video surveillance, mobile phone activity, credit card transactions, social interactions, etc. Some captive portals might send your MAC address over the Internet to their authentication servers.

MAC Address spoofer for Windows 10?

This should not affect your decision regarding MAC address spoofing. Edit RecentChanges History Preferences. Install Tails 3. Tor check. What is a MAC address? What is MAC address spoofing?