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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Personalizzare la schermata di login in Lion e non solo con Loginox! December 19, at am. Frank says:.

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I Accept Privacy Policy. Not sure why. I just upgraded to Which means now I have hundreds of users who are also going to lose their background. I'm glad to see this discussion getting addressed, here. Has anyone figured out where the "new" background image is located? I worked on this for a few hours so far and I can't figure out what file it is, and where its located.

I've decided to use PolicyBanner option I don't fancy fiddling with this every time Apple OS update comes up! I just created a nice jpeg and it looks good.

Also users have to click Accept to the policy. So they can't say they didn't see it :. I have been looking into this as well, ever since I upgraded a test machine to As far as I can tell, the new image has to be tiled, unlike previously when we could use large full screen images. Lucky for me, I replace the Apple logo with my text in a.

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They have not changed the file that is referenced for the Apple logo. Patrick Fergus also posted a similar solution over at the MacEnterprise mailing list, which is a little more straightforward than browsing the Apple Discussion thread:. I really need a command line method of taking a source image and adjust the resolution of the image according to the resolution of the login back ground. Im having to do this now. I was going to leave the Think i will try the suggestion of titanium deeper as suggested and snapshot with composer and see what happens.

Just tested Loginox on my workstation That's definitely going in the toolkit! Thanks Chris I will try that. Need to snapshot with Composer and try and package up the thing. Dont want to be going round manually setting it! Loginox doesnt let me revert on Also with deeper snapshotting with Composer works well :. For my test box I set a solid colour instead of grey the tile like Steve did and a coloured company logo and they just dont look right on a Instead im opting for keeping the boring Apple grey tile and just choosing a grey company logo to replace the Apple one.

If Apple decide to change things like they always do then the Login picture wont get screwed or at least it wont be noticable so much!

How to Change the Login Screen Background on macOS Mojave

For the remaining If i do decide to do more on it then i would definately recommend using Deeper to just see what looks ok, but then to actually use Steves method. Has anyone experienced the custom login window getting trashed once FileVault get's enabled? Our custom logo above the login fields gets cut off, once FileVault get's turned on.

It drives me NUTS! Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users.

How do I change the login screen background in Lion? - Ask Different

Learn more about JNUC. Customizing Lion login window background image Posted: by Cem. Anyone has achieved this? Cheers Cem.

Customize the Login Screen of Mac OS X Lion Easily with Loginox

Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. Lion tiles and doesn't use pictures. This is the location that all new pictures should be placed for the background picture at login. If this is not set, then we will see the default picture instead.